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How to Cancel Nissan

Cancel Nissan

Nissan is a Japanese car manufacturing operating all over the world, including Europe. In the United Kingdom, it is known under the name of Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd with headquarters in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, the United Kingdom has more than 6000 employees. If you are a Nissan customer and you want to cancel any of their products or services, you may want to read this article in order to better understand how to do that faster and more efficiently. A Nissan cancellation can be for an extended warranty, for a Nissan service agreement, a Nissan Gap Insurance or a Nissan security plus.

To proceed with your Nissan cancellation, you need to follow some steps that are explained in the article below:

  • Visit Nissan UK website
  • Make sure you need what kind of Nissan service you need to cancel
  • Check on the Nissan UK website if there are cancellation fees
  • Call Nissan cancellation number 0330 123 1231

Nissan UK

You will find in this article information written as a multi-step guide created for Nissan customers like you in order to easily understand how to cancel Nissan services. With every step you’ll take on the Nissan cancellation guide, you will be able to see information on their main website that will help you cancel the service you are no longer interested in. If you want to find more about this company and many other customer service telephone numbers, then please visit the Nissan contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter Main Nissan Website

Nissan Main Website

The most accurate source of information on how to cancel Nissan services is to visit their main UK website. At the end of the Nissan cancellation guide you will be able to contact the Nissan UK customer service by phone, but if you prefer to do it online and save time and money, then please follow the guide as follows.

  • Enter the Nissan UK main website
  • Inform yourself about the Nissan services cancellation costs
  • Prepare a payment method for cancellation fees

Step 2 – Review Nissan Cancellation Policy

As a Nissan UK customer you are able to get many services from them, services like an extended warranty, a security plus, a gap insurance, a service agreement or even a finance agreement.

How to Cancel Nissan Finance Agreement

Cancel Nissan UK finance agreement

If you have a finance agreement with Nissan UK and you want to cancel it, you have 14 days to do that from the moment of signing the documents and you can withdraw from the agreement. If you exercise this right to withdraw from Agreement, Nissan Finance UK will require you a full settlement of the amount of money financed within 30 days from the moment you notify Nissan of your intention to withdraw. You will be charged interest on the amount financed until they receive the full balance. To cancel Nissan Finance Agreement inside the 14 days cooling off period, contact the Nissan UK customer service number at the end of this guide.

How to Cancel Nissan Extended Warranty

Cancel Nissan extended warranty
When you purchase a Nissan car you receive a warranty for it, but after three years and your warranty is due to expire, you can purchase an additional warranty called Nissan Care Extended Warranty that will provide you with the peace of mind against electrical failure or mechanical problems. With Nissan Extended Warranty you can have two types of covering: the Nissan Ultimate Extended Warranty plan which is the highest level of cover and you will be protected for most of the factory fitted, electrical components and mechanical failures on your Nissan vehicles that are having no more than 75,000 miles and that are in the 3-7 years old range; Nissan Premium Extended Warranty will cover you against mechanical and electrical failure for vehicles no more than 100,000 miles and in the 7-10 years old range. If you decide that you don’t want to continue with your Nissan Extended Warranty you should notify them about that in the 14 days cooling off period, but if you pass that period, you need to contact the Nissan customer service telephone at the end of this guide.

How to Cancel Nissan Insurance

Cancel Nissan Insurance

Insurance is very important when you have a car, but from time to time you may need another type of insurance or you just change your mind. If you are a Nissan Insurance UK customer and you want to cancel your policy, you should know some things. When you want to cancel your Nissan Insurance you need to know that cancelling your policy in the 14 days cooling off period may be cheaper than cancelling your policy outside this period of time. In fact, the cancellation fee within the cooling-off period is ?25 and after the cooling period, the cancellation fee for your Nissan Insurance will be ?55. These amounts are in addition to any other fees that you have to pay to your insurer. You need to know also that cancellation of your finance agreement or of your direct debit does not mean the cancellation of your motor insurance policy, this is a separate contract. To proceed with your Nissan Insurance cancellation, please contact the Nissan Customer Service phone number at the end of this guide.

Step 3 – Enter your Nissan account and Cancel a Nissan Service

Nissan Finance Account
With your Nissan account, you can easily manage your account, on your app or online; you can check the outstanding balance and view your statement, you can update personal details, you can access special offers, make payments and enjoy 24/7 access to your account.

How to Cancel Nissan Gap Insurance

cancel Nissan GAP insurance
Nissan Gap Insurance is a type of insurance that will provide cover for vehicles that have been stolen or written, it is transferable and the maximum claim limit is ?15,000. It covers up to ?250 vehicle insurance excess and it is available or purchase up to 105 days after vehicle invoice date for vehicles with a maximum invoice net value of up to ?85,000. Gap Insurance or Guaranteed Asset Protection is designed to cover the financial gap if your vehicle is stolen before finishing of paying the finance on it. To cancel this Nissan Gap Insurance you need to contact the Nissan Customer Service telephone number at this end of this guide.

Step 4 ? Contact Nissan Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

When you visit the Nissan UK website you will learn that cancelling a Nissan service or product is easy, but there may be some costs involved. You can cancel your Nissan Finance Agreement, you can cancel your Nissan Gap Insurance, you can cancel your Nissan normal Insurance. If you can?t make the cancellation by yourself, online on Nissan’s website or on the Nissan Finance UK’s website, then you need to contact the Nissan phone number 0330 123 1231. A member of the Nissan Customer Service department will take care of your enquiry!

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