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myHermes Customer Service Contact Numbers

myHermes (Now – just Hermes) is one of the leading online parcel delivery providers in the United Kingdom, owned by Hermes UK. It has been working with the primary catalogue and online retailers in the UK including Next Directory, Tesco, ASOS, QVC, John Lewis, Debenhams, and JD Williams, and delivering more than 235 million parcels each year. The company was launched in the year 2009 and now the services are available in over 4,500 locations. The customer service representatives work untiringly and deal with various customers daily and make their best effort to give the right solution to the raised concerns. myHermes (Now – just Hermes) customer service can be reached by calling at 0330 808 5456.

*** Hermes now have NEW webpage you can find:

myHermes Contact Numbers

Helpline UK Contact Numbers
myHermes Customer Service Phone Number 0330 808 5456 – National rate number
Complete Savings Membership 0800 389 6960– Free number

myHermes Customer Service Opening Hours

Customer Service 8am -8 pm (Monday to Friday)
8am to 6 pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Delivery Hours 8 am – 8 pm (Monday to Friday)
8 am – 5 pm (Saturday)

myHermes Contact

Hermes contact


If you need any assistance of myHermes contact team, you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to the following myHermes contact address. You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible

Hermes Parcelnet Ltd, Capitol House, 1 Capitol Close, Morley LS27 0WH

Center map

myHermes Contact Details

For all your general enquiries, you can contact the myHermes customer support team at the MyHermes customer service phone number 0330 333 6556. The phone lines for myHermes contact team are open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-6pm Sat-Sun. The team is also accessible via the myHermes live help centre through thislink where you can chat live with the advisors and solve the queries. The myHermes chat online hours are from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-6pm Sat-Sun

The myhermes customer support ateam can also be contacted by email by filling in the online formand at the myHermes contact email [email protected]

You have been given a full list of the excluded and prohibited items which myHermes may or may deliver. The list can be checked via this page

myHermes Send a Parcel

There is a very easy procedure for sending parcel using myHermes courier services. You need to first get registered with myHermes at myHermes registration page. After registration, you need to click on ‘Sending’ tab after signing in to your account. Fill the details of shipment. Please keep that in mind that your content should not come under prohibited list. After that you need to choose the cover level and make the payment. You can also see packaging guides at myHermes packaging guides pagefor further help.

myHermes Parcel Tracking

myHermes Parcel Tracking

You can easily trace the position of your parcel online by entering the myHermes tracking numbers (it is the 16 digit barcode printed on the label) in the box at the myHermes parcel tracking page. If you have ordered the parcel from a retailer, you need to contact them directly. You can even track your parcel on phone by calling at number0330 333 6556.

myHermes ParcelShop

hrmes parcel shop


You can check for the contact details of the nearest parcelshops to your area simply by entering the postcode or town name in the box at myHermes parcelshop page. The parcel shops are open for 7 days a week for the quick and easy service. If you would like to be a part of the myHermes Parcelshop services, you can contact the myHermes network development team by email at myHermes contact email [email protected]. myHermes parcel shop can be contacted through telephone by calling at number0330 333 6556.


myHermes Delivery

The deliveries are mostly made within 3-5 working days, Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm, and Saturdays, 8pm – 5pm. myHermes delivers within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and internationally. It should be noted that the services are not available for The Channel Islands and the PO Box/ BFPO addresses. myHermes delivery status is very simple to check by calling at number0330 333 6556.


Hermes returns

myHermes Prices

A complete list have been given for the prices of the couriers, and the parcelshop prices via myHermes prices page. You can also confirm the prices by calling at0330 333 6556.

herems prices

myHermes Packaging Guide

Hermes Packaging Guide

You have been provided an entire of parcel packaging tips to be followed and what not to be done via myHermes packaging guide page. Even a range of packaging videos have also been uploaded to make sure that your courier reached safely. Parcel dimensions are also explained in the myHermes parcel size guide pageto estimate the correct weight of the parcel. You can even collect the information through phone by calling at0330 333 6556.

myHermes Shipment Cancellation

If the payment has not been made, you can easily cancel the shipment. If you have paid for the courier, then you can make an online cancellation if it is before 10pm on the day of ordering. A refund will be made five working days. If it is after 10pm, then you need to contact the myhermes customer service team via myHermes shipment collection page. If you have problem with your internet, you can cancel the shipment by calling on
0330 333 6556.

myhermes shipping

myhermes Cashback Offer (NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE)

If you register for the complete savings membership, you can enjoy the benefits of myHermes Cashback offers (like 15 off on the next order). The membership with complete savings can be cancelled any time by calling the phone number 0800 389 6960 or by sending the cancellation form via email at [email protected] or by post at the address: Webloyalty International SARL, at 23 route de Crassier (Business Park Terre Bonne, Btiment A3), 1262 Eysins, Switzerland. The cancellation form can be downloaded from the website

myhermes cashback

myHermes Shopify

Hermes have now a new service called Integrations. You can find more on that through this link:

You can link the Shopify online solutions with the myHermes account to make the courier process more easy and simple. You can start the service by signing in the account via myHermes shopify link. All the related information can be checked by visiting the myHermes shopify page. You can also call on0330 333 6556for more simple process.

myHermes Claims Process

You can submit an online claims form if the parcel has been lost or damaged. The claims form need to be completed and submitted online by signing in the account via myHermes claims process page. You can check the desired information by visiting the myHermes claims process page. The claims process takes around 14 working days from the day of the receipt of the form. The claims can also be filed by calling on following number
0330 333 6556.

myHermes Christmas Information (As this is seasonal this can change every year)

If you need to know for the myHermes customer contact centre opening timings (whether for social portals, telephone or web chatting), for international parcels and for the parcelshops in Christmas, the entire details has been provided in the myHermes christmas information page. myHermes people also provide this information on phone by calling on0330 333 6556.

myhermes christmas

myHermes Business Account

myHermes Business Account

If you have any business related enquiries, you can send the requests by email at myHermes contact email [email protected]. The business sales team can also be contacted by email at myHermes contact email [email protected] or over the phone at the myHermes business account contact number 03300330 333 6556.


Contact Hermes through Social Media – Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and Apps

Social account Contact socially
myHermes Official Website
Online Registration
myHermes Online Login
Hermes Facebook
Hermes Twitter
Hermes YouTube
Google Plus
Android App

myHermes International

If you need to send the courier outside the United Kingdom, you need to visit the myHermes international pagefor all the information. Generally the delivery takes 3 to 7 working days worldwide. You can easily trace the parcel by using the myHermes order reference number. The international orders are processed by Limited on behalf of myHermes. If you need to make a claim for a refund, you need to contact the myHermes live help team via myHermes international link.

myHermes Careers

To check the details for the job opportunities, you can visit the myHermes careers page. If you are looking to be a self employed courier, you can check the information in this page.

myHermes Complaints

The company has a trained and dedicated staff to handle the issues efficiently and to the best of customer satisfaction. For any of your complaints regarding the services, you can contact the MyHermes customer service department at the myHermes complaints customer services number 0330 333 6556. If you are not happy with their response, you can forward the matter to the myHermes customer relations team through email at myHermes contact email [email protected](This email address is no longer in use). The team will immediately investigate into the matter and will provide a final response. If you are still not happy with the solution, the complaint will be reviewed by the myHermes customer relations manager and he would provide his decision within 5 working days.

Here are some of the main Hermes integrations – sites that fully work with Hermes on their side integrated through their system

hermes integrations

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  1. I decided to leave a message here on your myHermes page, i just want to say that this page and this great information – amazing!

  2. I decided to leave a message here on this page that talks about myHermes Customers Contact Numbers
    This is very helpful, thank you for your help gathering all of those numbers for me.

  3. I came to your myHermes page and it is just fantastic! Was looking for the number and found it in a sec.

  4. Absolutely. Day later and parcels not collected. No response on any of the 4 phone numbers I have tried. You are in position 1 for 15 minutes on each.

  5. His has to be the delivery service every my goods were sent out for next day delivery and this was 4 working days ago and still not arrived
    They can not talk to phone line and offer customer service want to email.

  6. I got a big problem with this Hermes, I was returned a delivery with them, one box last week and another three this week on Monday, exactly with the same post code, the first box is arrived into the company how bought, and the another three box doesn?t arrived, because they don?t find the post code, that?s unbelievable. I try to contact them by phone but they answer the phone, and email they respond.
    service and customer service.

  7. I used the live chat and the agents are helpless. they are based in India and cannot sort anything out. Overall very customer service and I would recommend to use HERMES

  8. A parcel is trying to be delivered at my home address and I’m at work. Rang customer service number and there’s no option to speak

  9. Hermes being a parcel delivery company is required to complete its work on a maximum pace but many a times because of some problems these services are subject to delays and defects.To cope up with which has solutions for all of these.

  10. I am in the process of shopping for some Christmas presents. I want to buy Dreamy Mesh and Lace Bra Set from Peaches and Screams Lingerie Boutique . Would you guys recommend them?

  11. Hermes or should they be called are so customer unfriendly.I would like my yet tobe delivered parcel to be sent to a parcel shop for collection time of my choice. Is this option available. Er no. Come on Hermes. Not very good

  12. Hi we have been having a parcel delivery from them and you saying that they have tried to deliver it dut no one as been someone is always here and this is very upsetting for me

  13. They are the hard company going, my young daughter to run the company better than those lot! they are a disgrace, no wonder nobody wants to actually take a call and sort a problem out!! I am going to leave my number and I expect a call back! I will never order off anyone that uses that company again!! My number i will send soon and will ask them – Do not email me I want a phone call

  14. Hello l missed my deliver and i left a note on the door to deliver for my neighbour, but the deliver man didn?t he said he will come bact today , but I?m at work please tell him to deliver for my neighbour. At number 9

  15. How can I send a Golf club which is 130 cm in length, i will call customer services, service so far is very poor.

  16. I?m fuming… I have paid for next day delivery ie to be delivered today 12th April 19. I received a text at 11.48 this morning advising my parcel would be delivered between 7pm & 9pm… I have been in ALL DAY my food evening meal was delivered at 7.45pm.. but my tracking advise stated WE COULD NOT DELIVERY TOUR PARCEL AS YOU WERE OUT… THATS IS ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH BECAUSE I WAS EATING MY EVENING MEAL!!!
    obviously the parcel deliver could not be bothered to find my address because they never came to MY Door
    I have a ring door bell that videos everyone…
    very bad service and Wilkos will be be getting it also because I paid ?7 for next day. Disgusting service

  17. I received a text from the driver about my parcel from 19 to 20 April , but haven’t heard anything from the driver since then

  18. They are hard!! No customer service at all, they bough some CRM package who left them fake comments. They keep my parcel and they do not give me any option for redelivery etc. They claim that they have live chat, email and customer service phone!! omg such fraudsters in the UKz

  19. My hermes are totally and don’t care service did answers phones but didnt helped or e nails
    About time my hermes help me

  20. Frankly not impressed by Hermes service! No indication of a delivery time, even morning or afternoon. My parcel needed a signature so could not be delivered. No contact number that proper guy helping Very, very poor, and not as efficient as other services!

  21. There is no option as a receiver of parcels to make a complaint about a Hermes courier. My local courier consistently states a failed delivery attempt when I have waited in for her. We have even been in the front garden with the front door open and she states we missed her!! Funnily enough it’s always at the same time. Her colleague said she stops to pick her children up from school. How can you allow such shoddy service and not allow feedback from the people who order goods and look to you to deliver them promptly? The complaints left on this forum say it all I think! I now have three retail companies who I have logged complaints with. It isn’t them I should be hassling. It’s Hermes that’s failing.

  22. This is a company to work for, staff ain?t helpful and customer service is a absolute hard.. owed wages and getting nowhere fast with them.. wouldn?t recommend using Hermes or working for them

  23. Arrived home to find “sorry I missed you” ticket, nothing entered on it, other than. tracking number. contacted Hermes to be told tracking number not recognised! How can I trace parcel?

  24. The delivery driver left my package in the doorway and wrote that we dropped it of on a piece of paper. THEY COULD BE. BOTHER TO KNOCK ON THE DOOR, WHICH WOULD HAVE TAKEN LESS TIME AND I WAS IN ALL DAY.

  25. Not very impressed with Hermes. Hard to speaking to someone. A card left in letterbox said a parcel had been left under a box outside but nothing there! How am I supposed to chase the parcel? Absolute!

  26. HERMES ON BEHALF OF BOOHOO IS DISGUSTING!! They texted and emailed to say they delivered my item and even had a cheek to take I photo of my post box however my item wouldn?t of fit through my wall mounted post box. The ?customer service? number is working but the company is not relay helping They are stealing parcels! How dare come to my property and take a photo of my post box AND NOT LEAVE MY DELIVERY

  27. Hermes are possibly the delivery company in the UK! We were in all evening, nobody rang the doorbell or tried to deliver a parcel but apparently it was signed for with a straight line and handed to someone outside the property Boohoo then resent the parcel which still hasn’t arrived despite being at the depot for 3 days. They need to sort out, employ honest delivery drivers Why companies use this service I do not know.

  28. This is a hard company !!! I contact when their parcel is stolen by their driver!! pretend delivery (despite the fact that I KNOW as I was at home every minute of the day that they didn’t deliver) .. that on the tracking receipt there are initials as if written by a child saying SH when I am the customer and my initials as MJ and the parcel was NEVER delivered. Cannot reach customer services .. IMPOSSIBLE… so here I am no parcel and hard customer services. This company is probably paying their driver rubbish and they do not have proper customers service.

  29. This is a dreadful courier service. Delivery times not adhered to. Hermes lied about trying to deliver the parcel.
    Contacted JD Williams who sub contract to this company. I was told that they were one of the best courier services. Either JD Williams are in blissful ignorance or they collude with these people.
    I Do not use any retail outfit who use Hermes.

  30. Just got another opened parcel…. why does it happen every time with hermes? fortunately there was only a dog repellent but it was unscrewed and used,,,, … next time I’ll order a hermes repellent…. van37 drop 07 c-round have thieves working for you

  31. My parcel was delivered but it was left in a outer building and I?ve not got one .i have been next door no parcel the number and when I ring it says it?s been delivered

  32. MyHermes has taken payment of ? twice while I tried to do a return via Parcel shop. After the payment page it came up with an error and no confirmation. This is unacceptable as I wanted to return the parcel to QVC today. I have had to use Royal Mail instead and speak to humans rather than a company who has no person to talk to at the end of the line. I would like my ? returned to me as soon as possible.

  33. The hard delivery company ever in the UK.
    Hermes can’t even deliver to the correct street or building.
    Will never use them ever again or use a company who uses them

  34. Absolutely hard – my local courier has failed to ‘gain access’ 3 times – urm, I work somewhere that 300-600 visitors a day, Royal Mail, DPD, UPS, YODEL etc can all find perfectly well. Too lazy to try. Came here two weeks too late last year to collect a parcel. I’m never going to see my latest purchase thanks to him. You can’t speak to a human, the email customer services are useless and now I’ve found the CEO’s address I’ve written to him

  35. my Hermes have had my parcel since 28 may its now 5 june and still not delivered, impossible to talk to someone, never use this company, they are useless.

  36. I’m really not impressed with Hermes. I choose to have my parcels delivered to work as someone is always there but between working hours. If it’s clearly a business name & address why do they try to deliver after hours????? This last time I was asked if there were any special instructions for the courier and I entered my business working hours. I was sent 1st message, delivery between 4-6pm!!! 2nd message informing me of delay, will try and deliver between 7-9pm!!!!! Ridiculous service, do they employ people who can’t read or follow instructions?!?!?!

  37. Courier collected a parcel to be returned to supplier on 22/07, according to tracking the parcel still has not been returned to the supplier. frustrating.

  38. This company is really hard Always is some problem.Now my parcel cant by delivery from 4 days….Im all time at home.No answere,No calling card …nothing from 4 days.And what?I see on my email they returned my parcel because I asked for it!!!Really?When?I cat understand who work there,and what they do…?

  39. I was going to use Hermes to return a parcel to Amazon but after reading the comments above have changed my mind and will use another method of delivery. Hermes left my parcel in front of my house unattended and in the rain despite having asked to leave it with a neighbor if not at home. Not impressive and not professional.

  40. Hard company. Ive been waiting over 1 week for Hermes to deliver a parcel from ebay. The sender is 15 miles away and this evening it says delivered and signed for but I have not recieved anything. Absolute hard

  41. Not for the first time. Email from Ebay states delivered and signed for. It was not. No way to contact Hermes so started case on Resolver.

  42. Trying to find out why my parcel can not be deliver, I only have this blue cards with 8 digits code. when I call the customer service line they said they can not recognize my code. Where is my parcel? and how can I find out when can be re-deliver? today was the second attempt.

  43. Got home to a Sorry I missed you card, with no information whatsoever. Tried the eight digit number beneath the bar-code, unrecognized. They really should tell the couriers to fill in the boxes on the card.

  44. Cant seem to find my Parcel as ity was not able to be delivered to the collection address. Please how can i collect my parcel or get my money back.

  45. My parcels are left inside door on ground
    floor in block of flats that have two floors
    and not as specified by my flat door on
    Second floor.please have a word with the
    driver delivering my parcels.the neighbours are complaining.

  46. I have waited in all day today expecting a driver to collect a parcel to date no one has arrived unable to contact anyone as it is now to late unable to go out I am not happy with this company they had my phone number but no contact bloody useless I will not use them again will try to get my money back

  47. Hermes said they put parcel through my letterbox but nothing has been posted through my letter box. I’m.totally hacked off

  48. Today they left my parcel with a neighbor ,there is a safe place to leave it but no I have to go and beg for it I. DO NOT WANT MY PARCELS LEAVING WITH ANY OF MY NEIGHBORS

  49. Hi please can you tell me who is my local delivery as this is the second time I have had delivery

  50. I have just received an email from requesting me to verify my email address and attempted to sign in to verify but not accepted .
    Clicked on ” send verification email ” which I received but when I tried to visit website it did not recognize the code you had sent .
    Nowhere does site have a contact us section, so not sure why you want me to verify my emails address when it has not changed. My trust in company has dropped significantly and website is very poor and very annoying.
    Michael Dixon

  51. Absolutely the worst customer service have been trying to get in contact with someone for the past 3 weeks and yet to hear anything back from staff – not sure what is going on and if there is anyone that actually care about customer service.

  52. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Hermes deliver to the wrong address and somehow it is the retailers fault? Phone numbers with no way to talk to an actual person, they say use the website for a live chat but don’t be fooled, there is no live chat or any other contact information.

  53. No live chat, no responce to emails,
    and Definitely no t/phone number to speak to a human
    very poor customer service
    the worse ive come across

  54. Worst customer service ever….nobody to speak to and no designated time slot so they expect somebody to be in all day.
    Total joke of a delivery service..

  55. Appalling service. Just go round in circles. system Totally agree with other comments. Obviously Hermes management are not concerned about customer services just making money

  56. pay extra and go elsewhere, trust me, the cost of fixing their fuc£”$s outweighs any benefits. you may be lucky and get good service once or twice.

  57. I’d like my delivery which has been promised several times but never received. For a week I’ve been informed ‘within 24 hours, Now I’m told you need me to contact you! HOW??? no-one has contacted me despite giving my number. There are no access issues as stated and as far as I’m concerned, delivery has not been attempted otherwise we would have received it along with the several deliveries we have from other couriers on a daily basis. This is beyond a joke for a multi national company running an operation which does not allow any form of human contact whatsoever. Live chat is a complete waste of time and effort as I find they can’t wait to get of the chat line as they cannot answer my simple delivery request! Sort yourselves out myhermes or disappear into the same black hole as my package!

  58. I don’t know how they stay in business, their Customer Service is non existent. I got a number for a regional manager from the delivery driver and even he couldn’t tell me how I could contact Customer Services to complain. I agree with and that is only for one delivery. Never will I use them again

  59. Has the website been hacked? Trying to login I’m ask to click on a verification email. This returns a message saying the site I’m being directed to is insecure and someone may be trying to obtain my details. Continuing anyway (foolish perhaps?) and I get to a site that doesn’t look like Hermes. Needless to say, the contact phone number for Hermes is going through to a real person and the offer on their site to do a webchat also appears not to work…

  60. Hermes are the hardest Company I have ever come across. The telephone numbers working but you never get to speak to a human being and the web chat is totally useless as they just quote the standard crap. I have been waiting over 6 days for my package now. The tracking isnt up to date and I have used the web chat 4 times and still no parcel. Absolute garbage.

  61. This company they stole my iPad I have been waiting for it for 2 weeks and every time they we had come but they didn’t come coz I didn’t leave my home. They have no place to collect ur i team the customer service refused to speak with us. I recommend everyone do ever is this company.

  62. I have sent two parcels back with germs and there haven’t been received I carnt even speak to someone it tell me to go line don’t use her s there are basa

  63. the worsted customer service ever …please people never you send expensive items with this company …your valuable items may got loss or not received or not send….beware

  64. I bought items on line and I ask myhermes to pick up for me they pick up two box from collection the driver delivered 1box saying the other box might be with another driver lol….
    they delivered the worst one items out of 4good items …..I need myitems please

  65. What a service! Does anyone know how to work with them? Or even how to email i got no mail!. They seem to be impossible to contact when you have a problem, I assume they just don’t want to know.

  66. My Hermes is a joke. Second time delivering parcel to the business address the email states: this will be delivered between 5pm and 9pm. Moreover no option to contact them to change this.

    Good luck with that you MOR&%S. Business closes at 5pm. They should know that as you failed to deliver first time!
    Thanks to you seller will get the wrath and the negative feedback.

    @David: Leading online parcel companies? You must be joking or you’re on their payroll? . No other explanation.

  67. I ordered something from Toby Deals on the 15th August, by the 20th it said it was with the courier and the link that was given was to MyHermes this working 16 digit tracking number showed some progress through the MyHermes system, then on the 21st it was updated with 24 Hour delay… Now the link to the tracking number says Sorry no records matching your details,, which would indicate that the record has been removed from their system and my parcel with it, A law needs passing that says if they are going to say they have the ability to contact customer support that they MUST be able to speak directly to a Human..
    Will avoid using MyHermes and advice t everyone is also to do the same… In the end No customers… No Business I do hope they read this

  68. I have tried to send back some goods via Hermes but the shop keeper says he. can’t except it,I have done this before but he says he can’t to this address

  69. I ordered school wear on the 12th August. I received two of the items but the third was, apparently delayed at the depot. That was on the 14th August, and the web site stated I would receive the rest of my order by the 16th August. It is now the 28th and I have just been told that that parcel has been lost!! I only found out because I went back to the shop where I originally ordered the goods. Hermes has absolutely no customer service at all and I will not be using them again ever.

  70. I sent a parcel back to Debenhams through Hermes and there is some dispute to whether they received it.
    On phoning the Hermes drop off store they said they couldn’t help. I have the receipt with bar code.
    How do I check if it arrived at Debenhams?

  71. Can’t print Label To send my Parcel Back . Customer services right one on so I did took it to the shop and they tell me that no barcode been trying all week now .
    Please who can help me .

  72. Apart from Yodel, Hermes are most unprofessional courier firm and desreve to be shamed in my opinion. Two weeks ago they lost a delivery I was expecting and by the only way I could find to contact them was through a website called Resolve. THey sent a message 4 times to Hermes who said that they had delivered it, although they could not provide me with a phtograph or signature. I was in all day and then they told me to contact the supplier and that was the end of that.

    They picked up an iPhone I sold on Ebay on 16th August, not by my choice I can tell you. the purchaser still has not received it. The tracking number tells me that they picked it and then that’s it!! How on earth does this company stay in business.
    Everything on their website is designed to make you give up.. It’s a total disgrace.

  73. I have been trying to contact them Phoning to a service is not helping me either. A Hermes delivery person has left a package in my alleyway I presume by mistake. I just wanted to contact them as to let them know and hopefully they can arrange someone to collect it and deliver it to the right address… that’s all. But not straight forward to get in touch with…. something I have myself experienced in the past. Anyway Iv let them know and if they wish to have this you know where to collect it. Im not spending anymore money or phoning nor wasting my time searching ways to message them. They need to come and collect what they have accidentally sent to my address. The week ending I may take it to the nearest charity shop. A contact number any delivery card is common sense but not present.

  74. Customer Service staff is a bit rubbish, system that tells you to go to the website which doesn’t have the answers on it – arrrgh

  75. signed for parcel left on doorstep in full view of street while I was away. it got wet through as it was there over 48 hrs. no neighbors signed for it and no neighbor was contacted to take delivery even though at least 1 was in at time stated . cannot contact Hermes any other way. Hard service in my book.

  76. I have just had a parcel delivered which has been opened and tied up. I am furious at what I’ve found and this is absolutely not acceptable. What details have they taken from paperwirk etc I have no idea. Please they should look into this ASAP or I will call the police to look into it.

  77. i would not recommend them. the driver has dropped a form , saying parcel has been signed and delivered and no other information. for example where? also the form has the wrong date and no name whom it is for. so it could be for anyone in this house. well i guess the parcel is drifting somewhere in the neighbour hood.

  78. All these comments are posted by hermes staff? This company is a discrace! Full of stupid foreign people who dont know there arse from there elbow…..
    .All they are and will ever be is modern day slaves!!!

  79. Abysmal customer service. Website live contact is automated. Website doesn’t give enough customer information. The phone number get through to a person that wont help. Have also had a package not delivered 3 times due to receiver being ‘out’ when person was in all 3 times. Package then being returned to me which website also does not say. Will never use them again.

  80. Hi I am waiting for a package that was supposed to be delivered yesterday according to the tracking , but have not received it yet. There is no update on the whereabouts of my package , please help.

  81. Faked my signature and kept my package. I contact customer services. This disgusting company should be put out of business.

  82. Appalling company. Am awaiting a parcel to be delivered today and have tried to get in touch – it is hard to speak to a human being. Last time a Hermes delivery came to my property the driver damaged my drive. I took it up with Hermes who slid away from taking any responsibility – apparently the driver denied it, therefore his word against mine. The repairs ran into 100’s of pounds. Today I am supposed to receive another delivery and am dismayed to learn Hermes are the courier. I have tried and tried to get in touch to ask them to ensure the driver parks at bottom of drive and does not try to enter the property in his vehicle…but I cannot speak to a human being. If driver attempts to drive into my property and causes damage again I will be taking this matter further. Extremely dissatisfied parcel recipient.

  83. Sat in now for the 2nd day waiting for them to collect parcel on behalf of freeman’s has been and contact human to talk to I would recommend this company to you I will be purchasing again from freeman’s because of the courier they use

  84. Interesting to read all the feedback. I have had 2 or 3 collections from Hermes which have been on time and efficient but this time, I am still waiting for my parcel to be collected and havent had any contact from Hermes to say what is happening. the contact phone numbers are working and I am very frustrated as is the customer who wanted delivery of this parcel by yesterday at the latest. This isnt good enough. Especially when the collection service is paid for before collection.

  85. I am not happy at all about the person who delivered my package today, I bought a new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and the box was squashed, so what are they going to do about this

  86. How are these people still in business? I won’t bother trying to chase them up about a parcel I wanted them to collect from me and deliver to my HQ in London. Clearly, it is never going to happen so I shall cut my losses and find another, reliable, courier.

  87. This company should be are completely hard, their automated system is a complete joke, the length of time you have to wait to speak to someone using the online chat is a farce- no wonder it such a long wait with everyone trying to make contact or complain, the tracking system is worse than useless. Where is my Parcel i ask.

  88. They are absolutely hopeless l have tried phoning email and live chat which is a farce Holly should be shot she can’t answer anything
    I have a missing parcel which was delivered before even being picked up

  89. i a writing to comlain about my courier he does not dhereto our intructions re leaving parcel i have phoned and left istructions not to deiver util tomorrow after 1 or he could leave it with out neighbou at no 1 but he still tried to deliverit tody and marked is 2nd atempt this isnot the first time we have hd this problem i actually put a note on th door to say that we worked all day but he dos not seem to take any notice we live in Tredegar gwnet he lives in ebb vale his phne no i have nw lwft anther message with him but he seems to ignore out instructions i have had parcls sent back because of him he has deliverd to us on numerouse occations so he knows that we work all day except ofr a Friday when my husband should be here after 1.00pm i look forward to yiour reply

  90. I have spent ages trying to have a live chat but when I click on it takes me to a page with loads of answers. No other contact details can be found. Disgracefu;l for this company not to have an easy accessable customer service.

  91. Tracking Number i dont know
    Had email to say my parcel had been delivered 10th Oct 9.23 and signed for but no parcel has been delivered I was at home at that time of the morning, please let me know when I will receive my parcel

  92. I have been advised my parcel was delivered today and signed for. I was at home at the so called time of delivery and did not receive my parcel and certainly did not sign for it .
    I think the courier has STOLEN MY PARCEL and forged my signature. I will be contacting the POLICE .

  93. Hello, my parcel was left with a neighbour last week on the 10th October however i have just found out it was left with a neighbour because there was no notice sent through my letter box to notify. I still haven’t received it and i can’t retrieve it as i live in a block of flats and i don’t know what door number my parcel was at, can you please let me know at what address i can receive my parcel PLEASE!

  94. I am appalled with the delivery service giving me different delivery times 5.30 pm an email saying they tried to deliver I did not move out of my house they did no way come to me then sunday I put in a complaint to JDWilliams I got an email yesterday saying they are having problems with deliveries I want my parcel I am very upset by all this

  95. I was supposed to have a parcel delivered on 9th Oct ,then on the 10th Oct and it is still not here on 15th Oct.Tried to contact customer services and all I get is automated service saying it will be delivered on 10th Oct,
    This company are the biggest load of rubbish I have ever had to deal with .

  96. Ive tracked my parcel and it says its with the courier and has been from the 8 th October and i’m still waiting on it getting delivery,any advice what to do?

  97. I was to have a item sent yesterday the item was signed for but not by myself there is nothing through my door someone has my parcel but it’s not me

  98. Rhino-Autostyling sent through your company some rubber mats for the car. They did not arrive. They have therefore again dispatched my order. I live in Waltham Lane, Beverley but I rather think the courier may have delivered to Waltham Court, Beverley. I’m told the mix-up happens regularly. Can this be ensure the package is delivered to the right address this time. Many Thanks

  99. Wish I did not have to use Hermes to return things. They are terrible, their website is awful, and their customer service is almost non existent, even if you do manage to make any kind of ‘contact’. Their Delivery Drivers are usually pleasant and polite, but that is the best I can say for them. I’ve never actually spoken to anyone else in the company.

  100. So I’ve been waiting at home all week for my parcel and not to my Hermes the worst courier company ever hasn’t delivered my parcel. On the tracking information it stated they attempted to deliver on Monday, Tuesday and apparently delivered my parcel today but not to me to a unknown safe place. What a load of BS, what kind of people do they have working for them. I have had no calling cards, no parcel and the tracking is a load of lies. Hermes why don’t you get your staff to actually do their jobs and actually deliver customers parcels. It would also help if you employed staff with a bit of integrity or is that too much to ask for. Actually disgusted with Hermes, not a reputable company at all

  101. Absolutely the worst ‘service’ ever. They can’t deliver and want the customer to contact…..but doing so is virtually impossible. Finally wait to get on livechat and the person was worse than useless and then simply cut.
    Rest assured I will be telling lots of people just how appalling that company is. They should be ashamed to run such a shambles.

  102. I’ve been trying for several days to get Hermes to collect a parcel wrongly delivered to my address, for someone unknow to me, no connection at all. Just got one email from them few days ago but no follow up or phone call to arrange collection. I will try to get through on phone.

  103. My Hermes have lost my parcel on 6th September – have supplied all the proof at least 3 times and still no refund. – live chat doesn’t actually exist. I will never deal with my Hermes again – am awaiting over £30 refund. Don’t use them!!

  104. I feel many of these couriers who pick up parcels with out any checkls made on them before they start working for hermes are thieving parcels that are collected and booked or in cahoots with the depot workers to get the best parcels to keep for themselves! I just lost an ipad worth over £500! This compnay requires some serious investigation into their trading issues!

  105. We’ve got it! Where is it then has someone stole it in the depot?
    12:40 – Sat 19 Oct
    Your friendly local courier has collected your parcel. We just need to process it and we’ll get it on its way to you

    09:23 – Mon 21 Oct
    Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you

    Now is where the fun staerts as no delivery has ever been made to me! So where is it I ask?

  106. Hermes are quite simply the hard delivery service in existence. I’ve failed to receive literally every package that’s ever been placed in their hands. Every time its the same charade. They fabricate attempted deliveries, completely lose the parcel and then ghost you no matter how you attempt to contact them. Live chat online? End up waiting half an hour just to be told exactly what the automated systems tell you (which are lies). Call the customer service line? Good luck finding a human being. I’ve called that number per botched delivery and all I can get is an automated voice providing parcel tracking updates (once again, lies).

    I say this to anyone dabbling with this cow-pat of a company, have fun trying to speak to anyone who works there after they incinerate your parcel. Don’t even contemplate receiving a refund either.


  108. I have been inside the house for 3 days in a row and I have not received my parcel. Website states it was left at my porch yesterday – for sure it wasn’t and someone would have to be incredibly irresponsible to leave a parcel outside in torrential rain. I don’t know who the parcel was from so I have no means of taking up with them.

    Where is my parcel, would they be kind enough to advise. This is really poor, the online info is nonsensical and the fact remains that despite me having a doorbell with a sensor, no one came to the door yesterday. There was no note to suggest delivery was attempted either!

  109. Hello. Anybody reading my comment ? It’s Christmas in a couple weeks 2019. Please hear. If anyone uses MY HERMES they need they’re head examined! The way customers are treated.

  110. Good Morning

    I got home form work yesterday evening to find a card through my door with a tick saying in storage box, I don’t have a storage box on my property,
    I can not even ring the driver as no telephone number or driver name on the card.

  111. Hadron Chakwana. I have a parcel that Hermes is delivering to me. Twice they have come and said there was no one which is wrong. He/she is coming downstairs and going back. The parcels says office 7, staff are not coming to office 7.

  112. i ordered a parcel according to Hermes it has been delivered in a safe out bounding which is behind my bin, don’t understand why it couldn’t be left with a neighbor and noted down. It’s impossible to speak to customer service because their telephone options are ridiculous and guide you straight to their website. I want my parcel or a refund.

  113. My parcel delivered to the incorrect address but unable to find the address where this picture was delivered. Ha e seen the picture which did not help

  114. After losing my package they have now told me to upload documents proving the pick up, and non delivery. But they have deleted the tracking information from their website.

  115. Absolutely appalling customer service, had a parcel delivered to my address and it isn’t even for myself or partner. No contact number to have it resolved and sent to the correct person meaning someone’s missing a parcel in Bristol and wont be able to track it.

  116. I have had a delivery card thru my door saying left in porch …I DONT HAVE A PORCH. And was not expecting a parcel…rubbish company

  117. Advised that my parcel could not be delivered and that the delivery would be attempted again over the next three working days. I am working at these times and cannot take delivery. I do not know my neighbours so would like to redirect my parcel, but am having difficulty doing so. No joy on both help numbers refer me to this but …….

  118. What a service from Hermes, delivering parcel to the safe place even thou i never marked my safe place and not leaving even the note that parcel was delivered. week after i still cant find my parcel and its hard to contact anyone from hermes.

  119. We ordered a delivery which was damaged during the sorting process. The drivers posted the damaged package and left very quickly. I have tried to get Hermes to sort this but they just keep sending surveys out and not dealing with the delivery issues. I have tried ringing them but cannot speak with a real person, I do not count chatting on line talking with a real person (Talking is using a voice and ears to listen and reply to another person). I have sent my phone number to Hermes with the complaint and still nothing back from Hermes customer services.


  121. I agree, terrible customer service! my parcel was not delivered and, as others, have had no way to contact them. I ended up going to the depot, just as ‘helpful’, gave me and email address which didn’t work. But, thanks to this website, I found one that DOES work!! Send a mail to: [email protected]. I had a reply saying they will be in touch within 24 hrs (we’ll see….)

  122. HARD COMPANY!! I agree with all the above comments. Their website is an absolute joke as is the so-called “customer service”!!
    Web-chat is a nonsense!! Still waiting for a delivery due on 15th November. Tracking still says with courier and has not been updated since 15th November.

  123. Absolutely ridiculous, I had a parcel delivered that i was expecting only to find my parcels sticker on top of another persons name and address…as for their customer service…WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. There is customer service…period!!! Found a number for their ‘head office’ that seems to be closed all the time. Even the company my parcel was from don’t have contact details fr Hermes apart from their ordering process…go figure, how do you use a company that you can’t contact.
    Now i have a poor persons parcel that i can’t return and my one has disappeared.

  124. Errrrr – They just left someone else’s post with me, they are only a mile out. It’s in my porch if you want to come and get it, or else I’ll see what Margo has been getting from Cotton Traders now… Not really my style, come and get it. I would drop it round there but you know, they are the courier service…

  125. The only company I know who deal with Scotts of Stowe where they cannot tell you a times slot 24 hours in advance. Scotts say it is Hermes rules which is rubbish – Scotts should stop using Hermes and use a decent delivery service who will give time slots otherwise they expect you to be in for a 12 hour period for deliveries or collections. Think I will go back to order from Amazon – always efficient and keep you posted.

  126. Tracking states my parcel was deilvered – supposedly in next door’s padlocked shed! ‘Next door’ is an empty property -owners live away. My Hermes ‘help’ facilities are a travesty – who is in charge of Cust;omer Servce????

  127. I had a parcel delivered to my address supposedly, I haven’t had a card and I phoned the company asking where it is. They said it was delivered on the 21st at 8.19 and I have a phone it it being pitch black with the parcel. Don’t have a clue where it is. I have checked round my house and know where to be seen. I didn’t sigh for the parcel and someone should be getting in contact with who ever it was who was meant to be delivering it. My parcel code i have, also at the time night or day I am always in because I have a 1 year old.

  128. Hermes are good but are not good enough to go totally automated…with human contact at customer services….you’re a total nightmare

  129. just received a text message saying my parcel is to be delivered between 2 and 4. I am not there and wanted to get in touch with an alternative but cannot contact anyone and I do not have the 16 digit number to put into the system as I was not given one. This is terrible.

  130. Unbelievably bad customer service. It’s a joke. They put in tracking number and all we hear is “I hope this service was useful to you” I thought I’d missed the reply so tried again and got the same……what service was supposed to be useful to me is what I’d like to know,!!!!!!

    1. Jenny , Totally agree iam loosing the will to live they have lost 2 parcels of mine and need to speak to someone at Hermes

  131. dear i received a parcel that was damaged and parts missing
    i believe that that firm is th currier it was a fibre xmas tree. it was ordered . . 1st and they deviled it on the 4th could they help me please i paid for the item.

  132. Hermes email sent to me 2/12/19 ” Have received your parcel, has been processed- will inform you” Now 7pm 6/12/19. Still no parcel, contacted with difficulty by “chat”.
    Have no record of parcel. Unfortunately the sender did not give any tracking number

  133. After searching for a person to speak to at Hermes without success, constantly going in a loop and ending up listening to the same end message ‘email or live chat’, and unable to get onto the live chat either…..I have decided to go to the Post Office to post my parcels, more expensive but a much better person to person service……Hermes need to stop being totally automated.

  134. I have been informed that hermes attempted delivery for the third day in a row but, yet again, nobody has even turned up. are clearly (somehow) going to the wrong address. I have informed of this but are still going to the wrong address. have the most phone number in the world.

  135. hermes has had my parcel since 28th november , on the 4th december it was at local dept, i still have not received my parcel,
    tracking, i have called hermes they say this doesnt exsist,

  136. I apparently missed a delivery yesterday, despite I was home. I called. I was finally able to speak to a person when I wrote to automatic chat that I have no tracking number (which I had). Hope I was able to resolve the issue and then receive my parcel.

  137. Hi ! So disappointed, no notifications, no message , no calls. agent arrived and left even didn’t wait until the door is opened and left without leaving a parcel.status changed to delivery unsuccessful refused by customer . Such a disaster !!!

  138. What a nightmare. Are there not ANY human beings at Hermes. I have phones the Customer Services Help Line only to get an automated message and then hung up on. Message said to use the online Chat which is also automated which just kept telling me that my parcel has been delivered of which it has not. The automated voice message also said I could contact them by email…… but WHAT email address, there is NOTHING on the web site looking anything like an emails address. I have spent the last hour going around in circles and all I want is my parcel.

  139. Trying to get a claim form sent have been on live chat 5 times now and they keep saying its been sent but its clearly not getting through. Have checked all files/folders and spam. CAn someone actually send me a link to a claim form. A valuable parcel has gone missing.

  140. Update on parcel
    04:10 – Fri 06 Dec
    We’ve received your parcel
    Your parcel has been delayed, we’re sorry about that. We’ll have it on the move in the next 48 hours
    09:49 – Tue 10 Dec
    We’re sorry your parcel has been delayed, we’ll have it on the move in the next 24 hours
    17:51 – Tue 10 Dec
    Your parcel has been delayed, we’re sorry about that. We’ll have it on the move in the next 48 hours
    I contacted Hermes.
    Where is the online chat?
    The sender said they will email Hermes, but they have to wait for them to reply.
    VERY S L O W SERVICE. First time using them, not happy 🙁


  142. Hermes your a complete wast of time.
    Yet again I have a ticket stating a parcel was attempted to be delivered and yet again no contact details filled in and as for your “customer service”, well I say “service” but its just a looped telephone message and you ending up listening to the same message and unable to speak to someone.

  143. Please note I can not find a single comment in respect of Hermes Customer Service on this site. That speak volumes about the company – I for one will not be using them to deliver anything As per a previous blogger I’ll be using Royal Mal – slightly more expensive but finally better service.

  144. dear, i received Hermes email to say the parcel was delivered at 2.48pm. i have been in and it is not at a neighbors

  145. Hello

    I am having trouble getting through on the telephone number with a query on my order placed this morning – see below. I went to a Parcel shop to print the labels but the order number provided was too long – it requires a 6 digit number not 8? I also was not sent a QR scan box to print them off either – both my parcels have been paid for. Any suggestions – now and the on-line digital service just kept asking my name over and over again!

  146. Not impressed with the MyHermes service. Waited in 3 times for parcel delivery and nothing arrived. Cannot speak to a customer service representative ……… only a robot!!

  147. Absolutely disgusted with Hermes .! Parcel supposed to be collected on the 17 th . No courier show . On tracking said that would try to collect the next day . Nothing since & 3 days later !!! Tried phoning on the 19th but later when call actually answered adviser went off to investigate leaving me in hold . Really angry & will never use Hermes again !

  148. Paid for next day delivery, goods were at depot at 12-52pm, still not arrived day later. Tracker now say goods in depot at 4-00am, not sure what’s happing now??
    Tried to phone Hermes on 0330 333 6565 need as access code for a conference center, don’t want a conference just my parcel preferably today

  149. I have received an email saying my parcel has been delivered & left in my outhouse which we do not possess & we have searched every possible place. Also no card has been left & somebody has been here all the time.

  150. I have received a parcel today which I never ordered. To add insult to injury it was thrown over the gate and left in the rain to get wet. I do not know who the parcel is for but they will be wondering where it has got to. I have rung all the numbers on the Hermes website and have not been able to speak to a real person. Service is crap and I have been going round in circles trying to correct their mistake not mine. Their is no facility on website for dealing with this sort of problem which I suggest look into as a matter of priority. Merry Christmas.

  151. I have a parcel which has been sent to Hermes from Manchester United FC – arrived in their depot on 18th December and not dispatched. Their website says will be dispatched in 24 hours – now 22nd December and nothing. the service offered by this company is absolute crap.

  152. They say there is a problem with my delivery of 2 items. I was in when they said the courier was coming and NOBODY came, nor was a card left for me to contact Hermes to sort out the problem.
    Their wbesite is worse than useless and I still do not have the items.

    Would I use Hermes personally it’s a big fat NO.
    I have been told that most of their couriers are none English speaking , is this correct?

  153. Sent a parcel to my mom in Spain 2 weeks ago, according to tracking she recieved parcel on Saturday , she has been in due to illness but parcel never came. I have been ringing Hermes.

  154. absolutely shocking service. Hermies are out and out liars. They says that they tried to deliver a parcel to our address but the security gates to the property stopped them from gaining access. . . . . hum

    We have no security gates just a standard wooden gate. We also have CCTV which does not lie and there was no attempt to come to the property let alone deliver a parcel.

    I paid a lot of money for next day delivery.

    If you ever want a parcel delivered on time and by staff who do not lie.

    Clearly made no effort to deliver . . . . . just wanted to knock off of work early and as many of you mentioned used the excuse that the Customer was out.

    Now being told will have to wait till 28th earliest for delivery.

    Bloody joke.

  155. I have a parcel due to be delivered, I know the parcel is not mine.
    I spent nearly one hour trying to phone so I could
    sort this out. .It is hard to trying to talk to anybody at HERMES,

  156. I’ve been charged £ twice when I attempted to use return an M&M parcel. At the end of each transaction I got a fault notice so I gave up. I went to the post office !!
    i will try to contact them, I’ll never try again, I want my money back but how do I ask them ?

  157. I am disgusted at a delivery I had last night. Not only was I waiting for ages but when the guy “delivered” he opened my front door and left the package in the hallway, He didn’t ring the bell or knock and I could have been in the shower!! (It was 2100 hrs) He then has the ordacity to record a “delivery” as being posted through my door!!
    Physically impossible.
    This is not the only time he has done this. By the time he got back to his car I tried to confront him but he drove off.
    I am not happy with this and I want to speak to someone but that ridiculous system on the phone forbids anyone to complain!
    NOT happy customer.

  158. HERMES Does Not Have A Real Customer Services It Only Have An Automated Machine And Does Not Even Give You Much Option. I’m Waiting For A Parcel And It Say It’s On It’s Way At 9:48 am Friday of January 2020 And Hermes Didn’t Even Attempt To Deliver Even Once At My Place And Now The Parcel Is Going Back To Sender At 17:56 ???

  159. Can i please tell me how you get a (Outside Dim: 7.4”(L) x 13.5”(W) x 8.5”(H) Though a 2″x 8.5″ letter box???? Love to here how.

  160. Hermes are a hard company to deal with. I booked Hermes through parcel2go as a drop off packet. On the tracking it showed as being collected from the drop off shop then nothing else. I claimed the money back and suddenly 6 weeks later they drop it off in my garage and mark it as signed for. Now I arranged for DPD to collect a big parcel that I bought from ebay and by magic Hermes picks it up ( 15 minutes later dpd come) You’ve guessed it, Hermes shows collection but parcel now lost!! Useless

  161. i am disgusted with Hermes i waited in all day yesterday for a parcel pick up and no one turned up and also i paid 2.99 for the pick up and when i checked my bank 5 lots of 2.99 had been taken , so i expect to get the money money back and a answer to why the parcel wasn’t picked up i am very angry about this

  162. Bloody disgusting service. Posted a parcel to an Ebay customer on the 16th of January which just ‘went missing’. Forst time I have used hermes and it will definately be THE LAST! Can’t even speak to a real human being about it!

  163. An absolute joke of a company when it comes to customer service, numbers dont work, automated bots useless, as once as you have paid they no longer want to know you, it should be illegal for a company to operate this way, use them at your peril

  164. tracking says delivered but i dont have parcel??? blurry picture shoes parcel being posted through a different letter box than mine….i’m contacting the police as no way to speak to hermes customer service.

  165. Totally hard courier service!! Had an e-mail to say that my parcel had been delivered and signed for! What a joke as not even my signature! Had been in all day so could not have missed the delivery and NO Parcel!! Tried to contact Hermes, to be told that my parcel had been delivered and signed for! No adviser to talk to as automated service. How do we contact a real person to find my parcel?? Totally dis£$”! with their service!!!

  166. The tracking is saying it has arrived and been signed for but it hasent arrived ive been in all day buzzer went and by the time i got to the door he was running away it’s signed C 19 ive no idea who or what this is

  167. Its time a government agent looked into thie shameful way customers are being treated by this company there is no proper channel for contacting anyone in this bussines

  168. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME – Have been waiting for my package for two weeks, I suspect that have either misplaced or damanaged the package but don’t want to OWN UP TO IT. HERMES WHERE IS MY PACKAGE Barcode No i got and everything,

  169. What an absolutely shockingly bad service Hermes provide. They take your money, but if you’ve got a problem, you have no way to complain at all. Just talk to online Holly (waste of space) or ring the Call Centre – more automated (and totally useless) responses.

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