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How to Cancel HSBC

You can Call by usingĀ  0345 600 7010 local rate.

HSBC is a British financial and banking company, one of the largest in the world, offering financial and banking services all over the world. It has more than 200.000 employees in more than 4.000 offices in 70 countries worldwide serving more than 37 million customers. Their services are offered through four global businesses such as Commercial Banking, Global Private Banking, Global Banking and Market and Retail Banking and Wealth Management. In the UK, HSBC has an extensive branch network to support the need of the business and personal customers.

If you are an HSBC customer and you want to cancel one of their services, then this article may be a useful guide in order to do that properly. Follow the steps presented in the article below and you will save time and money when you cancel your HSBC card, account or appointment.


  • Visit the main HSBC website
  • Search online for the HSBC cancelling number
  • Review the HSBC cancellation terms and conditions
  • Contact the cancellation number
  • Call the HSBC customer service contact number 0345 600 7010

You will find in this HSBC article a multi-step guide created for you in order to cancel your HSBC account or credit card. You will find screenshots and animated images from the HSBC website to show you clearly the steps in order to cancel your account or an HSBC service or product. If you want to find more about the HSBC service, please visit the HSBC Contact Numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter the main HSBC Website

HSBC Main Website
The best source of information you can find about how to cancel HSBC services is to enter the main website

  • First, visit the main HSBC website
  • Prepare a payment method to pay cancellation fees
  • Know what kind of HSBC service you want to cancel

Step 2 – Read the HSBC Cancellation Policy

HSBC Cancel Policies

When you decide to search for information about cancelling policies for HSBC products and services you have to visit the contact and support pages on their website. You will be able to find answers to your questions about how to cancel a standing order, how to close your HSBC account, how to cancel a lost or stolen card or how to cancel a direct debit.

Step 3 – How to Cancel HSBC

How to cancel HSBC

How to Cancel HSBC Credit Card

To find useful information about different services about your HSBC credit card, you have to visit the HSBC card support page of their website. ?You will find information on how to activate the new card, how to replace the card, what to do if you lost or your credit card was stolen, how to use your card or information about credit card repayments. If your credit card was damaged you need to contact the customer service to ask for a replacement.
How to cancel HSBC credit card

When a credit card is nearing expiry, a new replacement credit card will be automatically issued. If you haven’t received your card and the expiry month has passed, you need to contact the HSBC Lost and Stolen customer service. If your credit card was lost or stolen you need to call the HSBC emergency telephone line 0345 600 7010 as soon as you realise that your credit card has been lost or stolen.

How to Cancel HSBC Direct Debit

How to Cancel HSBC Direct Debit

HSBC Direct Debits are convenient ways for you to make sure your payments are made in time. You can cancel your HSBC direct debit at any time using the online banking option. First, you need to log on, and then select the account you have been using making the direct debit payments. The next step is to select the Manage button, then Direct Debits. Check once again the account you want to cancel the future payments, then select show details then select the Cancel Direct Debit button. You will see a verification screen and you will have to select once again the Cancel Direct Debit button in red when you are ready to confirm the cancellation. You will see a confirmation screen and that’s all, you have now cancelled your HSBC Direct Debit.

How to Cancel HSBC Life Insurance

How to Cancel HSBC Life Insurance
When you need to make a claim for your HSBC Life Insurance you have to contact the helpline number at the end of this article. You can call for Life, Income Cover and Critical Illness claims where the support team will assist you in your situation. The same situation applies when you want to amend or cancel your policy, just call the support number and cancel your HSBC life insurance policy. When you make a claim you will need to have at hand the policyholder’s name and policy number if possible.

How to Cancel HSBC Account

How to Cancel HSBC account
When you want to cancel or close your HSBC account you need to know that you can close an individual account, meaning that if you have more account, you can close one but keep the other active and closing all accounts, meaning that you will be closing all your HSBC accounts. To close an HSBC account you need to have a zero balance. If your account is overdrawn or in credit, you will have to get it to zero balance.

You will not pay any fees if you close your accounts via the Current Account Switch Service or when transferring to another ISA provider. You can close your account in several ways, you can do it by Secure E-Message, in a Branch or by Telephone. If you decide to close it at a branch, you have to download the account closure form, to complete it and take it with you. Alternatively, you can send the HSBC account closure form by post to the Post Account Closure Team.

Step 4 – Contact HSBC Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

It is not so difficult to cancel your HSBC credit card, your HSBC life insurance policy, HSBC direct debit or even your HSBC account online. It will only take a few steps and some clicks of the buttons and you are ready to go. But if you can’t handle it by yourself and it seems too difficult for you, then you should contact the HSBC phone number 0345 600 7010 where a professional member of the customer service will answer all your questions regarding the cancellation of an HSBC product or service!

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