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How to Cancel Dunelm

Dunelm Sign In

Dunelm UK first started in September 1979. It was founded by Bill Adderley. Bill and his wife Jean sell ready made curtains and slippers at a stall in Leicester market. Unbelievably, after a month they made a 600% profit! In 1984, they built the first Dunelm store in Churchgate, Leicester. After 20 years in the business, they finally had their first Dunelm head office in Syston, Leicestershire. This is also their warehouse.

In 2001, Dunelm acquired a small curtain manufacturing company, Bellbird Ltd. During this time they started Made to Measure manufacturing centre. In 2005, they started their fully automated website wherein their customers can shop anytime. As their business started to grow, they decided to open a new warehouse at Stoke in 2006. They also opened a new head office in Syston in 2011.?Dunelm cushions,?Dunelm artificial flowers, Dunelm art, and?Dunelm lighting are also available.

If you wish to cancel your Dunelm bedding or Dunelm sofa bed, then there are some guidelines that you need to follow. Here, you can find some important information that you need to know with regards to the Dunelm returns and cancellations.

If you have any problems or you want to obtain more information, just call Dunelm customer?service contact number 0345 165 6565.

. Simply follow these steps for your returns and cancellations.

  • Visit the main Dunelm company website.
  • Select the Dunelm transaction that you want to cancel.
  • Read the Dunelm reviews and guidelines for a cancellation.
  • Search for the Dunelm contact number 0345 165 6565.
  • Contact?Dunelm email address [email protected].

Dunelm Website

Here, you can find some helpful tips on how to cancel your order or how to make returns or obtain refunds, and many more. You will learn how to make a return or cancellation so you can have a pleasant experience. This guideline is very easy to understand. Simply follow this step-by-step instruction in order to avoid getting stressed over a cancellation. If you want to know more about Dunelm or the products that they sell, please visit the Dunelm contact numbers page on our website. Don’t forget to read about Dunelm news or apply for Dunelm jobs. Look for Dunelm promo code.

Dunelm Website

Step One – Visit the Main Dunelm Company Website

Before you can make a cancellation or return or get a refund, you must visit Dunelm website so you will know all the necessary things that you should do in order to cancel your Dunelm mirrors,?Dunelm rugs,?Dunelm armchairs, or?Dunelm wallpaper.

Here is the step by step instructions that you need to follow:

  • Open your browser.
  • Enter the website of Dunelm.

Dunelm Sign In
Proceed to Dunelm Sign in. If you have already registered and you already have a Dunelm account, then just enter your email address and password, then click “Sign in to your account”. However, if you are new to Dunelm then you need to create an account. Use your email address as your username then create a password. Make sure that your password is not the same as your email address. Also, it must have a maximum length of 6 and must be a combination of letters and numbers. Finally, click Create a Dunelm account.

Click Dunelm help and choose Returns & cancellations. Here, you can find a lot of information with regards to order changes and cancellations.

Dunelm Cancellations

Prepare your debit card or credit card, just in case if they will require you to pay for the cancellation fees.

Step Two ? Know More About Cancelling Your Order

The Dunelm cancellation period is within 14 days, so be sure to make your cancellation within this period. Another way is to fill up the Dunelm?cancellation form then send it by post to the following address.

Dunelm Direct, Green Street, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 3ED

Products that are customized and exclusive products cannot be returned. Unless of course if these products are damaged. Contact Dunelm number?0344 346 0022?or inform the company?online.

How to cancel items from your order?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel Dunelm once it has been ordered. However, once you have received your order then you can follow our return procedure in returning your item.

How to cancel Dunelm made to order furniture?

Made to order Dunelm furniture has a cooling off period of 48 hours, hence, you cannot cancel your order beyond this period. This is because Dunelm will start producing your furniture after this period.

How to cancel Dunelm made to measure curtains and blinds?

The cooling off period for made to order Dunelm curtains and soft Dunelm blinds is 24 hours. Therefore, you still have a chance to cancel your order within this period. However, for hard blinds, cancellation is not possible. But you c?n still call customer service and inquire if it is still possible to cancel your order. But there is no guarantee that this can be done.

Dunelm Refunds

If you made your purchase using your card then your Dunelm Return or Dunelm Refund will be sent to this card. If you pay your order via online or telephone, and you return your item through Collect+ or a collection, then the processing of your refund will commence once the item is returned back. Usually, it will take up to 2 weeks.

Step Three ? Check If There Are Charges For Returns or Cancellations

One of the simplest and fastest ways of returning your item is to return it to a Dunelm store. First, you must find your nearest Dunelm store by using the Dunelm store locator. Be sure to bring the despatch note along with the item that you want to return. Most of all, do not forget to bring the payment card that you used for paying the item. Present this to the Customer Services desk so you can get your refund.

Step Four ? Dunelm Contact Number

Has this article helped you with your Dunelm cancellation or Dunelm enquiry? Please leave feedback below on how to improve. However, if there are still some things that you want to clarify, then you can get in touch with Dunelm phone number?0345 165 6565.

Step Five ? Contact Dunelm By Email, Live Chat, or By Mail

If you prefer a live chat, then you can do so. Or perhaps you might prefer sending a Dunelm email [email protected]. You may also send your post by using this address.

Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA

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