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How to Cancel Comparethemarket

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How to Cancel Comparethemarket
Rate this company is the trading name of BISL Limited, an insurance intermediary company based in the United Kingdom. For a certain fee you can compare different type of products and services saving time and money in the same time because you could choose the best offer on the market for the respective service. With Comparethemarket you can get the best price for car insurance, home insurance, energy, pet insurance, bike insurance, choose the best credit card, apply for the finest loan, get your phone and broadband or even digital tv, buy life insurance or landlord insurance.

If you are already a Comparethemarket customer and you want to cancel your membership or subscription, this article will help how to do that easy and fast. Follow the steps presented below to proceed with your cancellation:

  • Visit the main Comparethemarket web site
  • Check the Help and Frequently Asked Questions to see the cancellation fees
  • Contact Comparethemarket Customer Service 0800 781 4022


The information presented in this article is like a step-by-step guide created for customers like you to easily understand how to cancel Comparethemarket products. With each step you will take you will learn what steps you need to take, how to access your Comparethemarket account and then how to cancel your account or services. If you need to find more about Comparethemarket, about their services and phone numbers, please visit the Comparethemarket contact numbers page.

Step 1 – Enter Main Website

Comparethemarket website

When you visit the main Comparethemarket website you will find the best source of information on how to cancel your Comparethemarket account or services.

  • First enter the main website
  • Make sure you know what type of service you want to cancel
  • Prepare a payment method for your cancellation

Step 2 – Review Comparethemarket Cancelling Options

Comparethemarket cancel conditions

Browsing the website will give you the opportunity to read the Privacy Policy where you will learn that if you want to delete any of your purchased quotes, you have to log in to your account, “My account” to be more precise, and then select the X button against each quotes you want to remove from your account.

Step 3 – Login to your Account

Comparethemarket login

Once you are on the website, locate “Your account” link on the top right side of each page and click on it. Then you will have to enter your credential as you can see in the picture above. Enter your email address and your password and click Sign in. Then if you want to find more about how to cancel your account or services that you already have purchased from this website, go to Help and Support section of the site and read the conditions of closing your account.

How to Cancel Comparethemarket Account

Comparethemarket close account

When you decide that you want to cancel and close your account, you need to know this is permanently. All your saved quotes and rewards history will be deleted. If you want to create another account at any time you can do that with the same email address. To close your account you need to contact Comparethemarket support team and ask for the cancellation. If this is not easy for you, at the end of this guide you will find the customer service where you will be able to do that by the phone.

How to Unsubscribe from

Comparethemarket Unsubscribe

When you want to stop communications from like mails inside your inbox, you need to go to contact preferences and update them according to your needs. If you want to do that right away, you have to click the unsubscribe. In case you have previously purchased through from one of their partners and you want to stop receiving communication from them also, you need to contact them directly.

How to Cancel Comparethemarket Home Insurance Policy

Comparethemarket home insurance
When you want to cancel your Home Insurance Policy purchased through you need to know that there are some cancellation fees involved. First of all you need to know when you want to cancel your home insurance policy that there is a 14 days cooling off period. During this period of time you can cancel your home insurance policy without any troubles and without paying any cancellation fees. Though, you will be charged even so an administration fee for cancelling your contract.

In case you are moving from your house this is a very good reason why you should cancel your home insurance policy. You will have to pay also an admin fee when you do that. Still if you want to keep your home insurance policy to your new home, you can do that without cancelling the first one. The administration fee you need to pay when you cancel a home insurance policy purchased through will vary from one insurance provider to another. If you want to cancel your policy without having to pay administration fees is to wait until your policy expires and then don’t renew it.

Comparethemarket Holiday Cancellation Insurance

Comparethemarket holiday cancellation insurance
When you plan a vacation obviously you need a holiday insurance. Sometimes circumstances will force you to cancel your plans and you will need this kind of insurance if you don’t want to lose the money paid for your holiday plans. Holiday Cancellation Insurance will cover a natural disaster, an accident or illness, a flood or fire at home or even if your destination becomes unsafe this insurance takes effect. If you have purchased this Holiday Cancellation Insurance and you are pretty sure and you want to go to your planned vacation, then you might think you want to cancel that insurance. You may cancel that insurance if you are in the 14 days cooling off period without having to pay any fees, but if the cancellation will be made after this period, you will have to pay administration fees.

Step 4 – Contact Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

In order to cancel your Comparethemarket account or quotes you just need to follow some steps and you are done. But if you can’t handle this Comparethemarket cancellation by yourself, you may contact the Comparethemarket phone number 0800 781 4022 and a member of the customer service team will assist you in case you want to go ahead with your cancellation!

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