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How to Cancel Ford

Ford Cancel account

Ford is an American multinational company founded by the famous Henry Ford in 1903 in Michigan, United States of America. The complete name is Ford Motor Company and the main activity is the sales of automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and also sell luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. In the United Kingdom, Ford is known as Ford of Britain and it started the business in 1909 with the registered offices in Brentwood, Essex.

It is the most worldwide respected and renowned vehicle brand for 34 and 45 consecutive years. If you are a Ford UK customer and you have a service that you want to cancel with them, you need to read this article to better understand how to do that properly in order to save time and money and follow some steps.

  • Visit
  • Know exactly what kind of Ford service you want to cancel
  • Check on the Ford website if there are some cancellation fees
  • Call Ford cancellation number 0203 564 4444

Ford UK

The information found in this article about Ford UK will be similar with a multi-step guide created for you in order to easily cancel Ford services. With every step you’ll take on the Ford cancellation guide, you will be presented useful information extracted from the Ford UK website so you can better understand how to cancel Ford products. However, if you have questions about this company, don’t hesitate to visit the Ford contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter Main Ford Website

Ford UK main website
The best source of information about cancelling Ford products and services is to visit their main website. At the end of this Ford cancellation guide, you will have the opportunity to cancel your Ford service by the phone, but in the meantime, you can save some time and money by cancelling a Ford product online.

  • Enter the Ford UK main website
  • Be informed about the cancellation costs of your Ford service or product
  • Prepare a payment method in the case you have to pay cancellation fees

Step 2 – Review Ford Cancellation Policy

When you are a Ford customer, you may have different products or services with them, besides the Ford car supposedly bought from Ford UK. This guide is created to help you understand how to cancel for example a Ford Service Booking; how to cancel a Ford finance agreement; to cancel a Ford insurance policy or even to learn how to cancel a Ford Test Drive.

Cancel Ford Finance Agreement

If you have a Ford Finance Agreement and you want to cancel it, you can do that within 14 days from the start of the finance agreement. You will have to notify Ford UK of your intention to withdraw from that finance agreement via the Ford service account online.

Cancel Ford Service Booking

If you have made a service booking for your car at one of Ford’s services, you can cancel it at any time by accessing Ford Service Appointments online. If you want to cancel that service booking you just have to enter your email and the access code provided to you when you made the service booking in the first place.

Cancel Ford Private Car Policy

If you want to cancel your Ford Private Car Policy, you can do that within 14 days of the date of receiving it. The policy will be cancelled from the date requested or the date of receiving your notification. If you are still within the 14 days cooling off period, you will receive the premium that you have not used, except the case where you had an accident. If you want to cancel your policy outside of the 14 days reflection period, you may receive a refund for the part of the premium you have not used.

How to Cancel Ford Extended Warranty

Ford UK provides New Cars and Used Cars Extended Warranties. This is necessary because over the time, some parts of your car will need replacement and you will have to pay a large bill, that is why Ford is offering you extended warranties for new and used vehicles. A new Ford car comes with a 3 year or 60,000 miles Ford Warranty so if you want to keep your car for three years you can be assured that you are cover for major problems, but if you intend to keep it for more years, you could purchase an extended warranty. With this warranty, you are protected for any damage to your car for the following parts: engine, transmission, catalytic converter, front and rear axle, steering, braking system, air conditioning, heating, audio systems, airbag and the entire electrical system. If however, you want to cancel this extended warranty, you may contact the customer service number at the end of this Ford cancellation guide.

Step 3 – Enter Ford My Account and Cancel a Ford Product or Service

Ford My Account Cancel product or service

If you already have an account at Ford UK and you want to cancel an active product or service, for example, you want to cancel a Ford service booking or you want to cancel the Ford Private Car Policy, just go to the My Ford service account page and enter your credentials: enter your email address and password and click Sign in to My Ford button. You will be taken then to your account where you have to locate the service or product you want to cancel. Once you locate that product, just click cancel.

Step 4 – Contact Ford Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

When you visit the Ford UK website you will learn that cancelling a Ford product or service is very easy, but there may be some costs involved in. You can cancel your Ford Finance Agreement, you can cancel your Ford test drive appointment, you can cancel your Ford service booking or even your Ford Private Car Policy. If you can’t make the cancellation by yourself, online on Ford’s website, then you need to contact the Ford phone number 0203 564 4444. At this telephone will answer a member of the customer support team that will help with all the details regarding your query!

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