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How To Cancel Expedia

Expedia Sign In

Expedia brands began in October 1996 as Microsoft Expedia Travel Services. In 2003, this company was bought by IAC/InterActiveCorp. Throughout the years, they were able to acquire other sites including, Inc.,,, TripAdvisor,, Trivago,, Orbitz, Travelocity, and HomeAway. Now, Expedia group is a well-known travel company worldwide. Rich Barton was the first CEO of Expedia. He explains that the word “Expedia” originates from the words exploration and speed.?Expedia headquarters is located in Bellevue, Washington. Expedia booking sites are found in 75 countries. They also have more than 150 mobile sites in approximately 70 countries. About 22,000 Expedia number of employees who are working for them.?For more information about this company, you can search Expedia Wikipedia.

If you are a frequent traveler who uses Expedia trips and you want to know more about how to cancel Expedia flight, how to cancel Expedia hotel, how to cancel reservations made through Expedia and many more, then we can help you get some answers. We can guide you throughout the process so you can save more time and money. Simply follow these steps.

  • Visit the main Expedia group travel company website.
  • Select the service that you want to cancel.
  • Read the Expedia reviews and guidelines about a cancellation.
  • Contact the Expedia telephone number 0330 123 1235
  • Contact Expedia email?[email protected]

Expedia Website

Here, we will provide you some important information about how to cancel Expedia reservation, how to cancel an Expedia flight within 24 hours, how to cancel your reservation on Expedia, and many more. You can understand them quickly since they are a step-by-step instruction. By knowing how to cancel on Expedia within 24 hours, how to cancel your flight on Expedia, or how to cancel Expedia trip, you can have a satisfying experience. For more information about this company or if you have any Expedia questions, please visit the Expedia contact numbers page on our website. You can also read about Expedia news or apply for Expedia jobs.

Expedia Website name

Step One ? Visit Expedia Deals Website

Expedia explore website has all the important information that you need with regards to how to cancel through Expedia, how to cancel Expedia account, or how to cancel Expedia hotel reservation, and many more.

Just follow these steps so you can proceed with how to cancel Expedia membership.

  • Open your browser.
  • Enter the Expedia packages website address and go to Expedia login.
  • Choose options on your Expedia account.
  • Use your debit card or credit card for the payment of the cancellation fees if there are any.

Step Two – Select The Service That You Want to Cancel

How to Cancel Expedia Flight Booking

Canceling any Expedia flight booking can be done online. This includes canceling flights booked with points. However, there are some airfares which require Expedia 24 hour cancellation without any penalty fees.

How To Cancel Expedia Non Refundable Flight Reservation

In case you have a non-refundable flight reservation and you want to cancel it then the best thing that the airline can do is to give you a flight credit for your future booking. Unfortunately, they won’t give you any refund, obviously since it is non-refundable. However, there are some Expedia flights reservations that are not eligible for a flight credit. Once these type of reservations are canceled, the customers will lose the value of their tickets.

That is why, we recommend that before you cancel Expedia UK flights, you must review Expedia flight cancellation policy. The Airline Rules & Regulations portion of your itinerary contains airline cancellation fees. Keep in mind that these fees are charged by the airline.

How To Cancel Expedia Flight Online

If you are using a low-cost airline on one of your Expedia one way flights, then you can call the airline right away. Then, you must contact Expedia customer service 0203 788 0445, so we can cancel your second flight. But if you are using low-cost airlines on both Expedia my trips then contact each airline right away.

Expedia cancel flight

How To Cancel Expedia Hotel Booking

Most Expedia hotel bookings can be cancelled online. However, if your free cancellation deadline has expired, then you need to pay a cancellation fee. On the other hand, if you have a non-refundable hotel booking, then you must pay the whole cost of your stay. Be sure to check Expedia hotel cancellation policy. Read the Rules and Restrictions in your itinerary.

Instructions on how to cancel a hotel room booked through Expedia:

  • You must sign in before you can view your bookings.
  • Locate Upcoming, then choose the itinerary that you want to cancel.
  • Under Manage Booking, choose Cancel Room then be sure to follow the instructions.

How To Cancel Expedia Car Rental

If you want to modify the date and time of your pick-up or the type of car that you want, then you must cancel your Expedia car rental reservation then rebook a new itinerary with your modifications.

In order to cancel a standalone car rental booking, there are two methods to choose from:

Expedia Sign In

The first option is to sign in and locate your itinerary.

  • Sign in to your account to view your bookings.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Locate Upcoming then choose the itinerary that you want to cancel.
  • Choose Manage Booking, then Cancel Reservation, and finally, CANCEL THIS RESERVATION.

Expedia find itinerary

The second option does not require you to sign in. Simply find your itinerary without signing in.

  • Enter your email address and itinerary number.
  • Choose Find itinerary.
  • Under Manage Booking choose Cancel Reservation, then CANCEL THIS RESERVATION.

Step Four – Contact Expedia Customer Service Number 0330 123 1235


In case you have any difficulties on how to cancel Expedia flight within 24 hours then you can utilize Expedia customer service phone number 0330 123 1235.

If you want to make some changes on your booking or want to know more information on how to cancel an Expedia booking, then this is the Expedia number to use 0203 788 0445.

If you are calling outside of UK, then our customer service can help you through Expedia support?+44 203 684 2910.

Step Five – Contact Expedia Expedia email?[email protected]

If you want a quicker way of knowing how to cancel Expedia flight reservation, then you can use?Expedia email?[email protected]. You may also contact them by post, just send your letter to Expedia address below:

Expedia, Inc., c/o PO Box 725, Belfast BT1 3YL

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