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How to Cancel Quidco

the Quidco website

Quidco ranks among the most popular cashback platforms in the United Kingdom. Founded in May 2005, the company takes a commission from retailers and offers prizes to people who buy from their referral links. It earns money from online retailers after advertising products on their platforms. Then, they receive a commission which they share with their customers. The company offers two main membership options. The free service is available for Basic members, and the Premium members pay ?5. The Premium level unlocks new offers and fast customer care services. Quidco Premium customers can redeem from a large number of available deals. In this article, you?ll learn how to cancel Quidco account, premium options.

In summary: How to Cancel Quidco

Visit official Quidco website
Login Quidco account
Withdraw Quidco cashback
Contact Quidco customer service about cancelling Quidco
Uninstall the Quidco app

1. Visit the official Quidco website

Quidco online website
Pages on the Quidco website

The official Quidco website has nearly-all the information you need about how to cancel Quidco services. The site will let you know the Quidco membership plans you have. Quidco new members also get to learn the different options they have. Again, they find information on how to utilise the website to make money and earn great deals. For any questions you have, you have several topics answers on different topics under the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS). Be sure to visit that page for most of the issues you have. You may also access Quidco services from the official mobile application.

2. Quidco login: Login to your account

How to cancel Quidco , close a quidco account
Log onto the Quidco account

When you want to cancel Quidco offered services, it is presumable that you already have an active account with them. To be a Quidco new member, you need to sign up at login/sign up page. Thus, the first step in the process of cancelling Quidco services is to log onto your account. This will help you find different options that you have. It is also crucial as it will help you continue with the other steps. Your app will log onto your profile upon launching. But you may have to enter your credentials if you are using the website.

3. Withdraw your Quidco cashback and money therein

How to cancel Quidco: Withdraw your money
Quidco cashback options. Use any of them to withdraw your money from Quidco

You may not have access to your rewards upon cancelling Quidco account. So, it is vital that you first withdraw everything from the website. Declining Quidco account that has no money in it is safer and more economical than that which is loaded. At least, you will not stand to lose anything. So, how do you withdraw your cashback? It?s as simple as below!

First, if you are a premium member, Quidco shall retain ?5 from your account every year. In short, it?s the price you have to pay to the company for being a Premium member. Thus, you do not expect to withdraw the amount. Then, the minimum amount of money that you can withdraw from your cashback is ?1. Thus, the amount of money in your account should be more than that. However, withdrawal methods may have different minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.

Second, as per the terms and conditions, you may qualify for a new membership bonus on the platform. Before you cancel Quidco, you may need to withdraw your bonuses. These include those that you take during the Just Eat Black Friday offers as a new member. The eligibility to these rates may be a little different, so you should check them out.

Third, you should understand that the cashback is never guaranteed. So, while making your withdrawal, you may realise that you haven?t earned the cash-back into your account. It should not be a surprise to you as the terms and conditions are clear about this issue. You see, the company deals with several third-party retailer companies that may not be offering any enticements to their customers. Noteworthy, the cashback is part of the referral fee that Quidco gets from these retailers. So, if the retailers do not give them a substantial amount, they will not have enough to pass to you.

Fourth, the other bonus that you need to redeem before you cancel your Quidco account is the Friend Referral. Every time you redirect a new member into registering an account on the company?s website, you will get a commission for that. But, they will have to earn their ?5 for you to qualify that successfully. The company gives you a link which you can share across your social media platforms. Be sure to check how much you have before you opt out of the service.

4. Contact the Quidcare / cancel Quidco

How to cancel Quidco: Contact the support team, Quidco contact number
Quidco contact form. Fill it to contact the support team. Provide all the information necessary to for the support to cancel your Quidco account

The company takes your feedback seriously- at least according to their support page! So, when you decide to cut the ropes with them, it?s vital that you contact them. The Quidco website gives members several contact options. For instance, you may use the Quido contact number on the support page. You may choose to talk them via their social media platforms, or their support page. The good thing is that they are active on those platforms. If you pick that way, be sure to make use of their Facebook Page or the Twitter handle. You can post publicly on their walls or tweet them. But, if you mind privacy, send them a direct message.

Or, you can talk to them through their support page. After contacting the support team, hold on as they will get back to you in a few minute?s time. One of the most common answers you expect is that they will need you to explain why you decided to leave. Of course, they will respect your decision, but; they will express their desire that they’d rather you stay. If you are an anonymity enthusiast, you may request that they delete your data from their servers. They are likely to decline that request as they would need the transaction for accountability purposes. Again, such a decision would be considerate of the terms and conditions of the retailers.

After providing the Quidco support team with all the information that they ask for, they will then provide you with further directions on how to cancel Quidco services. This could take a few hours- or days- but it should eventually work out. So, you just need to be a little patient.

5. The final step in cancelling Quidco: Uninstall the app

How to cancel Quidco: Uninstall the Quidco app
Uninstall the Quidco app. Head to your apps menu on your homescreen and dial apps. Highlight the Quidco app and uninstall it

The cashback company has an iOS and Android app that lets you access the website?s services from your phone. You neither need to jailbreak your iPhone nor root your Android device as the app is available on both iTunes and Google Play. So, I presume that you already have the mobile app on your phone. Uninstalling Quidco apple is as easy as the Android version. When you want to cancel Quidco services, you will need to have your account deleted from the company?s system. Then, the app will become obsolete. You’ll need to uninstall it from your device. This will ease off the memory space and improve your device?s performance. That’s how to cancel Quidco services!

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