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How to Cancel Oyster TFL Transport for London

Oyster online account

Oyster is a pay as you go card that you can pay for public transport in London; you can use this card when travelling by bus or tram, metro, train or other services offered by Transport for London, a governmental organisation responsible for the transport system in London, England. TFL covers the main routes in the capital and includes London Underground, London Overground, TFL Rail, Docklands Light Railway. If you are a customer of Oyster card and you want to know how to cancel Oyster card, how to cancel TFL app or even how to cancel Oyster account, then reading this article will help you to understand how to do that faster and better. To understand how to make Oyster?app cancellation, please follow the steps below and you will find out how to do that properly in order to save time and money.

  • Visit main Oyster Card website
  • Make sure you know what Oyster service or product you want to cancel
  • Check on the official government website to see the cancellation fees
  • Cancel Oyster contact number 0343 222 1234

Oyster smartcard page

In this article about the Oyster card and the TFL services written as a step-by-step guide created for customers like you in order to understand how to cancel Oyster travel card, how to cancel oyster card application or other Oyster services. With each step you will take on this Oyster Card guide, you will be able to see information taken from the official website as screenshots or other info that will help you to cancel Oyster services you no longer need or you are not satisfied of those services. If you want to find out more about this government organisation, please don’t hesitate to visit the Oyster TFL contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 ? Enter Main Oyster TFL Website

Oyster TFL Website

The most accurate information on how to cancel an Oyster card, to get TFL Oyster card refunds or how to cancel TFL Oyster application is to visit the main Oyster TFL website. At the end of this How to Cancel Oyster guide you will be able to contact Oyster TFL customer service department by phone and you can ask for a cancellation, but if you prefer to do that online you can read the info below.

  • Enter the Oyster TFL main website
  • Get information about TFL fares and other Oyster fares
  • Prepare a payment method for Oyster card cancellation

Step 2 – Review Oyster Cancellation and Refund Policy

Oyster card cancellation refund policy

If you visit the Oyster website you will be able to understand what to do when you need to replace your Oyster card fare balance for example of if it was stolen from you, how to ask for a replacement and how to get a refund from TFL Customer Services.

Oyster Lost or Stolen Card

Oyster Card Lost or StolenIn case your Oyster card was lost or it was stolen from you it is essential to report that as soon as possible. You need to get in touch with the customer service so no one can use it. You will be able to request a replacement of your Oyster card and all of your go credit will be transferred to your new card or you can ask for a refund.

How to Replace Oyster Card

If you want to replace a concessionary Oyster card you need to find out first who you need to contact to make a report regarding a stolen or lost Oyster photocard, discount photocard or Freedom pass and also to get an idea if you are eligible for a refund; to do that get in touch with Oyster TFL customer service department by the phone at the end of this guide.
How to replace oyster card
If you need to replace an Oyster adult card, you need to report it lost or stolen first, online. You can get a refund or you can have your Oyster products transferred to your new card. To do a report for a stolen or lost adult Oyster card, please sign in to your Oyster account or contact the Oyster Tfl Customer Services at the end of this guide and so your lost credit card could not be used by someone else.

How to Transfer Credit to a new Oyster Card

In case you have lost your card you can transfer your TFL services to your new Oyster card, these services are the pay as you go credit, the TFL Buses and Tram Pass or the Travelcards. To transfer the pay as you go credit to a new Oyster card you needed to have credit on the lost card or 5 days travel remaining. You can opt to do TFL fare finder and see if your Oyster card is registered. When you report the fact that your Oyster card was lost, it will be cancelled and a new one will be issued if you request that.

How to Transfer TFL Services to New Oyster Card

How-to-Transfer-TFL-Services-to-New-Oyster-CardWhen your Oyster Card was lost and you need to transfer the pay as you go credit or the tickets to your new card, you need to take some steps:

  • First get a new Oyster card
  • Use it at least once
  • Then you need to wait a day
  • Go to your Oyster account if you have one, register if you don’t have one
  • Access the ‘Report card lost, stolen or failed’ link
  • Transfer your products to a new Oyster Card

How to Replace Stolen Oyster Card

How to replace stolen Oyster cardWhen your Oyster card is stolen, the first step is to contact Oyster TFL customer service and notify them about the event; then you can transfer the left credit to your new card, your travelcards or your Transport for London buses and tram passes. To have your Oyster card replaced you need to meet some conditions: your stolen Oyster card must have been registered already, you need to have pay as you go credit left on your stolen card and also you need to provide a copy of the reference crime report.

If you want to replace your stolen Oyster card by phone, please get in touch with Oyster TFL customer service department by telephone at the end of this guide. You new Oyster card should arrive to you in 5 working days and if it takes longer, Oyster may refund you the costs of any travel made from the sixth day.

Step 3 – Enter your Oyster Account and Cancel Card

Oyster Online Account

If you want to cancel your Oyster account, you need to go first to the Oyster login page; there you can get an Oyster card, you can create a TFL account using your Oyster card, you can top up and buy season tickets, you can set up auto top-up or enable auto top-up on the Oyster card. Once you are logged into your Oyster online account, you can cancel your lost or stolen card, you can set up auto top-up on your card, you can collect when you start journeys and your Oyster card is topped up when your balance is below ?10. You can cancel your Oyster account online by finding the cancel link and clicking on it. If you can’t do that online, please read the following paragraph to find out how to get in touch with the Oyster TFL customer service department.

Step 4 ? Contact Oyster TFL Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

Visiting the Oyster TFL website you will be able to cancel your Oyster card online, you can ask for a replacement of an Oyster card if it was lost or stolen or you can even ask for a refund when such a situation appears. If you can’t make the Oyster cancellation online, then you should get in touch with the Transport for London contact number 0343 222 1234 where a member of the customer service team will be able to guide you through the entire process of cancellation of your Oyster card. This number can also be used to inquire about Transport for London jobs and other general topics.

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