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How to Cancel Flybe

Cancel Flybe outbound flight

Flybe is a British independent regional airline launched in 1979 and operating UK domestic flights, flying more than 7 million passengers every year on 218 routes at this moment, from 75 destinations in 9 countries, connecting big cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin, Amsterdam and Paris. Flybe operates 51 Bombardier Q400, 11 Embraer 175, 9 Embraer 195 and 5 ATR 72 aircraft and it’s the largest scheduled airline by air traffic movements. If you are a Flybe customer and you want to cancel your reservation or flight, this article will help you understand how to properly do that faster and better by following these steps:

  • Visit the main Flybe website
  • Find your Flybe ticket or reservation and enter the needed information for cancellation
  • Check to see if there are any Flybe cancellation fees
  • Call Flybe cancellation number 020 7308 0812.Flybe

The information from this article will act as a Flybe multi-step guide created for you in order to cancel Flybe flight booking easier. With each step you’ll take on this cancellation guide, you will read useful information so you can better understand how to cancel Flybe. If you have any questions about this company, don’t hesitate to visit the Flybe contact numbers page.

Step 1 – Enter Main Flybe Website

Flybe main website
The best source of information you will find for cancelling Flybe flight is to visit their main website. You will have the opportunity to cancel your Flybe reservation by the phone at the end of this guide. However, if you cancel Flybe reservation online you can save time and money.

  • Enter the main Flybe website
  • Have your Flybe booking ticket at hand
  • Prepare a payment method for any cancellation fees you may have to pay

Step 2 – Review Flybe Cancellation Policy

Review Flybe Cancellation Policy

Enter the Flybe customer help page and search for cancel solutions. You will see a lot of return results to that search. Let’s take each situation and discuss it.

Flybe Refund Cancelled Flight

Flybe is not able to provide a refund for your booking if you cancel your flight, with exception of refunds made in connection with disruption. In case you will not attend your flight, your return will be also cancelled. However, you can request a refund of your unused taxes if you don’t fly.

How to Cancel Flybe Flight

Flights booked with Flybe are non-refundable and it’s better to change the booking to meet your needs, rather than cancelling your flight and losing your money. If you want to amend your booking, select “Manage my?booking” and “View Booking” from the homepage.

Before you cancel your flight, you may think better to re-use the flight at a later date so you can’t loose your money. If you want to do that you need to contact the Customer Service. You will be able to cancel an individual flight, meaning that you can cancel the outbound flight and keep the return flight valid. In the case of cancelling your flight, you may able to request a refund of unused taxes.

Flybe Cancelling forms

In case you cancel your Flybe flight and you have a travel insurance valid, you need to contact your travel insurance provider to request a refund. To request a refund for your travel insurance policy, you will have to provide them cancelling confirmation for information purposes. These forms are free of charge and need to be completed by the customers, then sent to Flybe and then you will receive them back completed. There are two types of insurance form: Booking cancellation and flight disruption. You may download Flybe Insurance Claim Form for Booking Cancellation and Flybe Insurance Claim Form for Flight Disruption.

Cancel Flybe Baggage, Seats or Travel Insurance

Cancel Flybe Baggage, Seats or Travel Insurance
In case you don’t want any seat assignment or extra baggage, there is no need to cancel them from your booking because there will be no refund. In case you purchased travel insurance with Flybe and you don’t want it anymore, you can cancel it and receive a refund if you do it within the 14 days cooling off period, as long as you have not used your ticket. Your Flybe Travel Insurance will be cancelled when you contact the Travel Insurance team by telephone or by email.

Flybe Change Booking

Flybe Change Booking

You will be able to change details of your Flybe flight in many ways, these include the date of the flight, the name on the ticket or the baggage allowance. To make the changes to your flight if you made the booking through a third party, you need to contact them in order to operate the changes. Making changes to the booking is not free, that why you need to consult the fees before doing that.

Flybe Ticket Changes Fees

Just Fly passengers on Flybe UK, Stobart Air and Blue Islands operated flights:

Bookings made via

Date and time changes GBP 40.00
Route changes GBP 40.00
Name Changes Call Contact Centre

Bookings made via Contact Centre

Date and time changes GBP 45.00
Route changes GBP 45.00
Name Changes GBP 50.00

Bookings made via Airport

Date and time changes GBP 45.00
Route changes GBP 45.00
Name Changes GBP 50.00

Just Fly passengers on Loganair operated flights:

Date and time changes GBP 40.00
Route changes GBP 40.00
Name Changes Call Contact Centre

Step 3 – Cancel Flybe booking

Flybe Cancel booking

As you could read in the article, there is no need to cancel your entire booking because you will not receive a refund, but if you want to keep your return flight still valid you have to let Flybe know of this situation, because otherwise when you cancel the outbound flight, if you don’t specify, the return flight will be cancelled also.
Cancel outbound flight, keep the return valid

To cancel the outbound flight but at the same time to keep the return flight valid, go to?the Flybe cancellations terms page and click the Phone button as you can see in the picture above and contact the customer service or at the and of the guide, you will receive the customer service phone number where you can call to do that.

Step 4 – Contact Flybe Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

When you visit the Flybe website you will discover that you can not get a refund if you cancel your Flybe reservation or booking, but you can make amendments to your flight by changing your name, or the date of your flight. There is the possibility to keep the return flight still valid if you cancel the outbound flight. For this reason and for many other reasons, you may contact the Flybe phone number 0371 700 2000 where a helpful team of agents will answer all your queries!

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