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Affinity Water Customer Service Contact Numbers

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Affinity Water is offering services to more than 3.6 million customers in different parts of the world. They are known as largest water supplier in UK. They serve their customers best and provide them option to report a complaint if they are not happy with the services. You can contact their emergency Affinity Water customer service number 0345 357 2407 to resolve any kind of query. This number is available 24 hours to serve their customers.

Affinity Water contact numbers

Helpline UK contact numbers
Leakage reporting 0800 376 5325
Emergency contact 0345 357 2407
Billing Enquiries for metered accounts 0345 357 2401
Billing Enquiries for non-metered accounts 0345 357 2402
Water supply enquiries 0345 357 2407
Sewerage & drainage emergencies

Anglian water

Southern water

Thames water


0345 714 5145

0330 303 0368

0800 316 9800

Insurance Claims 0333 666 0082

Affinity Water opening and closing timings

Department Timings
Bill & account enquiry 8am-5pm from Monday to Friday
Water supply enquiry 7am-8pm from Monday to Friday

8am-4pm from Saturday to Sunday

Leakage reporting 24 hours


Affinity Water contact address

You can also contact Affinity Water by writing a letter. Your queries will be resolved in same way as through other sources. You just have to mention your contact details properly. This will help them to respond back to your query. Affinity Water contact address is:

Affinity Water, Tamblin Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9EZ

Affinity Water enquiries

If you have any queries related to moving of house, bill payments and account, arrangements related to payments, metering and consumption, you can call Affinity Water enquiries number. There are separate numbers for metered and non-metered accounts. Affinity water meter reading number for metered account is +44 345 357 2401 and for non-metered account is +44 345 357 2402. The call timings to this number are between 8am-5pm from Monday to Friday.

There could be enquiries related to water supply. You may be facing loss of water supply, problem in water quality, problem in water pressure and water disruption etc. All these problems can be handled by making a call on Affinity Water general enquiries number +44 345 357 2407. The timings for making call on this number are between 7am-8pm from Monday to Friday and between 8am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you wish to call outside these hours, you can call on emergency contact number.

Affinity Water Leak reporting

It is very necessary to inform timely about the leakage to Affinity water so that mess can be avoided. It will help in putting right things at right time. You need to check first whether it is reported already or not. For that you need to visit report a leak page where you will enter post code to search the reports of that area. You can also report leakage on phone by calling their 24/7 hours Affinity Water leak reporting number +44 800 376 5325. You can even tweet the leak at leak reporting link of Affinity water on Twitter.

Affinity Water business

The business customers can submit their enquiry online by visiting the Affinity Water business page. Alternatively, you have the option to make it through phone.? Affinity Water business customers can call on Affinity for business number +44 345 357 2424. This number is not available all the time. You need to call in between 8am-5pm from Monday to Friday. Affinity water has also provided emergency number to report unplanned impacts. This number is accessible for 24 hours. The number is +44 345 357 2407. The customer service of Affinity water is also accessible through email or post. If you are choosing email option, you need to send an email at [email protected] in detail explaining all your queries. The Affinity Water postal address for business customers is:

Customer Service, Affinity for Business, Tamblin Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9EZ

There is FAQ on this page where you can find answers to all your questions and if any query left, you can use phone, email or postal option to resolve it. In case you know any staff member of Affinity Water, you need to call on +44 170 726 8111.

Affinity Water moving home

You will get complete guidance related to your moving home decision. Affinity water moving home page will provide you all details whether you are a new customer or an old one. You need to visit online property moving page where you will get a form to fill. This form requires certain information such as meter reading, number of occupants, forwarding address etc.? You can even call our enquiry number to resolve your queries related to moving home. Affinity water moving home contact number is +44 345 357 2401, if you have meter. Otherwise you need to call on +44 345 357 2402.

Affinity Water pay online

You can view your bill, balance and make payment online with Affinity water.Affinity water pay online page will require certain information from you like customer number, postal code and your email. You can also ask your queries on phone by calling customer service number +44 345 357 2401 or +44 345 357 2402.

Affinity Water meter reading

The submission of meter reading can be done online, through SMS or through phone. The online submission can be done by signing into your online account and fill a form. If you wish to submit through SMS, you can do so by writing READ and send it to 0778 147 4715. ?You can also submit the meter reading through voice mail on number +44 345 357 2401. You need to select the option 3 and tell your customer number for submit the reading. The meter reading form is given on Affinity water meter reading page.

Affinity Water direct debit

You can pay your bill in easy way through direct debit method. It is automated payment method where bill payer’s hassle will be reduced. You need to go to My Account and click on Set Up direct debit tab. It is a time saving practice and will give you a peace of mind. You can read the details on the Affinity water direct debit page. You can also set up direct debit method on phone by calling +44 345 357 2401 or +44 345 357 2402.

Affinity Water problems

You may face lot of water problems such as leaking pipes, frozen pipes, blockage in taps etc. All these problems can be solved by calling at +44 345 357 2407 or you can read related FAQs at Affinity Water Problems page to resolve your queries.

Affinity Water testing

You can check your use of water through Affinity Water testing calculator. You need to visit water usage page of Affinity Water that will help you to keep a check on your usage. They will also tell you tips to reduce your water bill. If your water pressure is not correct, you can check out questionnaire given on water pressure page of Affinity Water. Alternatively, you can call +44 345 357 2407 for resolving your water usage problems.

Affinity Water emergency number

You may face sewerage problems or drainage issues that need to be immediately resolved. There could be any other kind of emergency that need to be reported to Affinity Water emergency staff. In case you need to see the company before calling. For Anglian water usage company, the number is +44 345 714 5145. The Southern Water contact number is +44 330 303 0368 for reporting emergency. For contacting Affinity Water 0800 staff, you need to call Thames Water contact number +44 800 316 9800.

Affinity Water Claim

You may be having claims that need to be settled with Affinity water. Their customer team is always ready to help you in your claims. They have provided easy and quick link where you can contact to handle all your claims. You need to visit make a claim page and ensure that all instructions provided on that page are followed step by step. You can also file your claim with the help of claim executive who will be available at Affinity Water claim number +44 333 666 002. The executive will ensure that your claim is settled as soon as possible. The main thing checked while granting a claim is party at fault. It will be more easier to get claim if there was no fault of yours in accident. You need not waste your time in courts as this portal will give you insurance claim in lesser time and easy way.

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