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How To Cancel Admiral Guide

Cancel Admiral

How to Cancel Admiral

Admiral is a Car Insurance company based in Cardiff, Wales. Admiral’s main product is car insurance, but you can find other products and services too. You can get a Home Insurance, Van insurance also, a Travel Insurance or a Motorbike Insurance. The provide even Life Insurance, Pet Insurance, Car Warranty, Breakdown Cover and even Personal Loans. If you are an Admiral customer and you want to cancel your insurance or service that you have with them, you will be able to do that easily after reading this article. To do this cancellation, you need to follow some steps.

  • Visit the main Admiral website
  • Check the fees that you have to pay for a cancellation
  • Contact the Admiral Customer Service 0333 222 6715


This is a visual multi-step guide that will help you to cancel your Admiral service. You will understand with each step you take, the proper instruction to cancel your Admiral product. If you have any questions, please don?t hesitate to visit the Admiral contact numbers page.

Step 1 ? Enter Admiral Main Website

Admiral Homepage

When you visit Admiral main website you will find useful information on how to cancel any service that you have with them. Even if we are talking about a car or home insurance or about a personal loan. If you can’t do your cancellation online, then you will be able to do that by the phone at the end of this guide. Admiral website is loaded with lots of information for any of their services and products. Admiral customer service is available online in a live chat, by email or by telephone.

  • Enter the main Admiral website following this link
  • Make sure you know exactly what service do you have with Admiral and what you want to cancel
  • Prepare your payment method in case you will have some cancellation fees to pay

Step 2 ? Login to your Admiral My Account

Admiral Login

  • This is the location on the Admiral website where you will find information about your services
  • Enter your login details in order to access your information
  • Check your active Admiral products such as Car, Home or Travel Insurance, Personal Loans and more

Step 3 ? Review Admiral Cancellation Options

Admiral Cancellation Policy

The Admiral policy is administered by EUI Limited and you have a separate agreement with EUI Limited as an administrator of your policy. There are some charges that you need to pay also related to this agreement. If you make the cancellation inside the 14 days cooling period, still EUI Limited will make an intermediary charge for covering the costs of setting up the policy. The same charge will appear if you cancel your policy after 14 days too. So you have to really check your agreement to see the exact fees that you have to pay when leaving Admiral.

If you wish to cancel your Admiral Car or Home insurance inside the 14 day cooling period, you will have to pay some fees. For Single car and home you will have to pay ?25, for the?Single car(little box/safe drive), with the?unit installed you have to pay ?125, for the?Single car(plug and drive) ?125 and you will receive ?100 back if you return the unit within 30 days of cancellation. For Multiple cars or homes you will have to pay ?49.50 and for the?Standalone breakdown, if it is applicable, you have to pay ?5 per car.?If your insurance policy is declared void for fraud or misrepresentation, EUI will apply an intermediary charge to cover the set up costs.

If you want to cancel your Admiral Insurance after 14 days, you will have to pay an additional charge to cover their costs for cancelling your product. For a single car/home, you have to pay ?49.50 and so on. You can see the full list with the fees you have to pay here.

Step 4 ? Visit Help Page and Cancel Admiral

Cancel Admiral

If you need help with your Admiral cancellation just visit the help page and there you can choose for each product a support answer.

Step 5 ? Contact Admiral Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

You can easy cancel your Admiral product on their website following the steps on this guide. But if you can’t do it by yourself online, just contact the Admiral phone number 0333 222 6715. You will be prompted by a customer service team agent who will help you with the information that you need.

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    1. I will not be insuring with them this year
      The price has gone up much too high considering I have not claimed.
      My policy renewal date 24/06

  1. Disgraceful cancellation fee of £25 within 14 day cooling off period I shall never use this company ever again !!!!

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