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How to Cancel PDSA

cancel PDSA

PDSA UK also known as People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals is a charity organisation founded in 1917 and it is focused on animals welfare providing veterinary care for injured and sick pets belonging to the poor people. The treatment is available today free for the pets of those owners receiving Housing benefit or Council tax benefit and living in catchment areas. However, there are services and treatments that are not free like neutering, microchipping or vaccination or pet insurance even if you are not a person receiving those kinds of benefits. In this article you will be able to find how to cancel PDSA pet insurance, how to cancel an appointment or read information on PDSA cancel direct debit. Follow the steps presented in the article below and save time and money in the same time.

  • Visit the main PDSA UK website
  • Check the PDSA cancellation policy for each type of insurance
  • Prepare a payment method to pay the PDSA cancellation fees
  • Contact PDSA free number?0800 917 2509?for PDSA customer service


This piece of information in this article may act like a multi-step guide created for customers like in order to better understand how to cancel PDSA insurance and other services. With each you will take on their website you will be able to understand how to cancel PDSA products properly. If you need more information about this organisation, don’t hesitate to visit the PDSA contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter PDSA Main Website

PDSA Homepage

If you visit the PDSA UK main website you will find the best source of information about how to cancel PDSA pet insurance or any other services you may receiving from them. On their online website you will be able if you are eligible for PDSA vet care in case you receive Housing benefit or Council tax benefit, you can also find out if a PDSA PetCheck, the mobile pet clini is visiting your town. You can also find out how to protect your pet with a 5-star insurance even if you are not receiving any benefit. PDSA pet care advice can be also provided to you or other tips on how to look after your pet and also a list from A to Z conditions of pets. Of course, you can also find how to cancel PDSA pet insurance:

  • Enter
  • Have at hand a payment method to pay cancellation fees
  • Make sure you know that PDSA service you need to cancel

Step 2 – Review PDSA Pet Insurance Cancellation Policy

PDSA Cancellation Policy

If you browse directly on the PDSA UK website’s and help pages, you can understand how a claim can be made on your pet and how you can cancel your pet’s insurance.

How to Claim PDSA

If your pet was involved in an accident you should take care of it as soon as possible and make a PDSA claim; to do this you will have to follow some steps to be sure your pet will return to its initial state as soon as possible. First, you have to take your pet to a veterinary clinic. Secondly, you will have to call the PDSA contact number Monday through Saturday and one of their experts will ask you for details of the incident and how to continue your claim.

PDSA Customer Information

You will need to fill in a PDSA application form and sign it, then introduce it to your vet who will fill it with the necessary information and sign it. After this step, you will have to pay for the treatment of your pet, if you do not have an agreement with a veterinarian belonging to the PDSA. If it is another veterinarian, the application will be sent to the PDSA Pet Insurance Department.

PDSA Advice Helpline

PDSA common conditions

If you have a PDSA insurance for your pet you will have access to a lot of contact numbers that will help you in any aspect related to your pet care.

PDSA Petanswer is a helpline that will be answered by a team of veterinarians, available 24 hours, 7 days out of 7, and will answer all the questions you have about your animal’s health. This helpline will give you information about your pet’s common illness, including vomiting, diarrhoea and skin problems. You will also be offered help with diet, going abroad with your pet, about food and poisoning. This helpline is also available when a local vet is closed, so it’s very good to call.

PDSA Insurance Types

PDSA Insurance Types
There are different types of pet insurance you can get from PDSA; there is the PDSA pet insurance lifetime cover, the PDSA Maximum benefit policy, the Time-limited policy, the PDSA Accident only policy and the Third-party liability.

PDSA Pet Insurance Lifetime Cover

PDSA Pet Insurance Lifetime CoverWith this type of PDSA?insurance, your pet will be covered against illness or injury to a certain amount of money each year as long as the insurance policy remains active. With PDSA Maximum Benefit cover, a certain amount of money will be included for each disease or wound your pet will suffer. With PDSA Time-limited type of insurance, you will have a fixed amount of money that will cover each situation your pet will face over a 12-month period. PDSA Accident-only is a type of insurance that will cover the expenses you will have with your pet when it suffers an accident. There is also the type of PDSA Third Party liability insurance covering the damage caused by your dog to other people or goods.

Step 3 – Cancelling PDSA Pet Insurance

PDSA Pet insuranceEnsuring your pet can give you the peace of mind you need it the most and at the same time enjoy your pet’s company. This insurance will cover a lot of payments you will have to pay for your dog or cat when needed. But unfortunately, your pet is likely to die at some point and then you will not need the insurance anymore, so you will have to cancel it.

How to Cancel PDSA Pet Insurance

How to cancel PDSAIt is not difficult to cancel your PDSA pet insurance, infact you can do that at any time you want, but the when making the cancellation you will be forced to pay some fees. If the cancellation is made in the cooling off period, then you may be entitled to receive a full refund. If you cancel your pet insurance outside of the cooling off period, you may not be entitled to a refund. When you want to cancel your PDSA pet insurance you will have to do that in writing or by contacting the PDSA Customer service telephone number at the end of this guide.

PDSA Insurance Reasons for Cancellation

When you have in mind to cancel PDSA Pet insurance you need to take into consideration some facts: first of all, you need to know that there will be cancellation fees involved when you cancel your pet insurance policy for any reason other than the death of your pet. It’s very important to make the cancellation in writing, but before you can contact the PDSA customer service line to guide you through the necessary steps. The reasons for a cancellation could be the fact that you no longer afford that cover, you think to switch to another insurer, you no longer want that cover or your pet dies. For any of these reasons, you may ask for a PDSA pet insurance cancellation.

Step 4 ? Contact PDSA Pet Insurance Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

If you decide to cancel PDSA Pet Insurance at any time, you will find that this is not a difficult task to do. You can not do that online from your PDSA account because there is no option to do that, there is no such a PDSA my account section, but instead you can get in touch with PDSA free number 0800 917 2509 where a member of the cancellation team will be able to assist you through the entire process!

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