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How To Cancel Alpharooms Guide

Alpharooms Cancellation

How to Cancel Alpharooms

Alpharooms is a British travel company founded in 1999. Alpharooms operates the website with the same name where you can book your dream holiday. Choose wisely from more than 250,000 hotels to 40,000 destinations worldwide. You can find amazing deals on discount hotels or apartments in so many travel destinations. You can also book a flight with Alpharooms to get a special price, for a dream vacation. Alpharooms was awarded the second Best Flight Booking Company title in 2014, third Best Hotel Booking Company in 2013 and second Best Hotel Booking Company in 2015 and also second Best Travel Retailer for Customer Service in 2015. If you are an Alpharooms customer and you have a reservation with them and want to cancel it, then maybe you will find this article very useful. This is because you will find here the steps needed for you to take in order to cancel that reservation.

  • First, visit the main Alpharooms website
  • Log into your Alpharooms my account
  • Check online the fees that you have to pay in order to cancel a reservation
  • Contact Alpharooms Customer Service?0330 100 0025

This article is a multi-step guide created to help you understand the steps you need to take if you want to cancel your Alpharooms reservation. With every step you will take, there is important information for you to learn so you can have a good experience when you cancel your Alpharooms reservation. If you are interested in finding more about Alpharooms, please visit the Alpharooms Contact Numbers Page.

Step 1 – Enter Alpharooms Main Website

Alpharooms Homepage
Visiting the main Alpharooms website will represent the best source of information for you to find out how to cancel a reservation with Alpharooms, or maybe just to change it. You will be able to make this decision faster at the end of this guide by calling the Alpharooms customer number, but before that, maybe you want to try to cancel your reservation online to save some time. You can get in contact with Alpharooms support online, by email or by phone.

  • Enter the main website
  • Make sure you want to know what you need to cancel and prepare your reservation number
  • Prepare a payment method in case you need to pay some cancellation fees

Step 2 – Review Alpharooms Cancellation Conditions and Fees

Alpharooms Cancellation Conditions

Alpharooms Accommodation Bookings

If you cancel an accommodation booking with 7 days more than the departure date, you will have to pay a ?49.00 cancellation charge or if the value of the booking is lower, that value. In case you cancel you booking with 7 days or less before the departure date, you will have to pay 100% of the booking value. In the case of the non-refundable rooms, you will have to pay 100% charge. You have to make the cancellation requests in writing to Alpharooms or directly from your Alpharooms “My Account”.

Alpharooms Flight Bookings

You need to know that all Alpharooms flight bookings will not be refundable. So you can’t receive your money back, you just paid the ticket and that’s it.

Alpharooms Transfer Bookings

If you cancel your transfer booking with more than 7 days before the departure date, this can be done free of charge. In case the cancel is made with 7 days or less before the departure date, you will be charged 100% of the booking value.

Step 3 ? Enter Alpharooms My Account and Cancel Reservation

Alpharooms Login

  • Click My Account link as shown in the animated image
  • This is the section where you have to enter your credentials, Email and Itinerary Number

When you are inside your Alpharooms Account you just have to go to your reservation. Go to your reservations and if you want to cancel an Accommodation Booking, just search accommodation bookings and hit cancel. You can do the same for a Flight Booking or for a Transfer Booking. Before doing the cancellation of your reservation, keep in mind that you may lose your money if you make a reservation too late.

Step 5 ? Contact Alpharooms Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

Making an online cancellation for an Alpharooms reservation is not a hard thing to do. It is very easy to log in and cancel your reservation. You just need an email and your reservation number. If you can’t manage by yourself to do this cancellation, just contact Alpharooms phone number?0330 100 0025?where a member of the customer service team will be there to answer you any queries you may have!

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