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How to Cancel Opodo


Opodo UK is an online travel agency providing flights, hotels, rentals, transfers and holiday deals all over the world. Opodo was launched first in Germany in 2001 and in the UK the website has come to life in 2002; it has also different versions for countries like France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and others. In 2016 Opodo has won the British Travel Awards being the ?Best Flight Booking Website?, voted by more than 300,000 customers in the UK. If you happen to be an Opodo UK customer and you want to cancel a flight, a holiday package, a hotel reservation or even a transfer from the airport, you can read this online article and you can get help in understanding how to make the cancellation easier and faster. To do that, please follow the steps presented in the Opodo guide below.

  • First enter the main Opodo UK website
  • Log in to your Opodo account
  • Browse the frequently asked question and help pages to see cancellation fees
  • Contact Opodo Free Number?0800 368 3866


This Opodo UK article is like a step-by-step guide created for customers like yourself in order to be able to see how to make a cancellation by the book for a holiday, a hotel reservation or a flight or any other travel service provide by Opodo UK. You will be able to see important information selected from their website along with screenshots explaining in images how to take the necessary steps. If you want to find more about this online company, please don’t hesitate to visit the Opodo UK Contact Numbers Page on our website.

Step 1 ? Enter Opodo UK Main Website

Main Opodo website
Visiting the main Opodo UK website you will be able to find the best source of information about how to make the cancellation of an Opodo product or service. However, if you read this article will give you a better image of what to do in a faster way because the information is written in a way where you can understand and see the necessary steps you have to take in order to save time and money. If you want to contact Opodo UK customer service, you can do that by email, online or by phone at the end of this guide.

  • Enter the main Opodo UK website
  • Prepare a credit card or another payment method to pay for cancellation fees
  • Make sure you know exactly what type of service from Opodo you need to cancel

Step 2 ? Review Opodo UK Cancellation Conditions

Opodo Cancellation Conditions
Visiting the Help pages and the Frequently Asked Questions pages of the Opodo UK website, you will be able to understand how to cancel an Opodo flight, a ticket, a reservation, an Opodo booking request or how to request a flight refund.

How to Cancel Opodo Flight

Cancel Opodo Flights
If you want to cancel your Opodo flight you need to know first of all that not always it’s going to be possible to receive a refund, this will depend on your type of ticket and on the terms and conditions at the time of the purchase. However, the refund type will vary from an airline to another and some airlines will apply a cancellation fee. In the case that your ticket is a refundable one, Opodo will refund you all the money if you have opted for a Standard or Premium Option while you made the booking, if you haven’t do that you will have to pay a??25 administration fee for every passenger.

Opodo Flight DealsThe cancellation of a flight booked through Opodo can be made only for British Airlines, Air France and American Airlines, for low-cost airlines, you have to contact the airline directly. If you want to cancel a flight, please get in touch with the Opodo Cancellation Service number at the end of this guide.

How to Cancel Opodo Flight and Hotel Booking

If you made a reservation for a flight + a hotel room at the same time and you can’t travel, you will have to cancel both bookings. When you cancel your hotel booking made through Opodo you need to know that all hotels bookings can be cancelled, but not all the time you will be able to receive a refund, this will depend on the type of room booked. The cancellation fees will depend for each hotel and you may be charged a penalty for the cancellation and it is recommended to cancel your booking before arriving to your hotel.
Opodo Flight Hotel
When you need to cancel the flight you need to contact Opodo as soon as you decide to cancel your trip; sometimes is not possible to get a refund and also you have to know that you will have to pay a ?25 fee per ticket for handling your cancellation.

How to Cancel Opodo Holiday

Cancel Opodo Holiday
When you want to cancel your Opodo package holiday you need to know that this is not possible once you have read and agreed the Opodo Terms and Conditions. If you need to know more about this, please get in touch with Opodo customer service department at the end of this guide.

Step 3 ? Enter Your Opodo Account and Cancel Bookings

Opodo My account Login

If you want to cancel an Opodo flight, a hotel reservation or an Opodo holiday you can do that online or by the phone. When you choose to do that online, first you need to enter your login credentials as you can see in the picture above. Once you are inside your Opodo account you will see there your trips, your stored travellers and your account details. If you click My trips link you will be able to see your Upcoming trips and if you can’t see your booking, you have below three sections: Hotel Booking, Car rental Booking or Transfer Bookings. Click on each one you want to cancel and enter the booking information to make the cancellation.

Step 4 ? Contact Opodo Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

As you can see it is not a very difficult task to make an Opodo cancellation for a flight, a hotel booking or even a transfer. You just have to login to your account and locate the booking you want to cancel and click on it. If you find this complicated, you can get in touch with Opodo free contact number 0800 368 3866 and a member of the cancellation team will assist you to do that fast and easy.

12 thoughts on “How to Cancel Opodo

  1. Booked on 22/06/2018 a flight to Ams/lon reference wrong date, informed Opodo but till today no answers. A 77.99 was paid, a correction was ask, a refund (later was asked for) BUT No answers at all Booked new flight but still wait for Opodo to respond.

  2. book a Norwegian flight on the 9th of October with opodo make a mistake with my return date immediately cancel as Norwegian has a policy of free cancellation. doe booking within four hours. flight cancel and offer total refund by Norwegian. but opodo still charge me for the flight and make me call 20 times and still waiting for a solution. indefinably worth using this company to save a few pounds. they are good at taking people’s quickly. I will use them again!

  3. I have cancelled my flight and I haven?t got my refund and for some reason I have an email stating that my flight tomorrow is confirmed etc.

    I have an email confirmation cancelling the flight within the time limit and Exocet a full refund. Can someone please look into this ASAP and let me know.

  4. Hi! I am Eric Okang’a, from Nairobi Kenya. I booked for a flight yesterday from Nairobi to Hiroshima on 29th July 2019, and coming back on 6th July 2019. The embassy has infomed me that my visa will be ready on 31st July 2019. Kindly am requesting for changes in departure from Nairobi to Hiroshima on 31st July 2019 evening. But let the coming back from Hiroshima on remain the same. My Reference?. I have been trying to call from yesterday and Thanks much to opodo

  5. My husband booked a surprise ticket to Paris for me earlier this year. He meant to book it for October 19th, but made a mistake and ticked November 19th on the onscreen calendar instead. When we realised this we thought it would be a simple matter to rectify but trying to get Opodo to help proved impossible for us. We gave up and bought another ticket for the correct date so that I could join a family reunion. I will never use Opodo again. Long waits on the phone, being cut off, being bounced around call centers proved too stressful and time consuming. Maybe that is the game plan. They gained £ and lost customers.

    I bought cancellation insurance through Opodo which turned out to be s complete scam. Not have they not paid me, they do not respond to emails – even when marked as a formal complaint which under FCS rules they must respond to, offer no assistance when phoned, and do not ring back

  7. Hard Travel Agent I have EVER booked with.

    I booked a flight via Opodo for TUI flights. TUI refunded the cost of the flights but the refund was made to Opodo who have refused to refund me even after over 15 calls and hours on the phone to their numerous useless ‘customer service’ representatives. Each person says a completely different thing. I was told to send an email to show proof that TUI had refunded the flights to Opodo. Once I done that, they said they didn’t receive the email. Once they FINALLY confirmed they received the email, they told me I would have to wait until they contact TUI to confirm this.

    Any excuse to avoid paying me back! Opodo is by FAR, the WORST company I have ever dealt with. Rude ‘customer service’ representatives (based in India) who have limited training and will try every trick in the book to avoid paying back customers – I will be going through my bank to obtain my refund via the Chargeback scheme!!!


  8. I have made reservations for flights and hotel from Yaounde to Douala Cameroun. My credit Card was debited for the amount. When I showed to the airport, I was told that I had no reservations, so I had to purchase new tickets. When I showed up to the hotel, I was surprised that they had my reservation for the nights, but they have asked for payement for the rooms up front. I am not really sure why I had to pay twice for this trip. Of course they make it really hard to contact someone from the hotel or airport to figure out what happened.
    I have receipts showing that I have paid for new flights and the hotel stay. What do I need to do to claim my money back.

  9. We booked LATAM flights with OPODO for February and one of these flights was cancelled when we arrived at the airport. OPODO had said they would let us know if there were problems but they did not contact us. We managed to find a different flight to a different airport in Rio de Janeiro so we did make it to our hotel but lost a day of our holiday at the airport. I put in a claim with OPODO and they said that we were entitled to our seat booking refund only. This money was never paid. I contacted them and they claimed that they had sent my claim to the wrong department. Still nothing. I then E-mailed again and told it had been paid to my credit card that I used to pay for the flights. I told them this card had been cancelled as it was also used to book BA flights at the time of their security breach. Called Mastercard who confirmed no payment had been made to the original card but they said if there had been then it would have been transferred to my replacement card which they also checked and no record of any refund from OPODO. Contacted OPODO again and they sent a series of three e-mails for my bank details which I supplied each time. Then called the customer services team and explained that the refund had still not appeared. Was held for ages whilst the advisor checked with his supervisor before being told I would now be refunded to my new card. Nothing, called again on 16th October and this time promised payment to my current account in 24 to 48 hours and that they would confirm by e-mail or telephone. Still nothing. Have e-mailed 3 times since then but no response and no read receipt so it looks like they are simply ignoring me. How do I get the refund due?

  10. bought ticket through opodo website, due to the coronavirus situation, the airline contact me told that flight would be cancelled and asked me contact opodo the travel agent to get refund, but called opodo in the last 5 days, sometimes have to wait 90 mins and nobody answer, or straightway hanged up automatically.

    why opodo service is so bad!

    tomorrow will be the date the flight was booked, how can I do?

  11. My outbound (27 March, Ryanair) and inbound (31 March, British Airways) flights have been cancelled due to Covid-19. I spoke with the said flights and they have offered full refund back to Opodo. Please contact me to arrange for a refund. I tried to talk to an agent, but was put on hold for ages and could not get through to an agent. Please help and please take care of your customers.
    1 April 2020

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