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How to Cancel On the Beach

On the Beach Cancellation

On the Beach is a British travel retailer selling holidays to Europe mainly on their website to more than one million customers per year. On the Beach offers not only holidays but also flight tickets and hotel accommodation from different suppliers giving you the opportunity to choose the cheapest holidays with the peace of mind of a financial protection; this company operates as a third party between you and the travel agencies selecting the best prices your money can buy. If you are a customer of On the Beach and you have purchased a holiday through them and you need to cancel it, reading this article will help you to understand how to do it properly to save money and time. Follow the steps presented in this piece of information in order to cancel your holiday, booking or flight booking made through this company.

  • First, visit the main On the Beach website
  • Log into your OntheBeach account
  • Check the help pages for cancellation fees information
  • Contact On the Beach Customer Service 0371 474 3000

On the Beach

This article is a step-by-step guide written for you as a customer in order to help you to understand better what to do if you want to cancel your On the Beach reservation. With each step you’ll take, important information will be revealed and you will be able to learn how to have a positive experience when making a cancellation of an On the Beach reservation. If you want to find more about this company, please visit the On the Beach Contact Numbers Page on our website.

Step 1 ? Enter On the Beach Main Website

OntheBeach holiday
When you visit the main On the Beach website you will find the best source of information on how to cancel a reservation made through their website and the necessary steps you need to take, but if you can’t find this information you can read this article and you will be able to understand how to do it. You will be able to make the cancellation by the phone at the end of this guide by calling the On the Beach customer service number, but before doing that you could try it online to save time and money.

  • Enter the main On the Beach website
  • Make sure what kind of booking, holiday or flight you need to cancel
  • Prepare a payment method, a credit card usually to pay the cancellation fees if any

Step 2 ? On the Beach Cancellation Conditions and Fees

On the Beach cancellation conditions

On the Beach Cancel Holiday, Flight Booking

When you make a reservation for a holiday On the Beach website you will get instant availability for different holiday options and also for the airlines. While the availability takes place in just a few seconds and the reservation in just a few minutes, when making the cancellation it takes a little more time. This is because for each travel agency On the Beach are working with there are different cancellation policies. The airline tickets are paid upfront in full so most of the flights are not refundable and when you want to make a cancellation of a holiday you need to know that you can lose this money.

On the Beach Cancel Hotel Accommodation

On the Beach holidays
When you cancel a hotel booking it is a little different because most of the locations will allow cancellation before of a month of travel so in the event of a cancellation On the Beach will do whatever possible to recover as much money as possible for their customers. For each hotel, the policies are different so you need to check it individually when making the cancellation of a room accommodation you have made through On the Beach website. If you can’t do that by yourself, please contact On the Beach customer service team by phone at the end of this guide.

Change On the Beach Booking

On the beach my booking
If you want to make a change to a booking you have made On the Beach website you will have to pay some fees, especially when you need to make changes to your flight, like the name and dates of departure or arrival and these changes can be very expensive in terms of fees. So in order to avoid these high charges is better to check very carefully when you make the reservation before submitting your final decision. If you still want to make changes to your booking knowing in the same time that you will have to pay changing fees, please access the My Booking section on their website and you can get a quote on the changing. If you still can’t do it online, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer service team at the end of this guide.

Cancel On the Beach Transfer Booking

Onthebeach cancel transfers
With On the Beach, you can book not only holidays, flights and rooms but also low-cost airport transfers. You can choose from reliable shuttles to taxis to get a cheap airport transfer to many of your favourite holiday destinations. While the prices when making the booking are very good when you want to make a cancellation of a Transfer Booking things could be a little more complicated. This is due to the fact that you need to contact the supplier of the transfer to check the relevant terms and conditions and charges involved in the cancellation. Normally all payments that are made for transfer bookings are not refundable, but you can check the policy with each of the suppliers.

Step 3 ? Enter On the Beach My Account and Cancel Booking

On the Beach Cancel booking
When you visit the On the Beach website you will be able to access your booking by clicking the My Bookings link at the top of the page. After entering your login credentials as you can see in the animated picture above, you will be able to access your bookings; for each type of booking, holiday, flight or room you will be able to make a cancellation by clicking first on it and then cancel it if possible. If the cancellation is not possible and you need to find more about it, please contact the customer service at the end of this guide by the telephone.

Step 4 ? Contact On the Beach Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

When you make an online cancellation for a holiday, a flight, a room or an airport transfer On the Beach website you will find that this is not a difficult task. It is very easy to log in to your On the Beach account and then to locate your bookings and cancel them when possible. However, if you can’t do that online because it is not possible, please contact the On the Beach phone number 0371 474 3000 where a member of the support service team will be there to answer all your queries and guide you through the cancellation process!

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  1. have just cancelled holidays with sunshine holidays
    ans was told we would still have to pay for transfers with holiday taxis we are still going to Kos on the dates given but not going to kefalos wear going to kardemena please advise me on the help you can give me. regards

  2. On the beach I made a booking with them 36 hours ago and then reliszed I made a mistake called them and explained the situation and tried to cancel the holiday they said i had to pay flights and transfers .I paid 559 deposit which I’ve lost but explain I had made a genuine mistake and told them i had to claim unerisal credit and miscalculated money.i sent them email within 48hrs.explained situation I offered a repayment on a monthly basic of 50 pounds on a 2000 .dbept..accurdly to what I was getting they have refused. And no payment no cancellation of hoilday. I have not got that kind of money and told that it was a mistake. I have asked them to reconsider but they were not helpful I haven’t the money and tried to resolve the situation

  3. I have booked a holiday with guys and I no longer can go due to me broken my arm and I just wanted to know how do I go about it x I would also like to know if I can get all my money back

  4. I have had a holiday cancelled due to Thomas cook flight no longer available .l was told l would have a 75 pound voucher ,where do l get the voucher from to use on another holiday.can l use it on any on the beach holiday. Thanks .

  5. I have had a booking refund approved and my confirmation email tells me to collect the refund by telling me to go to my bookings, when I do this the page says “oh sorry you have no bookings ” .

  6. I booked a holiday with on the beach 24 hours ago but realised I put the wrong date on I booked for the 22/3/2020 instead is 21/3 2020 what can I do will I be charged for this

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