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Iceland Head Office Address, Phone Numbers and CEO Email

iceland head office
  • Iceland head office can be reached for your service-related inquiries. You can talk to the Iceland customer service team and resolve your issue. You need to send a letter to Iceland head office Deeside address as follows:

 Iceland Foods Ltd, Second Avenue, Deeside Industrial Park, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 2NW

  • Iceland head office phone number facility can also be used if you want an instant answer to your question. You need to dial Iceland head office number 0124 483 0100. The call should be made between 8 AM-9 PM from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM-8 PM on Saturday and between 8 AM-6 PM on Sunday.
  • If you have general issues related to services provided by the Iceland customer service team or want to gather some information, you can use Iceland head office telephone number 0800 328 0800.
  • If you are having complaints with Iceland services, you can file a complaint through the contact support form given on this page. You can even file your complaint on phone using above mentioned Deeside Iceland head office number. If you want to file a complaint regarding any fraud, you can do this by sending an email at Iceland fraud email address [email protected].
  • If your complaint is not resolved properly or you are not satisfied with the response and you are not left with any other option, you can write your complaint to CEO at his email address which is [email protected].
  • The media-related information can be collected through email using Iceland media inquiries email address [email protected]. Your email will be taken seriously and responded as soon as possible.
  • If you are a new supplier and want to join Iceland for work purposes, you can do so by sending an email at [email protected]. It is not difficult to stick to Iceland. Just follow their simple procedure and you can get easy entry to Iceland.
  • Iceland head office Chester will give your money back if you are not happy with the product purchased from Iceland and you have informed them between 48 hours. The refund is available only if the product is at fault within 30 days of purchase. or further time period till 6 months they will replace your product and if 6 months exceed, some amount of money will be refunded. You can call on Iceland customer service number and know the details regarding their refund policy.
Head office Number Address Opening hours
Iceland head office address UK 0124 483 0100  Iceland Foods Ltd, Second Avenue, Deeside Industrial Park, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 2NW Monday 8 AM-9 PM

Tuesday 8 AM-9 PM

Wednesday 8 AM-9 PM

Thursday 8 AM-9 PM

Friday 8 AM-9 PM

Saturday 8 AM-8 PM

Sunday 8 AM-6 PM



10 thoughts on “Iceland Head Office Address, Phone Numbers and CEO Email

  1. Please pass this on to Iceland’s Board Of Directors
    I am writing to let you understand why the Scottish strawberries in my local Iceland store in Dundee, Scotland are not selling.

    No-one is buying them, so they are now being heavily discounted. I would suspect that they are now beginning to rot in their punnets on the shelves. I have good reason to believe that they will shortly have to be dumped. All this results in a loss of revenue for Iceland and its shareholders.

    Now for the reason this is happening. The high-quality strawberries in the punnets are grown on a farm in Perthshire, Scotland. However, there is a large, prominent Union Jack on the cellophane packaging, along with the words “British Strawberries”. Up until this year, and the UK government introduced their Union Jack branding policy, the strawberries were proudly labelled “Scottish Strawberries” and people in Scotland bought them. All of which resulted in a good income stream for Iceland.

    These strawberries are having to be discounted and the red discount price label is being deliberately stuck on over the part of the label which tells customers which local Scottish farm produced them.

    I would urge you and the Board Of Directors to reconsider the design of the packaging, and to put Saltires 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (the national flag of Scotland) and the words “Grown in Scotland” back on the strawberries and all the other Scottish-grown soft fruit, available in Iceland. Otherwise, Iceland will lose income it desperately needs in the face of competition from other supermarkets and small local retailers who are not frightened of their customers being proud of what their own country produces.

    It makes good economic sense to promote local produce in your stores. People will buy local produce = farmers and producers make money = Iceland makes money = shareholders are happy.

    Yours faithfully,

    Margaret Hayes

  2. Good morning, I shopped in Great Malvern Church Street branch on Thursday 29th July around 1 30pm. Only one assistant on the check out customers down the one aisle no social distance going on poor girl repeatedly rang for assistant but nobody came to help ,at one point she held her finger on the button continuously eventually after about 10 minutes someone came ,I found this disgusting as poor girl could of been in a situation feeling ill or even being attacked or robbed I did ask to speak to the manager Simon Busby but told he was unavailable . Regards S Mcmahon .

  3. Re your cleveleys branch.
    At most times when there is a queue of five to twelve customers which is often, there will only be one cashier and there is a reluctance to bring on extra staff. You are lucky, I have complained. Its the customers who do not complain and just walk away for ever.

  4. We came into your Paignton store on the 18th December we are regular customers and do a big shop !! We couldnt find certain items and saw The Manager talking to a member of staff we waited a while till they finished talking ( well that wasnt going to happen )!! as they were talking about there lives.. I butted in asked about a certain item and was told very abruptly havent got any couldnt find another item asked again and again very abrutley over there and pointed !.. Found them so very rude.. we went outside and put our shopping away and they were only stood outside still talking..The Manager walkes away and I asked the other one what the name of his manager was and he said cant tell you and watched us walk down the road with a another member of staff… Found this to be very rude and upsetting to be watched as we were not rude or didnt even answer back … Regards. Mr. N Bunday.

  5. I am writing from the City College Plymouth, Skills Development department.
    I run an employability course called “Work start” for students with additional needs such as mild to moderate learning or physical difficulties. The course is designed to help young people gain the employability skills and experience they need to find their first job. As part of the course, each student is required to take part in three seven-week work placements for three days a week from 9am until 2pm. We have found that the work experience aspect of the program is most useful for developing learners’ confidence, maturity, and workplace culture awareness. We liaise very closely with the employer to make sure that both the learner is matched to the job, and the employer is happy with the arrangements. Initially, myself and the learning support assistants set up the student in their placements, followed by regular visits to check on progress and offer professional help, advice, and guidance.
    I have identified your organisation as being one that implements fair and equal social policies, and would therefore like to ask if I could come in and discuss the possibility of offering a work experience placement opportunity for one of our students (supported by ourselves) within your business.
    The employers we currently work with testify that the benefit of offering supported employment opportunities helps to break down the barriers that people with learning difficulties face getting into work. This gratifying experience for the workforce brings diversity and enhances the reputation of the business both internally and with customers.

    I am also available to offer information, advice , guidance and staff training should you require.
    I have just this morning been into the City Centre shop where the manager Lawrence expressed an interest in supporting us but asked that I run it by the correct procedure at head office so I await your reply in anticipation

  6. Dear sir madam went to place an order on my Iceland account only to find someone else’s name and address on my account.a Mrs Valerie nicholls 78c great Litchfield 120 Bridgewater road,ha46lw.THIS IS NOT ME. PLEASE RECTIFY IT FOR ME .THANK YOU MRS V NICHOLLS PLYMOUTH ,PL4 9EL.

  7. I am writing to complain about substandard grocery delivered. to us.
    I ordered online and was devestated at the state of 3 items. Bananas were soft and brown, mushrooms were awful black colour and lettuce had brown spots and was soggy all these products were in awful state how anyone could have picked these for me in store puzzles me. If I was sorting I would shop as if they were mine.
    I have sent 2 emails to resolution centre but not received an answer.
    We like online shopping because we are pensioners and it helps us but can’t risk this anymore if we receive items in this state. All items have been thrown away but we did take photos for proof.
    . Order no was 236565247.
    Perhaps someone could get back to me please.
    Mrs Parish





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