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How to Cancel Esure Guide

Esure UK is a British insurance company based in Reigate, Surrey, England with offices in Glasgow and Manchester. Esure was founded in 2000 and became one of the fastest-selling insurances in the UK, focusing on offering car insurance to women, but also covering the men. It offers a different kind of insurance products such as motor insurance, travel insurance or home insurance. One other focus of the company besides the car insurance for women is also to have as many low-risk customers as possible, offering cheaper premiums for customers that have no claim bonuses for their car insurance products.

If you are an Esure UK customer and you want to cancel your insurance or your account with them, reading this article will help you to better understand how to cancel Esure faster and without high costs. Follow the guide presented in this article and take the necessary steps:

  • Visit the main Esure UK website
  • Check the cancellation policy for each type of insurance you need to cancel
  • See if you have to pay any cancellation fees for your insurance policy
  • Contact Esure UK Customer Service?0345 045 1000

The information presented in this?article will act as a multi-step guide created in order to help you cancel your Esure Insurance policy. With each step you’ll take, you will understand how to do it properly. If you have further questions about Esure UK, you may visit the Esure?UK contact numbers page.

Esure UK

Step 1 – Enter Esure UK Main Website

Esure UK main website

When you enter the main website you will surely find useful information on how to cancel Esure UK insurance policy or account you may have with them. If you want to cancel your car insurance, multi car insurance, or travel insurance, this guide will help you in the cancellation process. However, if you find this difficult and can not do this by yourself, at the end of this guide you will be able to contact the Esure UK customer service team and you will have the opportunity to cancel your Esure insurance by the phone. Esure website is very professional and you will find here all source of information needed on how to get an insurance and also how to cancel it if needed. Follow the next steps and you will have a positive experience when you want to cancel your Esure UK insurance.

  • Enter?
  • Be ready to pay some cancellation fees and prepare a payment method
  • Know exactly what type of product you want to cancel

Step 2 – Review Esure UK Cancellation Policy

Esure UK Cancellation Policy

When you want to cancel your Esure UK insurance you have to visit first the Esure?cancel policy page where you can find more details about it. You will learn that you can receive a refund for the outstanding time left on your policy or you will have to pay additional fees including the cancellation fees, any temporary cover or other administration fees. The refunds will be paid usually in 3-5 working days up to 10 working days.

Cancel Esure UK Car Insurance

Cancel Esure UK Car Insurance

If you visit the Esure Car Insurance administration fees page, you will see the effective fees that you will have to pay if you want to cancel your Esure UK car insurance.

Cancel car insurance fees

during the 14 days cooling off period?26.00
in the first period of cover?55.00
in subsequent periods of cover ?35.00
changes relating to your policy?26.00
changes relating to payment details?26.00

Cancel Esure UK Home Insurance

Cancel Esure Uk Home Insurance fees
Visiting the Esure UK Home Insurance administration fees page, you can see the fees that you’ll have to pay in order to cancel your Esure Home insurance.

Cancel Home Insurance Fees

during the 14 days cooling off period?20
during your first period of cover?55
in subsequent periods of cover?35
changing your policy details where there is a change in premium?20

There are cancellation fees and administration fees when you cancel your Esure UK Home insurance policy or make changes to it. The fees are updated on a regular basis so these fees may change in the future. You have the right to cancel your policy within the 14 days cooling period at no charge.

Esure UK Car Insurance Policy Refund

If a refund is due when you cancel your Esure car insurance policy, you will receive the refund in 7-10 working days if you have paid your policy by Direct DEbit and in 3-5 working days if you paid your Esure Car insurance policy by card.

Esure UK Home Insurance Policy Refund

When you cancel your Esure Home Insurance Policy and a refund is due, it will be released in 7-10 working days for polices paid with Direct Debit and 3-5 days for policies paid with the card.

Cancel Esure Travel Insurance

If you are not satisfied with your Esure travel insurance policy, you can cancel it inside the 14 days cooling off period, from the date you receive the documents or from the renewal date if you are already a customer. You will receive the premium you have paid if you haven’t made any claim under your policy. If you want to cancel the policy at other time, your premium will not be refunded. To cancel your travel insurance policy, call the Esure travel insurance phone number, a number that you will find at the end of this guide.

Step 3 – Cancel Esure UK Insurance Policy

Cancel Esure UK policy

  • Go to the cancellation policy page and read again the cancellation conditions
  • Click the Continue button located at the right bottom of the page
  • Enter your details such as name, address, policy number and reason for cancellation
  • Click Submit and you are done

Step 4 ? Contact Esure UK Insurance Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

If you can’t follow the steps presented in this guide and you are not able to cancel Esure UK by yourself, you will be able to do the cancellation by the phone with the help from the Esure staff. Just contact the Esure UK Insurance phone number 0345 045 1000 where you will be prompted by a member of the customer service team helping you through the cancellation process!

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  1. Twice now I have been told If I cancel my car insurance with Esure, then I must pay the remainder 10 months left in full as I’ve not long renewed. People tell me I just need to pay the month’s cancellation fee of ?35 and NOT the next 10 months to buy my contract out which is what Esure are stating I have to do. I don’t wish to use them anymore they are far from the cheapest comparison and I just want out!!! I will seek legal advice if Esure keep lieing about my Rights as a customer. Not happy at all.

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