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How to Cancel Daily Mail

Daily mail subscription cancellation Worldpay

Daily Mail is a British tabloid newspaper published in London and it’s the second best-selling daily newspaper in the United Kingdom after The Sun. Along with the printed newspaper version, Daily Mail has an online version which is free to read and it is funded by advertising having more than 11 million visitors daily. If you happen to be a Daily Mail customer and you want to cancel your account, your subscription, your Daily Mail plus or Kindle subscription, then you need to read this article in order to save time and money during your cancellation. To proceed with the cancellation of any of these Daily Mail services and products, you should follow the steps explained in the article below.

  • Visit the main Daily Mail website
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions and Help pages to see if there are cancellation fees
  • Contact Daily Mail Customer Service 0207 938 6000

Daily Mail main website

The information presented in this article is a step-by-step guide created for customers like you in order to cancel Daily Mail products and services. With each step you’ll take, you will understand important things that will help you to cancel easily your Daily Mail account, subscription, your Daily Mail plus account, your app or iPad subscription. If you need more information about this company before making the cancellation, please visit the Daily Mail contact numbers page.

Step 1 – Enter the Main Daily Mail Website

Daily Mail Homepage

Visiting the main Daily Mail website you will be able to see that the online version is called Mail Online and here you can find the best source of information on how to cancel your account or subscription that you have with them, or whatever service you want to cancel.

  • First, enter the main Daily Mail website
  • You need to make sure what service or product you want to cancel
  • Prepare a payment method needed for a Daily Mail service cancellation

Step 2 – Read Daily Mail Cancellation Conditions and Terms

If you want to know how to cancel different Daily Mail products and services you have to find the Help pages or the Frequently Asked Questions page where you will get answers to your queries.

How to Cancel Daily Mail Subscription

How to Cancel Daily Mail Subscription

As you can see from the animated picture above taken on the Daily Mail website, you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time you want. When you made the subscription in the first place, you should have paid with a credit card. In the email received with the payment details from WorldPay, you will have to find a unique username and password received from them in order to log in and make the cancellation.

Cancel Daily Mail Recurring Payment

Daily mail subscription cancellation Worldpay

Go to the Shopper Agreement login page and enter the username and password. Once you are logged in, click the “View Details” link to access your account. You will see there the active transactions and you will need to scroll the page until you see the “Cancel” option. To stop your Daily Mail subscription click immediately the Cancel button. You will receive a confirmation email with the cancellation. If you can’t find the username and password for the subscription cancellation on the WorldPay website, then you can contact the Daily Mail customer service telephone number at the end of this guide where you can ask for these login credentials.

Daily Mail Refunds Policy

Daily mail refunds policy

When you originally made the subscription you had to pay with a Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch or Solo card only and this is the only way to make a subscription on the Daily Mail website. A receipt of every transaction is sent to your email address. To ask for a refund you need first to cancel your subscription as you could see in the previous paragraph. The eligibility for a refund depends on each service you have subscribed for and this can be found in the help text for each product or service on the Daily Mail website. If you are unsure if you are eligible to receive a refund, please contact the customer service team phone number at the end of this guide.

How to Stop Daily Mail Subscription

Daily Mail Stop Subscription
Unfortunately, you cannot stop a Daily Mail subscription once it has started. It will run for the term you’ve subscribed for and if you want to cancel it you just won’t go to your WorldPay account and cancel your agreement and then it will not renew.

Step 3 – Cancel Daily Mail Account

Daily Mail cancel account

As you can see in the picture above this is a Daily Mail user profile. In the user’s profile, you can see some details like the username, City of residence, the Country, the date of joining and other details. You can also see the user’s comments on the Daily Mail website. Unfortunately, there is no way to close account from this control panel. To close your account for good, please contact the Daily Mail phone number at the end of this guide to ask for the removal of your account.

How to Cancel Daily Mail Plus Subscription

How to Cancel Daily Mail Subscription
As you may already know, Mail Plus is the digital edition of the Daily Mail available on your iPad, Android or Amazon tablets. If you want to cancel your Premium subscription you have to know the minimum term is three months. You can call the customer service after this period of time to cancel your Daily Mail Plus Subscription. If you wish to cancel this service in the 14 days cooling off period, you can do that for free.

Step 4 ? Contact Daily Mail Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

In order to cancel your Daily Mail account or your Mail Online subscription, you just need to follow some steps and you are done. You can do that online for some of their services, but if you can?t handle it by yourself or if the cancellation of a Daily Mail service is not possible online, you have to contact the Daily Mail phone number 0207 938 6000 and a member of the customer service team will assist you in case you want to go ahead with your Daily Mail service cancellation!

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  1. I don’t have a subscription, just an online free account that I want to cancel. The site is just way too negative. I realized after leaving an article today that I felt really upset after reading comments and it made me reflect and realize that I’m always upset after I come from Daily Mail because the comments and articles are so negative. & abusive. I’m not in England so I cannot call the number. Is there a way to email?

    1. Did you have any luck? I emailed them several times, and cannot cancel my account. They are clearly just… really crappy people.

    2. I am in the USA and e-mailed several times, but still no reply. did you have any success in canceling?


  2. I do not have subscription but on line account.
    I do not wish to have this account in my computer
    as I am not interested in daily news

  3. I want to cancel my daily Mail Plus account. I am unable to understand how to do this on line. I am in my eighties and get very muddled with the instructions given.

  4. Please, how do i cancel my online account. I don’t want to receive any more headlines news !!

    Thanks for your kind attention.

  5. They need to take my subscription to the online notifications off immediately. There is no way I will cancel adblock to look at the rubbish publish

  6. I have no idea how this got on my computer, but I, in NO way want it. How can I get it cancelled? Am I being charged for it?

  7. UNSUBSRCIBE!! This is the second time i have received email address. I DO NOT WANT THIS TRASH!!

  8. The Daily Mail is an obviously disgusting Leftist Rag, therefore Amy differing opinions will be automatically shut down, even if you are autistic and unable to reword your opinions to am acceptable leftist view you will he discriminated against and told your opinions and ideology don’t belong
    I’m disgusted with the Online Daily Mail Rag, if you decide a person isn’t as far left as you would like, then, surely it would be in your best interests to allow said person to air their differing views rather than block them and force them along with their nearest and dearest following their beliefs
    Surely it would be better to understand why the original poster said/claimed what they said to be accurate rather than fo4ce the Leftist agenda on people
    The more the left force their views/beliefs on the majority the more people will question why
    Give people a choice and they’ll think for themselves

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