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Nationwide Head office Address, Phone Numbers and More

Nationwide House head office

Nationwide provides the best services to its customers related to loans, insurance, credit cards, etc. You can reach Nationwide head office for your queries by making a call at Nationwide head office number 0800 302 011. This contact number is available 7 days a week between 8 AM-8 PM.

Capital One UK Customer Service Numbers

For information about Capital One customer services, you can refer to this page. Capital One customer care opening hours are from Monday- Friday 8AM to 9PM, Saturday-Sunday 8AM to 6PM. The helpline number of Capital One for reporting of lost or stolen card is 0800 952 5267 here and

ThinkMoney UK Contact Numbers

ThinkMoney Contact Number

The customers can send any of their requests about any service or if would like to share their feedback, they can do so by email via the Think Money customer service email [email protected] . If you wish to speak with an advisor over the telephone, you may call the Think

TSB UK Contact Numbers

For all the general account information or if you have any questions regarding the account balance, your personal details or payments, the TSB customer services team is readily accessible at the TSB customer service contact number 02032841575 when calling from outside the UK call +442032841575. The phone lines are open

Vanquis Bank UK Contact Numbers

Vanquis Bank Customer Service

Vanquis Bank is a part of the Provident Financial Group, a lender who was established in the year 1880. Vanquis Bank was operating predominantly in the home credit market and was established as the credit card issuing arm of Provident Financial Groups in the year 2002. Presently Vanquis Bank is

How to Cancel Santander

Santander Group is a Spanish company providing banking services and operating in countries like Spain, UK, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, US and other big countries. In the United Kingdom, Santander operates under the Santander UK plc name and in 2015 has had a revenue of ?4.573 billion with almost 20,000

Natwest UK Customers Contact Numbers

If you are a personal account holder and you have any queries regarding Natwest mobile banking service then you can simply visit the Natwest contact us link , and you will find various questions listed on the page which be helpful for you to get quick answers. By clicking

HSBC Bank UK Customer Service Contact Numbers: Lost Card, Existing and New Customers, Business, Internet Banking, Insurance, Mortgage, Account Opening and Cancellations

You can call HSBC service 0345 600 7010 local rate. HSBC customer hotline offers the best services to both the existing customers as well as the New-HSBC customers. If you are an existing customer of HSBC UK, and you have any queries regarding the services being offered to you,

How To Cancel Barclays Guide

Cancel Barclays Service

How to Cancel Barclays Barclays is a British bank offering financial service for people in the United Kingdom and in another 50 countries. It has headquarters in London and it has to offer many services besides the financial ones. With Barclays, you can get wealth management, credit cards or mortgage lending.