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How to Cancel Parcelforce


Parcelforce is a British shipping company located in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom providing services to worldwide destinations for more than one million customers each day to more than 30 countries in Europe. It was founded in 1990 and today Parcelforce has more than 4500 employees and big competitors like DHL, Fedex or UPS. If you happen to be a customer and you need to know how to cancel a Parcelforce delivery or to cancel a Parcelforce account, then reading this article will help you easily understand how to do that properly in order to save time and money. To find out how to make the cancellation of a Parcelforce order, please take the steps explained in this piece of information.

  • Visit the main Parcelforce Uk website
  • Locate your Parcelforce collection number
  • Read the cancellation fees on the Parcelforce help pages
  • Contact the Parcelforce Customer Service contact number 0344 800 4466

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This article is created as a multi-step guide for customers like yourself to better understand how to cancel a Parcelforce collection or to learn how to cancel Parcelforce delivery and you will be able to see with each step you’ll take what steps you need to take to have a positive customer experience. If you need to know more about this company or about the Parcelforce complaints and Parcelforce claims departments, please visit the Parcelforce contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter the Parcelforce Homepage

Parcelforce homepage
When you visit the Parcelforce website tracking section or homepage you will be able to track a Parcelforce parcel or to read the best source of information on how to cancel Parcelforce order, to make a Parcelforce claim or even how to cancel Parcel collection. This information can be found also in this article to help you save the time of browsing each section of the website. When you read the Parcelforce website you can have a positive customer experience because you can find all the info you need to make Parcelforce claims or cancellations.

  • Enter the main Parcelforce website
  • Find your Parcelforce tracking number
  • Prepare a payment method to pay the cancellation fees

Step 2 – Enter your Parcelforce account

Parcelforce login account

Open the Parcelforce homepage and locate the login button at the top of the page in the right and click on it to access your Parcelforce online account. You will be able to access then your account where you can see all your Parcelforce orders, you will be able also to cancel Parcelforce collection or to read more about the Parcelforce cancellation refund. Enter your login credentials, your username which is your email address and your password and hit the login button. On the same window with the login page, you will be able also to make a Parcelforce quote and ask how much would cost you to send a package from a destination to another. If you lost tracking number for Parcelforce or your Parcel Force tracking number doesn’t work, you can find that once you are inside your online account where you can also see your active and past orders.

How to Cancel Parcelforce Collection

How to cancel Parcelforce parcel collection
If you have a Parcelforce active order and you want to cancel a Parcelforce collection, you need to request a cancellation of the collection of your package. In this case you have to contact Parcelforce so they can tell the driver to stop attempting to get the package from you. To do that you need to access the website collection cancellation request form where you need to fill your name, the Parcelforce Consignment number, collection date, address details, collection postcode, telephone number, email address and your card details. If you can’t handle the cancellation of your parcel collection online, please contact Parcelforce customer service by telephone at the end of this guide.

Parcelforce Cancel Delivery

Parcelforce cancel delivery
You will be able to cancel a Parcelforce delivery online and get a refund for your order if you change your mind for any reason, you just have to enter to your account or contact the Parcelforce customer service team phone number at the end of this guide and speak to a Parcelforce adviser.

Cancel Parcelforce Label

Parcelforce services
As you may know it is extremely important to label your package so the Parcelforce delivery team to correctly deliver it to the right address. To attach a label correctly, please use a clear plastic envelop and make sure you attach it securely. If somehow you need to correct this and you want to cancel Parcelforce label after the package has left your home, please get in touch with customer service number at the end of this guide.

Parcelforce Cancellation Refund

Parcelforce refund
If you have made a cancellation of a collection or a cancellation of a Parcelforce delivery, then you may want to receive a refund for the money you have paid in order to have the package delivered. First you need to complete the Parcelforce cancellation request form and then you need to contact the Parcelforce customer service department where you will have to provide the parcel number and then to confirm the details of your order; after that a member of the customer service team will cancel your Parcelforce order and the money will be refunded directly back to your credit card.

Parcelforce Compensations and Claims for Damage

Parcelforce compensationsIf you visit the Parcelforce help pages, you will be able to find important information regarding Parcelforce claiming compensation and how to make a Parcelforce claim refund. You can find out how to make claims for parcels booked on the Parcelforce online website, booked by telephone, at Parcelforce Worldwide depot or at a Post office branch. You can also learn what are the Parcelforce deadlines for submitting a claim, how to claim for damage, missing or lost parcels and what information you need to provide when making a claim. Find out how a compensation is paid and how to appeal a decision.

How to Make a Parcelforce Claim

Parcelforce claims

In case you made a parcel booking via then if you want to make a claim, you have to do it online by accessing the chat link with one of the Parcelforce advisers, this service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you made the booking of your parcel by telephone, at a Post Office Branch or at a Parcelforce Worldwide depot, then you may submit your claim online at via the Parcelforce claims portal website, you need only to register to make a claim. A claim can be submitted also by post to Parcelforce Worldwide Claims Centre, but first you need to download the claim form.

Parcelforce Claiming Compensation

Parcelforce Claiming CompensationIf your Parcelforce package is delivered with delay, you may claim for a compensation and you may receive the whole or a proportionate refund; read more about the Parcelforce refunds for late delivery. In case your package is damaged, lost or the contents are missing, you may receive the value of the contents. If you want to read more about this, please visit the enhanced compensation page. The compensation from Parcelforce to you is made through the similar payment method you used when paying for the Parcelforce services. If for example, you paid by credit card, then the claims will be refunded to your card; for claims posted via Post Office branch or Parcelforce worldwide deport, you will receive a cheque.

Step 3 – Enter Login and Cancel Parcelforce Account

Parcelforce Cancel Account
When you want to cancel a Parcelforce collection, a delivery or your entire Parcelforce account, then you need first to access a page on their website and locate the login link; when you click this link you will be taken to the Parcelforce account login page where you will have to enter your credentials, usually your email address and your password. Locate your active orders and cancel the one you want, either it’s just a cancellation of your Parcelforce collection or the entire Parcelforce delivery. If you want to delete your entire Parcelforce account, just locate the close or cancel Parcelforce link and click on it.

Step 4 – Contact Parcelforce UK Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

To perform a Parcelforce cancellation is not a very difficult task if you want to do that online, you can log in to your online Parcelforce account and cancel a collection, a delivery or a Parcelforce account. However, if you are not used to this type of cancellation, then you should get in touch with the Parcelforce contact number 0344 800 4466 where a helpful member of the cancellation team will assist you through the entire process!

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