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How to Cancel DWP

The DWP UK, also known as the Department for Work and Pensions is a Government Department responsible for pensions, welfare and child maintenance policy and it is the biggest public service department in the UK. DWP UK provides services to over 22 million customers, being a ministerial department and it’s supported by 13 public bodies and agencies. The Department for Work and Pensions is encouraging people to work, including the disabled people and those with ill health; provide decent incomes for people of pension age, provides value for money and reduce levels of fraud, understands and deal with the cause of poverty and reduce work-related serious injury and death.

The DWP UK priorities are to help people achieve financial independence by providing guidance and assistance for employment, increase saving for later life, deliver efficiently outstanding services for customers. The DWP UK services are provided in many ways, through The Pension Service, the Child Maintenance Service or the Jobcentre Plus. If you are a DWP UK customer and you want to cancel your account or someone else is trying to do that for you in the case of death, your or that person needs to read this article and follow the necessary steps:

  • Visit the? website
  • Read the help and frequently asked questions pages
  • Contact the DWP UK Customer Service?0345 604 3349


The information presented in the DWP UK article is acting like a multi-step guide that will help you in the process of cancellation of the benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions. With each step taken, you will be able to understand how to easily do it, to save time and money. If you want to find more about this department, please feel free to visit the DWP UK contact numbers page.

Step 1 – Enter Main DWP UK Website

DWP main website
The best source of information on how to cancel DWP UK benefits is to enter the main website.

  • First, enter the main DWP UK website
  • Be sure what kind of service or benefit you want to cancel from DWP
  • Be ready with a payment method in case you have to pay cancellation fees

Step 2 – Read the DWP UK Cancelling Situations

DWP UK Cancellation Conditions

There are different circumstances when DWP UK services may be cancelled. One situation is Bereavement allowance, when a person dies and the pension obviously has to stop or if the payment needs to transfer to a widow. Another situation is changing in circumstances for a benefit. Let’s take these situation step by step.

Bereavement Allowance – Cancel DWP UK Pension When a Person Dies

When a person dies, the pension received by that person has to be stopped. That’s why DWP UK has a service called “Tell Us Once” which is the service used by the relatives of the dead person. As a relative of a recent death person that received a pension from DWP UK, you need to register the death. You will then acknowledge if there is that service available in your area, you have to give your telephone number and you will receive a unique reference number to use the Tell Us Once service online or by phone.

You will need the following details of the person who dies:

  • the date of birth
  • the national insurance number
  • the driving licence number if available
  • the vehicle registration number if available
  • the passport number

You will also need information about:

  • any benefits and details, for example, State pension
  • any local council services they were getting(Blue Badge as an example)
  • the name and address of their next of kin
  • the name and address of the surviving civil partner or spouse
  • details of any public sector or armed forces pension schemes getting
  • the name and address and other contact details of the company or person dealing with their estate, administrator or executor

To give these details, you need permission from the executor, the next of kin, the administrator of anyone who is claiming benefits or entitlements of the person who died.

DWP UK tell us once

Once the DWP Tell Us Once service is notified, they will contact the Department for Work and Pensions(DWP UK) to cancel any benefits like the Income Support; they will contact also the HMRC to deal with the personal tax; will contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency also known as DVLA to cancel the driving licence of the dead person. Tell Us Once will also contact the Passport Office to cancel the British passport; the local council to cancel Housing Benefit, Blue Badge, Council Tax Benefit and to inform the council housing services to remove the person from the electoral register. They will also contact the public sector or armed forces pension schemes to stop any pension payments.

DWP Change of Circumstances

DWP Change of Circumstances

In the case of your circumstances will change while you are receiving any benefits, you need to inform the Department for Work and Pensions also known as DWP. You need to contact them also if you gave them incorrect information by mistake. The changes must be reported as soon as possible because if you continue to get benefits and you are not allowed to receive them, you will have to pay some of the money back and you can get also a ?50 fine. In case you do not deliberately report any changes, then you are committing benefit fraud.

Changes to Report to DWP UK

Changes to report to DWP
You will need to report changed to DWP UK in the case of any of these situations:

  • you move in with a partner or stop living with them
  • have a baby
  • you move house
  • stop working, get a new job or work different hours
  • start training or full-time education
  • rent out a room in your house
  • take a lodger
  • you go abroad for more than 8 weeks

DWP Carers Allowance Change of Circumstances

DWP Carer's Allowance Change of circumstances

You will have to report any changes in the Carer’s circumstances if you have applied for Carer’s Allowance or if you are claiming. These changed includes getting a job, taking a break for caring someone or stop being a carer. If the person you were caring has died, you will have to inform the Department for Work and Pensions.

You need to report changes in circumstances if you:

  • change, start or leave a job
  • start earning more than ?116 a week
  • stop being a carer
  • take a holiday or go into hospital
  • the person you care goes to holiday or into the hospital

When you report changes in circumstances of Carer’s Allowance you need the following:

  • National Insurance number
  • details of the person you are caring
  • details of the changes

Step 3 – Cancel DWP UK

DWP UK Cancel
When you want to Cancel DWP UK, you are dealing with two situations: report a change in circumstances for yourself or report a death of a person. To report the change in circumstances you need to access the Report Benefits Change Circumstances page? and start reporting the changes. If you have to report the death of a person, you need to go to the Tell Us Once page and start the report.

Step 4 – Contact The DWP UK Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

You will discover that cancelling DWP UK services(changes in circumstances or reporting a death) is not a difficult thing to do on their website. With just a few clicks you will be able to do exactly what you need on the DWP UK government website. But if you can’t do that by yourself, you can contact the DWP UK phone number 0345 604 3349 where the customer service team will provide assistance with any question you may have!

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  1. I have a court order for me to liaise with my son who lives in Southampton . Unfortunately, I do not have his address and, though the court obtained it from the DWP, they cannot give it to me, because it’s confidential information.
    Please advise as to the procedure that I need to follow to get his address.

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