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How To Cancel BBC Guide

BBC cancellation fees and refunds

How to Cancel BBC

BBC is a British broadcaster with headquarters in London, the largest broadcaster worldwide by the number of its employees, with more than 20,000 people in staff. It is a public service broadcaster and it is funded by the?licence fee paid annually, charged to all houses, companies and organisations in the UK. The fee is used for funding the BBC TV, Radio and online services and BBC World Service which cover?28 languages worldwide. BBC Worldwide Ltd is the commercial branch of BBC and sells services and programmes. If you are a BBC customer and you want to cancel your account or you want to cancel any of your BBC services, this article will help to do that easier online or by the phone. You will discover here important information on what type of action you need to take to cancel your BBC account.

  • Visit the main BBC website
  • Log in to your BBC account
  • Check the fees you need to pay for cancelling the BBC service
  • Contact BBC Customer Service 0370 010 0222

BBC Store

The information found on this article is a multi-step guide that will help you through the cancellation process with BBC service or product. With every step you’ll take, you will be able to understand important things you need to do in order to cancel your BBC services or BBC order, like what kind of fees you have to pay for cancellation and more. If you want to learn more about BBC services and products, please feel free to visit the BBC contact numbers page.

Step 1 ? Enter Main BBC Website

BBC Homepage

The most important source of information about cancelling the BBC products and services is the main BBC website.

  • First, enter the BBC website
  • You need to know what BBC service or product you want to cancel
  • Prepare a payment method in case you need to pay for BBC cancellation fees

Step 2 ? Review Cancellation Fees and Refunds

BBC cancellation fees and refunds

Enter the BBC Store and go to the help page, in the section Cancellation and Refunds?and find their answers to your questions.?If you have bought a wrong programme by mistake, you should not play or download that programme. You can request a cancellation if you are inside the 14 days from the original purchase and you have not watched that programme. You have to contact the Customer support team to receive a refund if you are eligible for that refund. If the payment has been cancelled, you will receive a refund on the same payment method you used when you made the payment in the first place.

The refund will take up to 3 to 5 days, and if the refund is not possible it may be a possibility to add the equivalent credit to your account in BBC store. You must contact the contact customer support if you are outside of those 14 days cancellation period to see if you can cancel your order.?If you don’t like a programme already purchased and you are inside in those 14 days cooling period of if you have changed your mind, you can cancel that purchase if you haven’t downloaded or watched that programme. Please contact the Customer support team to receive a refund to your transaction. If you already accessed that programme, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Step 3 – Cancel Your BBC Order

Cancel BBC order

If you are not happy with some programmes purchased from BBC Store you can cancel that order and receive a full refund if you are inside of the 14 days cooling period as long as the content purchased was not watched. If you watched that programme you will lose the right to cancel your order. In case you haven’t applied a promotion to your order, you can contact the Customer Support Team to do that for you. Once you are eligible for a cancellation, the support team will be happy to assist you in the refund process. This can take up to 5 days and if a refund is not possible, an equivalent credit will be added to your BBC store account.

If the content purchased is not as described by BBC store, you may cancel that order under the consumer protection law. If you want to cancel for that reason an order, you have to contact the customer support team. Send a letter to the BBC Store Customer Services team, 2nd Floor, Television Centre, 101 Wood Lane, London W12 7FA writing the reason for cancellation, date of order, your name and address, your email address, your signature and the date.

Step 4 ? Contact BBC Customer Service

You will discover that making a cancellation of a BBC order is simple over the internet. In fact, to change a BBC product or service you need to log into your account and with a few clicks, you will be able to cancel any BBC service you want. If don?t know how to do that cancellation online and you need to know how to cancel a BBC account, then you will need to contact BBC phone number 0370 010 0222. A customer team agent will be there to help you with any question?you may have about the cancellation!

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  1. This is Yoshihiro Mitani. I called to cancel the BBC licence. But I couldn’t communicate well in English. Now I am thinking about sending letter to them. We family of 4 are leaving to Japan on 26th March 2019. Therefore, we want to cansel the BBC license. I would appreciate it if they could sort it out. who should i call?.

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