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  • is a leading company forming part of Priceline Group. You will see that daily more than 120000 rooms are reserved with The customers dealing with belongs both to business as well as leisure sector. They offer excellent and efficient customer service to make them happy & satisfied. You can contact for reservation and other queries at Bookings UK customer service number 0203 564 6725?local rate number. Reservation support -?in order to resolve any?reservation queries is 0203 684 7923?local rate number.
  • You can also send fax for resolving your queries at Fax number +31 207 125 609.
  • Alternatively, there is email option to resolve your queries and sending any documents. The Booking customer service email address is [email protected] . The customers can also send a written letter of queries at following postal address:
    Postbus 1639, 1000 BP Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • customer can manage their bookings by signing in to registered account at this page. If you are not registered with, you can get yourself registered. For making necessary changes in bookings, you are required to visit this page and fill the necessary details. contact numbers

Helpline UK contact numbers
Reservation support +31 707 703 884

0203 684 7923

Customer service 0203 564 6725
Car rental support 0800 100 7021
24 hour support 0330 365 3001
London office support

Edinburgh office support

Cambridge office support

0208 612 8000

Bookings contact number UK

There could be general enquiries that need to be resolved by customer. For handling these queries, you need to call on Bookings contact number UK 0203 564 6725 which is for local customers staying in UK. If you are residing outside UK, you need to call abroad number +44 203 320 2609. However, the business related enquiries can be resolved by sending letter at following postal address:

TravelJigsaw Limited, Floors 9-12, Sunlight House Manchester M3?3JZ

Booking car also offers car hire option for their customers. You need to visit the car hire page where you will fill required details such as pick up location, pick up date, dropping date etc. The booking can be done through phone or live chat option. The Bookings car number to hire a car is 0800 100 7021. Another option is chat with customer representative. At car hire page, there is live chat option where you need to mention name and booking reference number. If you belong to USA, your car hiring can be done by calling at 0186 696 636 20.? Other countries residing customers can call on International number for booking car which is +44 161 836 6736. 24/7 customer service number

There is 24 hours service number provided to customers for resolving their queries and offering them necessary assistance. The 24/7 customer service number is 0330 365 3001 which can be called anytime on any day or even during emergencies. Flight

If you want to find out detail information about flights, you can do so by visiting flight page. Here you will get information regarding round trip, one way trip and multi city trips of different flights. Flight London office address offers separate office for London customers. They can ask for their queries in written form by sending a letter or on phone. The London office address for sending query letter is

5th Floor the Place 175 High Holborn London WC1V United Kingdom

You can also talk to their customer representative through UK phone number 0208 612 8000. In addition there is fax number 0208 612 8005 that can be used to resolve queries. The staff of is very cooperative and friendly. They will hear you patiently and will take quick action to give you right solution. The customers living in Manchester region can ask for their queries in written form by sending letter at following address:

Floor 6 Sunlight House Quay Street Manchester, M3 3JZ United Kingdom numbers Edinburgh office

For customers living in Edinburgh region, the staff is available at Edinburgh office number 0208 612 8000. They also have the option to do fax for their queries. The fax number for Edinburgh customers is 0131 247 3599. The customers who wish to send their queries in written form can do so by sending a letter at helping address:

2nd Floor, Charlotte House 2 South Charlotte Street Edinburgh EH2 4AW Scotland United Kingdom Bristol office

For customers living in Bristol, the offers customer care address where they can send their queries. The Bristol office address is:

1 Redcliff Street Bristol, BS1 6TP United Kingdom Cambridge office

The customers living in Cambridge need to make a call at UK office for resolving their queries. There is seperate number allotted to Cambridge residents where they can call whenever they feel any difficulty. The Cambridge office number is 0208 612 8000 and the customers who wish to resolve their queries through fax need to send it at number 0208 612 8005.

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8 thoughts on “ Customer Service Contact Numbers

  1. Hello. I’ve just booked to stay in Villa Retreat Boutique Hotel, Kodaiknal, India Booking No. total cost ?161.
    I’ve also received a letter dated September 2018 from Matthew Gerrie, Director Marketing offering ?35 back on my ‘next trip made before October 24. I used the link required but no mention was made of this offer. Please can they confirm that, as promised, ?35 will be credited to my card? I agreed with the hotel to pay ?81 yesterday and ?81 after 28 January.
    With thanks for your wonderful website service

  2. I need to send them a reciet of when I stayed at Adelphi hotel in liverpool . For taxi fare down to campinile hotel. As they said they will refund me .

  3. I used the application and i put in payment methods cash basis but when my guest told me the he pay in online credit card and i dont know how can i get it because i never put a bank account number i just updated it April 5,2019 i put a bank account number.My question is when can i get the payment of my guest

  4. Hello
    I booked the Novotel Yangon Max room and canceled 10 minutes later.
    Until September 8th, the cancellation fee was written as free。
    However, I received an email stating that a cancellation fee of $ 739.18 was taken..
    I asked the Novotel Yangon Max they didn’t charge a cancellation fee.
    I am also a company money, so if you get a cancellation fee, i will be in trouble.
    Will you manage to avoid getting a cancellation fee?
    I am very sorry but thank you.

  5. I have used them many times but despite all their websites are almost impossible to actually contact.
    they say you price match but are frequently more expensive than other booking agents. So as I can not contact them I have started using the cheaper options.

  6. I made a booking to stay with them from 27 / 08 / 2019 to 29 / 08 / 2019 at London. However, I have found my booking unsatisfactory. Hi, I book my hotel with for 2 night ,as we arrive in London where the hotel was, it wasn’t what we’ve seen on the website of the hotel was horrific and we did not staying not even a night at the hotel as the state of the hotel was terribly bad condition. So we decide to leave at the same day when we arrive. So the next day I’ve contact and explain to them the situation was,even send them an evidence photos of the hotel, it’s 5A Hammersmith road. and they didn’t seem to care as I am trying to ask, I want my money back. But still no response from I contact again to ask them for the address, and she told me she doesn’t get access to address in London. I have already send them, a letter by post, but they saying did not receive it. So what your best advise and what should I do, please. This was not rectified, even after I asked for a resolution while I was staying there.

    Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, I am due compensation as the holiday fell short of the description I was provided when I booked the holiday, and it was not delivered with reasonable care and skill.

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