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How to Cancel TalkTalk

talk talk cancel

TalkTalk is a British company providing telecommunications, internet access, pay television and mobile network services to consumers and business in the UK. It is based in London, United Kingdom and it had an operating income of more than ?130 million with a net income of ?2 million in 2016. If you are a TalkTalk customer and you are unhappy of any of their services and products, you can read this article and you can follow the cancellation guide below in order to save time and money. To proceed with the cancellation of your TalkTalk products or services, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the main TalkTalk website
  • Log in to your TalkTalk account
  • Check if there are any fees to pay for a cancellation
  • Contact TalkTalk Customer Service 0345 172 0088


The information gathered in this article is a multi-step guide created for you in order to easily understand how to cancel your TalkTalk account or services. On every step you’ll take, you will understand important things on how to do that, what kind of fees you need to pay for your TalkTalk cancellation or how to do that online properly.?If you need to find more about the TalkTalk, their products, services and contact numbers, please visit the TalkTalk contact numbers page.

Step 1 ? Enter Main TalkTalk Website

TalkTalk main website

When you access the main TalkTalk homepage, you will be able to find there useful information on how to cancel TalkTalk products and services.

  • Enter the main TalkTalk website
  • Make sure you know exactly what type of product you want to cancel
  • Prepare a payment method if you’ll have to pay TalkTalk cancellation fees

Step 2 – Visit TalkTalk Help Pages

Talk Talk Help Pages

Visit the TalkTalk help pages and you will be able to find important information on how to cancel your TalkTalk product or service. Locate the Help link and click on it and you will see products and services by categories: Broadband and Security, Phone, TV, Mobile, Account and Billing and Email questions and answers. You will find on this Help page answers if you have problems with your TalkTalk service, you can find important information about scammers pretending to be from TalkTalk and Help videos about your broadband speed, on how to use privacy features or change your account password.

Step 3 – Cancel TalkTalk Services

cancel talk talk services
On the same Help page you will find how to cancel TalkTalk services when you want to leave to other provider or when you simply just want to quit their services. If you search “cancel” you will see more than 30 results about how to cancel TalkTalk services. First result that comes up in the search it is how to Cancel your TalkTalk service. So if you want to cancel your TalkTalk you have to get in touch with the customer service, there is no way you could cancel it online. You need to understand that you may have to pay some cancellation fees se be prepared to have at hand a payment method such as a credit card or debit card. If you want to cancel your TalkTalk account or services, you will find at the end of this guide the customer service number where you need to call to cancel your services.

Cancel TalkTalk Broadband and TV

cancel talk talk broadband
If you want to cancel TalkTalk TV you need to first cancel your broadband plan, because you can not have TV without a broadband. So if you decide to cancel the broadband from TalkTalk you will lose also the TV service. You can still keep the mobile plan without the broadband or tv, but mobile charges may apply if the other services are cancelled.

How to Cancel TalkTalk Mobile Service

How To Cancel Talk Talk mobile
There are three situations when you can cancel your TalkTalk mobile: when you want to port your number and move to another network, when you want to cancel TalkTalk mobile and keep your mobile number or when you want to cancel your mobile plan without keeping your number.

Port your TalkTalk number to other network

When you want to port your number to other network with your existing TalkTalk mobile number you need to contact the customer support helpline and proceed with the cancellation, so at the end of this guide you will find the TalkTalk dedicated customer service number where you can talk to an adviser on your move to another network.

Cancel TalkTalk mobile and keep the number

When you decide to cancel your TalkTalk mobile plan but you still want to keep your number, you need to provide the Porting Authorisation Code, also known as PAC, a code that will enable the possibility to keep your existing number, this code will be provided by the future mobile network you want to join. This Pac is available 30 days so you need to use it within this period of time. Your number will remain active until your number will be ported on your new network and when the transfer is completed, your account with TalkTalk mobile will be automatically closed.

How to Cancel TalkTalk mobile without keeping the number

If you decide to cancel your TalkTalk mobile plan and you don’t want to keep your number, you have to call the customer service number located at the end of this how to cancel TalkTalk guide and discuss all the options. You need to know that the agreement between you and TalkTalk will end in 30 days from the moment of starting the discussion; there may be charges that you need to pay if you end your contract early.

TalkTalk early termination charges

If you want to close your TalkTalk services like the mobile, broadband or TV plans before ending of the contracts, you will have to pay early termination charges. The costs will depend and varies on your TalkTalk number of months left on your contract and you can see them below for each service:

– phone only – ?3.00
– plus – ?25.00
– plus TV – ?25.00*
– essentials – ?17.50
– essentials TV – ?17.50
– simply broadband – ?15.50
– fast broadband – ?13.00
– faster fibre – ?16.00
– fastest ultra fibre optic – ?10.50

Step 4 ? Contact TalkTalk Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

In order to cancel your TalkTalk account or services like the mobile plan, broadband or tv service, you need to follow some steps and you are done, but the for the cancellation itself, you need to contact the customer service helpline. To do that simply call the TalkTalk phone number 0345 172 0088 and a member of the support team will assist you in case you want to go ahead with the TalkTalk cancellation process!

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  3. like to canel talk talk ,got on website about 1 hour ago, virgin as done same deal with me been with them 20 years or since the start,thank you,tried phoning but saying i must talktalk no. still could not get through,maybe this will help


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