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How to Cancel EasyJet Guide

EasyJet Cancellation
How to Cancel EasyJet Guide
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How to Cancel EasyJet

You can use this phone number in order to call EasyJet customer service, and cancellations:  0843 837 5391 (7pm and your phone company’s access charge)

EasyJet is a low-cost British airline operating all over the world, covering more than 800 routes in 30 countries with its headquarters at London Luton Airport. It was founded in 1995 by a Greek Cypriot businessman, operating in the beginning with just two leased aircraft on only two routes between London Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh. EasyJet is now one of the biggest players in the low-cost area, being the second largest airline in Europe if taking in consideration the number of passengers carried annually. With more than 10.000 employees and growing, the revenue’s company was £4.669 billion in 2016, with an operating income of £495 million and a net income of £427 million.

If you want to know how to cancel an EasyJet flight, you need to read this article and follow some steps in order to cancel your reservation.

  • Visit the main EasyJet website
  • Find your EasyJet ticket and enter the needed information
  • Check if there are any EasyJet flight cancellation fees
  • Call EasyJet cancellation number 0330 365 5000


The information found on this article will act as a multi-step guide created for you in order to help you cancel EasyJet flight booking. With every step you will take on this EasyJet cancellation guide, useful information will be shown to you so you can better understand how to cancel EasyJet. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to visit the EasyJet contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter Main EasyJet Website

EasyJet Homepage

The best source of information you can find for cancelling an EasyJet flight is to visit their main website. At the end of this guide, you will have the opportunity to cancel your EasyJet reservation by the phone, but you can save the time and money by cancelling EasyJet flights online.

  • Enter the EasyJet reservation page
  • Have your EasyJet booking ticket at hand
  • Prepare a payment method for any cancellation fees

Step 2 – Review EasyJet Cancellation Policy

EasyJet Cancellation Policy

When you visit the EasyJet cancellation policy page you will learn how to make a change or how to cancel your reservation, if it is possible and how much does it cost to do it. Unfortunately, when buying a low-cost plane ticket and you want to cancel your flight, there are some disadvantages. With EasyJets, the purchased tickets are non-refundable. So cancelling your entire flight and receiving back the full amount of money, is not possible with EasyJets. However, you can amend your flight by changing the dates or the names, but this will cost you money. However, if you want to find more about EasyJett Refunds for cancelled flights you will be able to do that in the article below, on the change and cancellation fees section.

EasyJet Passenger Name Change

EasyJet Passenger Name Change

If you want to change the passenger’s name you will have to pay some money. This will depend on how many days are left until departure. If there are more than 60 days to departure, you will have to pay £15, but if you there are 60 days or less to departure, you will have to pay £45 as you can see explained in the picture above. You will have to log in to your My booking section and find your tickets, then amend the name of the passenger and add the payment details. If you want to know the EasyJet change name cost, you will have to visit the Easyjet fees & charges page where you will see all the costs.

EasyJet Changes and Cancellation Fees

EasyJet Changes and Cancellation Fees

Once you are on the fees and charges page, you can see the EasyJet Changes and Cancellation Fees. For example, if you want to know how to cancel EasyJet flight within 24 hours of booking, you can find it on that page. The cancellation is easy, the only problem is that you have to pay £25 if you cancel online and £30 if you call the EasyJet customer service number. If you want to move to an earlier flight, on the return day of your flight, you will have to pay a fee of £20 per passenger. If you arrive late to the airport but you are inside the two hours of your original flight’s departure time, you will have to pay a fee of £80 to be on the next EasyJet flight.

If you want to change your flight with more than 60 days before travel, you will have to pay £15 + fare difference if you do it online and £20 + fare difference if you do it by the phone. If you want to change your flight 60 days or less before your travel, you will have to pay £30 + fare difference off peak season and £45 + fare difference peak season if you do it online; if you do it by the phone, £35 + fare difference off peak season and £50 + fare difference peak season. Below you can find all the fees that you have to pay for changes and cancellation with EasyJet.

EasyJet Cancellation FeesCancellations within 24 hours

  • Online£25
  • Call Centre£30
  • Earlier flight per passenger – Online£20
  • Rescue fee per passengerOnline£80

Name change

  • Spelling mistakes & title changes – Free
  • More than 60 days before travel Online£15
  • Call Centre£20
  • 60 days or less before travel  Online£45
  • Call Centre£50

Flight changes

  • More than 60 days before travel  – Online£15 + fare difference
  • Call Centre£20 + fare difference
  • 60 days or less before travel (off-peak season) – Online £30 + fare difference
  • Call Centre£35 + fare difference
  • 60 days or less before travel (peak season) – Online£45 + fare difference
  • Call Centre£50 + fare difference

Step 3 – Enter My Booking Section and Cancel Flight

EasyJet MyBooking

To enter your EasyJet My Booking section and cancel your flight, you will have to enter your email address, password and Booking reference. If you don’t have already an EasyJet account online, you can create one by clicking the Register button, otherwise hit the Sign In button. Once you are on the EasyJet booking section, find the active flight you want to cancel and hit the cancel button or amend the flight. Remember that you will have to pay cancellation fees for flights cancelled within 24 hours from the time of booking, otherwise, after 24 hours all bookings become non-refundable.

Step 4 – Contact EasyJet Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

When you visit the EasyJet website you will discover that cancelling a flight is easy, but there are some costs for doing that. It is still possible to get a refund for your flight if you cancel it with 24 hours after the reservation was made and you will have to pay some fees, otherwise the ticket is non-refundable. It is possible to still to change the passenger’s names and to change the flight date, but there are also some costs as you could read in this article. There are different fees to make the changes online or by contacting EasyJet by phone. It is cheaper to do it online, but if you can’t handle the cancellation of your EasyJet online, you can do that by contacting the EasyJet phone number 0330 365 5000A helpful team of agents will answer all your queries regarding your flight and will guide you through the cancellation process!

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23 thoughts on “How to Cancel EasyJet Guide

  1. Hi,
    You said that there is a cancel button online and that it is cheaper to cancel online but I still can’t find that button. Could you provide a screenshot of what that looks like in this article?

    1. I’ve spent ages trying to cancel a return flight to Menorca. More out of courtesy than anything. Seems they would prefer a no show to the hassle of processing a cancellation and the calculation of the refund (taxes only) that I am owed. Deliberate fudge on their website. Poor show squeezeyou jet!

      1. Tried to cancel online within 24 hours.
        There is cancellation button. it is very well hidden. . In my opinion this airline only pretend to give you a cancellation option.. The cancellation online within 24 hours is a pretence on their part so that can keep your money.

  2. There is NO cancel option anywhere. This website is horrible.
    There is change flight, change seat, but NO CANCEL. Will use this airlines again. If i call, they charge you fees to cancel over the phone. Tell you to use their website.

  3. Tried cancelling flight online frustrating, tried ringing, eventually make contact told systems down, was helped to find email page, sent email, automated reply will get reply in 48 hours, still waiting. Although I contacted them within the 24hours of cancelling I expect I have lost any hope a even a small refund. So angry with easyjet.

  4. I agree. Tried to cancel due to an urgent operation and got nowhere. I realist it is low cost but assumed there was some way to claim for emergencies.

  5. I cannot find out how to cancel a flight and cannot get in contact from Spain with the cancellation team on the number given, really really frustrating

  6. Have been on phone to regarding my husband been admitted to hospital to cancel his flight and also to try and change my flight days so I can still attend family wedding only to be told I would need to pay for myself and child and to go on website to cancel husbands flights but there’s no button to press really easyJet

  7. The website of Easyjet deliberately set up to confuse the customer. I put in return travel dates, went to book, put in my card details and confirmed. Then when booking was confirmed, i was given a totally different day and return flights only! I tried to amend the booking and wasn’t able to, they instantly wanted extra money and the cost to cancel was expensive nearly the same price as the flight. I will use easyJet again! They are literally customers!

  8. Easy jet is the airline ever. I am so dissatisfied with their service, because nothing really works on their website and all the information given on the website don’t help . I unintentionally booked my flight on the wrong name and then I wanted to change it immediately, but changong the name costs more than cancelling the fight. Therefore I tried literally everything to cancel the fight, but on website can’t find a cancel button and I wasted so much time on trying to find a cancel button. Additionally the Easy Jet phone number work. So I would book a flight with easyjet and would recommend

  9. the cancel flight booking is a myth and claiming a refund for a flight cancelled by them is extremely difficult and very frustrating .If you don’t check in they will no doubt resell your flight and so keep the whole of your booking costincluding the government tax.And I thought customer service was only nonexistent in France.It’s time Easyjet complied easily with their legal obligations without us poor customers having to resort to the due legal process. Is it too much to suppose that bonuses depend on fleecing customers ?

  10. You can cancel within first 24 hour (fee due) thereafter you can make changes (fee due). The flight is non refundable hence cancellation option is not necessary, your just a no show

  11. This is pretty good info without further detail of when and how… e.g. if 2 people booked on a flight and only 1 travels, you cannot check-in without the other passenger and website offers no option to just cancel one passenger, so you end up having to do a lengthy quality call just to cancel part of the reservation.

  12. Found it!! I couldn’t find the cancel button either trying to go through the ‘guest’ log in. I remembered I created an account a while ago, reset my password, logged in and there it was under my flight. If you haven’t got an account try creating one and see if that works. IF I could choose who my money went to it wouldn’t be easyjet

  13. Hello: I’m using Gmass but not a Google Sheet. I’m directing my email to one individual (To Line), but copying two or three others (cc Line). Ideally, if anyone of them replied, the campaign would stop. However, the entire district uses the domain so I can’t apply the feature that causes them to stop when one individual with a domain replies. If one of the CC’d people responds will my campaign stop? This is my desire.

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