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How to Cancel Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes account cancel

Ladbrokes is a British gambling company based in London, founded in 1886 with a total number of employees of 16,685 in 2016 and a Net Income of ?204.3 million. If you are a Ladbrokes customer and you want to cancel your account, please read this article and you will be able to understand how to properly cancel it in order to save time and money. If you are a customer from abroad you will be able to understand why you can’t bet from certain countries, or how can you close your account if you are not able to access the site anymore due to your country restrictions. To proceed with the cancellation of your Ladbrokes account you need to follow some steps.

  • Visit the Ladbrokes website
  • Log in to your Ladbrokes online account
  • Check the help pages for cancellation fees info
  • Contact Ladbrokes Customer Service free number 0800 777 888

This article about the cancellation of a Ladbrokes account is created like a multi-step guide in order to help customers like you to properly understand the canceling process so you can save time and money. If you can’t handle this Ladbrokes cancellation online and you need help, at the end of this guide article you will find the Ladbrokes contact number and you can make the cancellation of your account by the phone. If you want to find more about this company, please visit the Ladbrokes contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter the main Ladbrokes Website

Ladbrokes Homepage
When you visit the main Ladbrokes website you will have the possibility to discover the best source of information on how to cancel your account. You can browse the Frequently Asked Questions and Help pages to find more info on the Ladbrokes cancellation process but if you can’t do that for various reasons, simply follow the steps below:

  • Enter the main Ladbrokes website
  • Make sure you know what type of Ladbrokes product you want to cancel
  • Have ready a payment method you need in case of cancellation fees

Step 2 ? Review Ladbrokes Cancellation Conditions

ladbrokes cancel account

If you need to know how you can cancel your Ladbrokes account you will be able to visit the Help pages and FAQ pages where you will learn how to close your entire account, how to cancel a bet, how to cancel a Ladbrokes pending withdrawal or how to remove your card details from Ladbrokes.

How to Cancel Ladbrokes Pending Withdrawal

How to cancel a Ladbrokes pending withdrawal
You can ask for a withdrawal whenever you have won a bet or you have money in your account that you want to get them back to your bank or e-wallet account. Until the payment withdrawal is processed it will stay in pending status; while it is in pending status you can change your mind and cancel the withdrawal. If the withdrawal is not in pending status anymore you can not cancel it; withdrawals are held between 6 hours and up to 24 hours. To cancel a pending withdrawal you have to check the Pending Withdrawal tab inside your account and click on it, if you can’t do that online by yourself, you can contact the Ladbrokes customer service number at the end of this guide.

How to Cancel a Ladbrokes Bet

Ladbrokes cancel bet
At Ladbrokes you can bet on different sports, you can bet on football, on basketball, baseball, handball or even on horses; what is very important to know is once a bet is placed and you have received the confirmation that your bet was accepted, there is no possibility to cancel the bet. If you want more information about how to cancel a Ladbrokes bet you can get in touch with the customer support department by the phone at the end of this guide.

How to Remove a Card from Ladbrokes

Remove Card from Ladbrokes account
In order to remove a card from Ladbrokes system, you have to add one in the first place. To add a credit card to your Ladbrokes account you simply have to go to My account and click on the Banking tab, then on the Deposit tab, click Add new credit or debit card and the details will be stored on your account. If you want to remove that card at a later time, you just need the same steps, only now you have to click the Remove tab when you see the card you want to cancel. The same procedure is available when you have added a maximum of ten payment methods and you need to remove one by clicking the Remove link and then you will be able to register your new payment method.

How to Unsubscribe from Ladbrokes Communications

Ladbrokes unsubscribe from communication
If you have subscribed for Ladbrokes communications and you no longer want to receive it you can opt out at any time. When you wish no longer to receive offers, promotion and information on events from Ladbrokes by email you can request to be made uncontactable by getting in touch with the Ladbrokes Customer Service department at the end of this guide. When contacting them about this type of enquiry you will have to provide your full name, account number, the way Ladbrokes contacted you, the email they contacted you on, the date and a copy of the message if possible.

Step 3 ? Cancel Ladbrokes Account

Ladbrokes account cancel
When you want to cancel your Ladbrokes account for good, you just have to log in to your online account by entering your username and password as you can see in the image above. Once you are logged in, find your payment details and remove first any credit cards you have on file with them; once you have done that, search for the cancel/close account and click on it. However, if you can’t do that by yourself, read the paragraph below and get in touch with the customer service to close your account by the phone.

Step 4 ? Contact Ladbrokes Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

To cancel Ladbrokes account online is not a difficult task as it may appear to be in the first place; You can even cancel a Ladbrokes account easily or you can cancel an email subscription. But if you can?t handle the cancellation of these services by yourself and it is too complicated to do it online, you can make the cancellation by the telephone. To cancel your Ladbrokes account, simply get in touch with the Ladbrokes free phone number 0800 777 888 where a member of the customer support team will help you with the cancellation!

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