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Sky Customer Service Contact Number

You can call Sky service number 0800 151 2747 free phone number!

Sky is providing broadcasting, telephone and broadband services to customers of UK & Ireland. Its headquarters are located in London. With Sky broadcasting services you can enjoy various channels on your TV watching your favorite shows. It also offers various broadband plans & services to its customers. You can contact?Sky TV customer service at 0344 241 1653 local rate number, or call Sky customer service Freephone: 0800 151 2747 to get any kind of assistance such as filing complaints, resolving various queries, etc.

Sky?contact numbers

sky contact numbers

Sky customer service opening hours

  • Sky customer service is available 7 days in a week between 7 am to 11 pm. You can talk to customer service representative by calling at Sky customer service number to resolve all kind of queries. No charges shall apply to Sky talk customers for calling at Sky contact centers provided for customers.
  • However if charges are applied same charges shall apply for making a call at 03, 02 & 01 numbers. If you are not Sky talk customer & belong to other service provider call charges will be different depending upon your service provider. You can contact customer service number in case you forgot your online registered id with Sky. You can also visit the website link:? to know the procedure for contacting customer service of Sky.
  • For resolving further queries you can write an email at Sky customer service email address [email protected] . Various problems related to Sky TV services can also be resolved by calling on this customer service number.


Sky Viewing Card Activation

Sky Viewing Card

You can activate your Sky viewing card by calling on Sky viewing card activation number +44 330 041 2528. If you wish to change your TV pin, it?s very easy. You just have to call Sky change TV pin number +44 330 041 2527.

sky viewing card

Sky Business Services

sky business

For availing Sky business services, you need to call on +44 844 2 41 1111. You can call on these numbers between 8:30 am to 9pm on Monday to Friday and from 8:30 to 7pm on Saturday & Sunday. For independent customers the call can be made on Sky business UK number +44 844 2 41 1411. For group customers the number is +44 844 241 1611 and for multi-site customers the number is +44 844 2410 059. The independent customers can also send an email at [email protected] and for group customers and multi-site customers the email id is [email protected].

sky business

Sky Q Service Number

Sky Q

Sky Offers Sky Q app for their customers that are used to watch online your favorite programs. You can even record them or schedule them according to your convenience. If you have any problem with the services of Sky Q, you can call on Sky Q service number +44 3300 412 605.

sky q

Sky Mobile UK

sky mobile

You need to register yourself to avail Sky Mobile UK services. For becoming Sky mobile customers, visit the link to fill the details asked. If you are already Sky Mobile UK customer, enter Sky user ID & password through this page?and enjoy their services.

sky mobile

Sky Customer Complaint Service

sky Complain

Sky complaint services are available 7 days a week to provide convenience to those who cannot find time during weekdays. You can file a complaint against Sky TV products or services, Sky talk & Sky broadband by calling on Sky customer complaint service number +44 344 2411 653 ?or
+44 3300 412 605

This number is free for Sky talk customers. You can also do live chat with Sky experts at following link The Sky chat experts are available between 8 30 am to 9 pm on all days even weekends.

sky complaints

If you want to file a complaint about Sky TV, Sky Go & Sky extra you are required to make a call on Sky customer service complaint number
+44 3300 412 526. You can also make a call on Sky complaints phone
+44 333 100 1092
for filing a complaint against Sky TV services. The complaint can also be filed through mail by writing a mail at Sky customer complaint postal address:

Customer Complaints, Sky Subscriber Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD

In case you have any complaint or query regarding any TV Programme, you are required to make a call on Sky complaint department number
+44 344 241 0265. ?You can also make a complaint by writing an email at Sky customer complaint email address [email protected] . The Sky customer service can also be contacted using Sky talk customers contact number
+44 330 041 2561 for any kind of service. If you are facing problems related to Wi-Fi, you can call on Sky Wi-Fi complaints number +44 330 041 2545. The Sky product complaints can be filed by calling at +44 330 041 2558.
If there is problem with Sky TV apps, call on +44 330 041 2562.

Sky Bill Payment Phone Numbers

pay the bill for sky services

You can pay your bills to Sky TV using online service by signing in to your registered account or if you are not registered, by getting registered first. Sky TV also gives you the option to use phone service to make payment. Your bill payment liability will start immediately from the day your service is activated. The first payment shall become due within 14 days of the date your service is activated. The amount liable for payment shall belong to that 14 day period. You can use automated system service for payment by calling on Sky automated service contact number to pay bill.

The number is +44 333 202 2133. If you are a Sky talk customer, you can call Sky talk expert at +44 330 041 2593. You can make changes in your account details, track your order and can get Sky insurance also by calling on this customer service number. For getting information regarding introductory offers and upgrading Sky talk services, call Sky TV expert on
+44 330 041 2554. ?If you want to report regarding deceased account holder, the Sky contact number to change Sky account holder can be used. The Sky bill payment phone number is +44 333 202 2133.

sky billing

For delay in payment of fee you will be charged $5 as late payment fee which you will pay in addition to your bill amount. The customer can inform Sky services regarding bereavements by calling at Sky bereavement team number +44 330 041 2542. For getting support related to Sky protect insurance, you can Sky contact centers at +44 330 041 2541. The call on these numbers is free for Sky talk customers. Similarly, you can know about Sky terms & conditions by calling at +44 330 041 2543.

Sky Broadband Services

sky broadband

You can make a call on Sky broadband customer service free phone number +44 330 041 2544 for resolving queries related to Sky broadband services, Sky Wi-Fi services & for setting up Sky email. The In case you want to join Sky broadband services for the first time or want to upgrade your existing services, you are required to make a call on Sky broadband UK contact number +44 330 041 2547.

If you are a Sky talk customer, no call charges shall apply, however in other cases, call charges of 7 pence per minute plus charges by your service provider shall apply. You can use live chat option also for availing broadband services at Sky live chat link appearing at page You can also contact Sky broadband support telephone number +44 330 041 2559 for filing complaints. For cancelling Sky broadband services, you can call on Sky contact for cancelling broadband service number +44 330 041 2548.

sky service status

The available timings of Sky experts are between 8:30 am to 7:55 pm. ?For downgrade broadband services you can make a call on Sky contact helpline number +44 330 041 2549. For availing Sky broadband pro option you can call at Sky contact number for broadband pro +44 330 041 2552.

Sky Talk Services Numbers

sky talk

For resolving problems related to Sky talk services, you can call on Sky talk service contact number +44 330 041 2553, for upgrading Sky talk call on Sky talk service upgrade number +44 330 041 2554. If you want to cancel Sky talk services contact Sky talk service number for cancellation +44 330 041 2556. For downgrading Sky talk services you can make a call on Sky talk downgrade service number +44 330 041 2557.

sky talk

Sky TV Upgrade Number

sky upgrade

For getting any type of information related to Sky TV, you can call on Sky TV information number +44 330 041 2529. You can even upgrade your Sky TV packages by calling on Sky TV upgrade number +44 330 041 2592. It is very easy and simple for Sky customers.

Sky Website Issues

The Sky Talk experts are ready to hear your website issues too. For reporting miscategorised website, you need to call on Sky website issues number +44 330 041 2551. Their customer service representative will be always ready to resolve your issues.

sky website

Sky Moving Home

sky home move

In case you have shifted your home & you want to move the Sky talk or Sky broadband you can do so by calling on Sky talk moving home contact number +44 330 041 2563. You also have the option to go to the following link where you can find answers to various common questions related to Sky moving home.

sky move home

For any enquiry related to moving home and shifting Sky TV services, call Sky moving home telephone number +44 330 041 2567. The Sky moving home cancel number +44 330 041 2566 can be called for cancellation of home moving decision.

Sky Go Service Numbers

sky go

For problems & queries related to Sky go services, you can contact Sky expert on Sky go service contact number. For fixing & rescheduling appointment with Sky TV engineer, you can either go to following link & click on ?Reschedule appointment? tab to sign in to your registered account or by calling on Sky TV change engineer appointment number +44 344 241 1653.

sky go

Sky Email Set Up

sky email - POP and IMAP settings

If you need any assistance for setting email address with Skype, you can call on Sky contact number +44 330 041 2546. If you are searching for fastest Sky customer services to get in touch with service representative you can call on Sky email set up number +44 330 041 2571. This number will directly reach to Sky TV service representative. You can relieve yourself from the hassle of following instructions to talk to customer service representative. This number can also be used for customers who want to subscribe for Sky services for the first time.

sky email

For any other support or resolving all kind of queries you can contact on this customer service representative number.

Sky Unwanted Calls

nuisance phone calls

If you are fed up of receiving unnecessary calls from Sky TV, you can use following procedure to stop Sky unwanted calls from specific number:

  • Dial 14258 & enter default Pin number 1234. You can change the pin & set up your own.
  • Follow the instructions & select the option of barring the number
  • Enter the number from which you want to stop incoming calls or you want to block & press hash (#) reflecting in your phone keyboard.
  • To check whether number has been blocked or not, call again on 14258 & enter your pin number
  • Select the option of check blocked number from the options available.

sky unwanted calls

More on that through:

Cancelling Sky Subscription

For cancelling Sky subscription of TV services such as Sky TV, Broadband, Sky talk, Sky go & Sky go extra etc.? You are required to contact customer service of Sky. The customer service number used for cancellation of all types of services is same i.e. +44 330 041 2591.? The live chat option can also be used for cancellation procedure. The option is available at page .

How to cancel sky

Click on Start Live chat option & enter your name to begin the chat. If you have forgotten your user ID & password, you have the option to reset it by calling on Sky ID change account number +44 330 041 2571. You can easily switch your services from Sky to any other service provider by calling Sky switch squad at
+44 344 822 2017.

cancel sky


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    How much will it cost me @ will I need any changes to my cabling
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    Regards Walter

  2. I want to actually SPEAK to someone about my issue not an automated service ……. this is possible to do there is phone number to get you through to an advisor

  3. I keep getting scam calls from man with Indian accent claiming to be a TalkTalk engineer. When I phoned this number to see what would happen I was told that the number is screened by Sky Talk Shield. Therefore caller must be one of their clients.
    Your comments.

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  5. Why I make contact by phone or live chat? I have been calling phone customer services for but telling me to set up a payment method, I want to speak to someone either by phone or chat regarding my bill. I am fed up with the TV on screen message asking me to make contact when it almost hard to get anyone My bill is up to date subject to a ?10 late payment which I dispute. Please advise?. Thank you.

  6. How do I go about requesting a movie be put into the sky cinema. The film I’m after is called sleepwalkers. I think it was made in 1992. It’s a horror movie. By Stephen King. It has Alice Krige as the mother. Look forward to your reply. Thank you.

  7. trying to see about changing to Sky from talk talk there service is bad but every time i try to get through to u i cant i dont use comp much so have deal with broadband fiber free phone calls and free line rental with talk talk can Sky match that and prices dont go up thanks

  8. Is there a phone number for the elderly / hard of hearing that can’t easily hear / respond to the initial contact chat bot? Getting straight through to someone who can help my 86 year old dad with his bill would make his (and my) life a lot simpler.

  9. Dear,
    Sky maybe please could they add my husband to my contract because there are times where get taken in to hospital for mental health issues, my husband’s name is Mr Simon date of birth is 1971 .my name is Mrs Vivienne date of birth 1966

  10. Sky stand in Ashford Kent in the County Square.
    Was in town today 16th March 2019 and wanted to talk to a person regarding their services, but every time we walked past in the 2 hours that we were there , no one was on the stand. We went back twice and each time a note had been left to say be back in either 30 mins or an hour. This was between 10.30 and 12.30. I appreciate the person had left a mobile number but why should I ring to get him to come back.
    This could potentially mean that in that time you have lost business to other broadband providers.

  11. Hi I want 2 Galaxy s10s can somebbosy from Sky call me please my name is tony thanks look forward to speaking to them, ill also call them now

  12. I was without my landline phone and broadband for 3 days I couldn’t get in touch with them because my phone was not working tried to get in touch with them using my mobile but got no answer waiting for one of Sky operators to answer the service is terrible could they get back to me to explained what happened Thank You

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  15. I have changed back to sky broadband, today is my switch over day but I have not yet received my sky hub router, tried calling and have been put on hold for some min, need to speak to someone regarding my hub, not an automated voice please

  16. Customer Service defies any recognition of the word ‘service’. They have automated complaints numbers, live chat, hard to contact in real time and zero updates on their non-deliveries. Dont wait in but preferably never use courier.

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