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Icelandair UK Contact Numbers

The customers can ask any of their questions to the Icelandair customer relations department about the flight services, any flight disruptions, seating choice, about any damaged or lost baggage or about the Icelandair holidays or any other reason. The team is readily accessible over the phone at the Icelandair customer service telephone number UK +44 207 874 1000 here. The Icelandair customer service UK team members can also be contacted through the online contact forms for respective concern via the page or via the Icelandair customer service chat UK via this page and they will make sure to solve any your concerns at the earliest. The Icelandair contact hours are for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Icelandair customer service

Icelandair Departments

UK Contact Numbers

Icelandair Customer Support +44 207 874 1000
Icelandair Contact For Booking Assistance In Holiday Packages +44 207 874 0000
Icelandair Contact For Special Assistance Services + 800-779-2899
Icelandair Contact To Unsubscribe From Marketing Mails +1-800-223-5500

Icelandair UK Head Office Address

Any of the communication can be sent at the following Icelandair UK head office address. You should clearly mention all your contact details so that the Icelandair UK customer services can revert back as soon as possible ICELANDAIR, Adam House 2nd Floor, 1 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5HF

Icelandair UK Flight Status

The passengers can easily check all the information online about the Icelandair flights through the Icelandair UK flight status page.

Icelandair UK Seat Request

When you are making a booking through the website or via the Icelandair contact centre, you are also entitled to request the seat of your own choice. The request can be made online by filling the details via this page. In addition, the customers are also being offered to choose for the more legroom seats. Their prices differ according to seat type and route and you may check the same through this page. It is to be noted here that these seats are non-refundable and non-transferable. So, you can make the bookings for the more legroom seats easily through various ways-

  • While making the online booking via the web page
  • Via your travel agent while booking
  • Via online check in through the page
  • Through signing in your account via the page
  • At the check in desk
  • After the flight takes off, on board.

Icelandair UK Meal Order

The Icelandair UK offers a wide variety of best quality meal to its passengers. If you wish to choose the food which you would like to have on board, you can surely request the order online via the page using your last name and the booking reference number. But the order should be made at least 48 hours prior to your flight.

Icelandair UK Group Bookings

When you are planning for a trip for 10 or more to Iceland or North America, then you are required to submit all the details through the Icelandair UK group bookings page . If you are a travel agent, then should sign in to the travel agent portal for the quotes.

Icelandair Baggage Allowance UK

The customers can check the guidelines for the baggage allowance through this page. There are also listed some items which are not permitted in your baggage like infectious substances, explosives, flammable liquids and many more to add. You can check the entire list through this page.

Icelandair UK Lost Baggage Contact

If, in a situation, you baggage has been lost, delayed or damaged, you can send all the details via the page. You can also check the status of your baggage through World Tracer through this contact form.

Icelandair Holidays UK

  • For any questions about the Icelandair holidays, the customers can get in touch with the Icelandair customer relations team through an online contact form via the page and then the team will revert back within 24 hours. All the guidelines related to Iceland holidays bookings are listed via the page. If any of the members of your group has any medical disability, then you can make a request for any requirement before the confirmation of the booking by calling the Icelandair contact number UK +44 207 874 1000 here.
  • If you are making the bookings of Icelandair holidays through travel agents, then all the information is to be submitted to them. The bookings can also be done directly through Icelandair Holidays. The Icelandair holidays UK support team can be contacted either over the Icelandair phone number UK +44 207 874 1000 or online via the contact form.
  • Any correspondence can also be sent by mail at the following address ICELANDAIR, Adam House 2nd Floor, 1 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5HF If in case, you wish to retrieve your bookings, then you may enter the booking number and the first passenger’s last name through this page.
  • Still, if you have any questions related to the bookings, you may call the Icelandair UK contact telephone number +44 207 874 0000 here or contact online via the page. Icelandair contact for booking assistance

Icelandair Holidays UK Tours

To make the bookings for the Icelandair holidays UK tours, you are required to go through this page. If you have questions to discuss, you can send the details online via the form or you may call the Icelandair telephone UK +44 207 874 0000 here

Icelandair Agents Contact

The contact details including the telephone numbers of various Icelandair agents across the globe can be checked by visiting the page.

Icelandair UK Saga Club

To join the Icelandair UK saga club, you may register through the page and then you can enjoy many privileges and offers to be a member. When you book a flight through the web page, then you can sign in to your saga club account and earn saga points. Similarly, this goes with various other airlines like Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Finnair and others.

Icelandair UK Saga Shop

The Icelandair UK saga shop offers the travelers best collection of perfumes, accessories, sweets, jewellery, beauty products and much more. You can download the brochure to check all the details via the web page. The payments are accepted through debit and credit cards and the saga points and no cash.

Icelandair UK Special Services Requests

  • The customers with special requirements are given access to various Icelandair UK special services wheelchair service, portable oxygen concentrator (POC) systems, seeing-eye dogs for blind passengers etc. For any of the requests, you can either submit the details via the contact form or can call the Icelandair contact + 800-779-2899 here.
  • Travelling with pets– In case, if you need to travel with a pet; then the booking has to be done through the Icelandair reservation office near to your place. The customers can refer to all the related details by visiting the page. Only one service dog will be accepted to travel per flight and a two business day?s advance notification has to be submitted when you are travelling with a servcie dog. Emotional support and psychiatric assist dogs may also travel with the passengers with disability. For this, a qualified medical doctor has to fill in the form via the page and then this form to be sent via the Icelandair email [email protected]
  • Travelling with Children and Infants– you may refer to the guidelines related to your travel with children through the page. If there is any meal need for the infant which you wish to reserve, then you may do so while making the reservation or at least 24 hours before departure. You can inform the Icelandair UK customer service at the Icelandair help phone number UK +44 207 874 1000 here
  • Unaccompanied Minor Travel– if a child between 5 and 11 years of age is travelling alone, the confirmation has to be done in advance before travelling. An unaccompanied minor form has to be handy, which can be downloaded via the page. In order to make the bookings for the minor, you are required to call the Icelandair UK contact centre at the Icelandair reservations telephone number UK +44 207 874 1000 or via the Icelandair UK online chat through this page.

Icelandair UK Gift Certificates

The Icelandair UK gift certificates are valid for two years from the original date of purchase. You can buy the certificate online via this page. If you just wish to check the status of your certificate, then you may enter the certificate key in the page.

Icelandair UK Privacy Policy

  • You can check all the terms of the Icelandair UK privacy policy through this page. The users are generally sent the communications from time to time about the latest offers and updates. But if in case, you would like to stop these communications, you may call the Icelandair contact number +1-800-223-5500 here or submit the requests via the contact form via this page.
  • The customers can also request for a copy of the personal information which Icelandair holds for them in writing at the following address Data Protection Officer, Icelandair ehf. Reykjav?kurflugvelli, 101 Reykjav?k Iceland and if you wish to report a complaint in this regard, then you may do so at this address: The Icelandic Data Protection Authority, Rau?ar?rst?gur 10, 105 Reykjav?k, Iceland.

Icelandair UK Media Office

If you are a journalist and have any questions or requests, you can get in touch with the Icelandair UK media office team through an online contact form via the page and the team will then contact back as early as possible.

Icelandair UK Sponsorships

If you are looking for sponsorships from Icelandair in the areas of music, sports, charity or any other, the proposals have to be submitted online through this page.

Icelandair UK Advertising Options

The advertisers can send in their details online to discuss the various Icelandair UK advertising options for the growth of their business via the page.

Icelandair Careers UK

If you are interested in being a part of the Icelandair support group, then you may search and apply for the job vacancies via the Icelandair careers UK page. Any of the questions can be forwarded by email via the Icelandair email contact [email protected]

Icelandair UK Feedback

The customers are always encouraged to provide their feedback, opinions or suggestions about the services so as to make improvements in the future. You can contact the Icelandair customer service UK team either through social media like Facebook or Twitter accounts or online by filling in the details via the contact form via this page.

Icelandair Customer Complaints UK

For any problems or issues if you have faced during the holiday, you are required to get in touch with the respective supplier like your hotel immediately so that they can resolve the matter as soon as possible. In case, if the complaint is not resolved, then you may contact the Icelandair customer relations department within 28 days of your return. The details can be sent either online by filling in the contact form via the page or by post at the following address

Icelandair Holidays, Adam House, 2nd Floor, 1 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 5HF

Contact Icelandair through social media- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts

Icelandair is an international airline and the largest subsidiary of Icelandair Group and a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), AEA (Association of European Airlines) and FSF (Flight Safety Foundation). The Icelandair hub is located at Reykjavik/Keflavik international airport in Iceland. The airline flies to around 50 destinations in Europe and North America including cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Birmingham, Brussels, New York, Seattle, Toronto, Washington DC, Oslo, Stockholm and many more. The passengers can easily book the tickets on the website using major credit cards. Besides flight, fliers can also book for hotels, cars and vacation packages. The travel has been made really simpler and faster through the online tools to check- in, to see the route map, flight status or the schedule. The Icelandair UK customer service department is well trained and professional to provide assistance in any of the concern and the passengers can easily reach them through the Icelandair UK helpline number, online contact forms, via the social platforms.

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