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How to Cancel Plusnet

Cancel Plusnet

Plusnet is a British telekom company providing mobile services, broadband, landline and digital television to its customers in the United Kingdom. It is a company founded in 1997 in Sheffield, having more than 750.000 customers across the UK. If you are a Plusnet customer and you want to cancel one of their services or products, you will find in this article a lot of useful information that will help you to easily cancel your Plusnet broadband, mobile service, landline or digital television. When you want to proceed with the cancellation of a Plusnet service you have to follow some steps explained below.

  • Visit the main Plusnet web site
  • Browse the Help and FAQ pages to check the cancellation fees
  • Contact Plusnet Customer Service 0800 432 0200 or dial number 500 from your cell phone


This piece of information provided by the author of this article may act like a step-by-step guide created for customers like you in order to easily understand how to cancel a Plusnet service. With each step you take you will be able to understand what steps you have to take, how to access your Plusnet account online on their website, how to cancel Plusnet Broadband, how to cancel Pluset Mobile or digital television or even your entire Plusnet account. To find more about this telekom company, please visit the Plusnet contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 ? Enter Main Plusnet Website

Plusnet Homepage

When you are visiting the main Plusnet website you will be able to find the best place providing information on how to cancel Plusnet services.

  • Enter the main Plusnet website
  • Know what type of service you want to cancel
  • Have a payment method ready for your Plusnet cancellation

Step 2 ? Read Plusnet Cancel Service Conditions

Plusnet Cancellation Policies
When you go to Plusnet Help pages you will be able to read information about cancelling your services. You can read what are the terms of cancelling different type of Plusnet products, what is the Plusnet cancellation policy, how to cease your service, how to move to a new provider, you can also find details about a minimum term agreement, information on final payments or home phone specific cancellation policies.

How to Cancel Plusnet Services

Plusnet cancelling services
When you decide it is time to cancel your Plusnet services you have to know there are two options available: one is to stop completely the service from Plusnet or other provider and this is called ceasing of service; the second option is to stop receiving the service from Plusnet and move to another provider at your choice. The difference between ceasing of service and the move to another provider is that when you cease your service, when a new activation takes place, you will have to pay the costs of re-activation.

Cancel Plusnet and Move to Another Provider

When you decide to cancel Plusnet services and move to another provider there is no need of a Migration Authorisation Code anymore. There may be involved some termination charges from Plusnet for each service you want to cancel before the ending of your contract. During the period of the transfer of your service to another provider, the Plusnet service will remain active until the transfer has been completed; then your Plusnet account will be closed.

Cancel Plusnet During 14 Day Cancellation Period

Plusnet 14 day cancellation

If you decide to sign up for a Plusnet service and you are not happy with the services provided by them, you have the possibility to cancel the service within the 14 day cancellation period, called also the cooling off period. If you cancel during this period you will have to pay for the services used, for any applicable installations, connection and activation charges. If you want to make the cancellation of a Plusnet service during this period you have to use the cancellation form or contact the Plusnet Customer service team by the phone at the end of this guide.

How to Cancel Plusnet Mobile

Plusnet Mobile

When you want to cancel your Plusnet Mobile plan you need to contact the customer service department by the phone at the end of this guide. Before the cancellation will take place, the support team will try to improve the service so you can change your mind, but if there is nothing they can do, they will tray to make the cancellation as smooth as possible. When you decide to make a Plusnet Mobile cancellation you have to give a 30 days notice unless you are within the 14-day cancellation period. When you make the cancellation after the cooling off period but before the ending of your contract, you will have to pay a cancellation fee for ending the agreement early.

Cancel Plusnet Broadband, Home Phone and TV Services

Plusnet Broadband
When you want to cancel your Plusnet Broadband, Home Phone or TV services you will be able to do that in two ways: to stop receiving the service for good or to move to another provider. If you want to cancel a service that has an annual contract or a longer minimum term you will have to cancel that annual contract and you will also have to pay early termination charges. If you want to cease your home phone product received from Plusnet you can contact the customer service at the end of this guide and request that; instead, if you want to move your home phone product to another provider you will need a new landline order from the new provider.

Step 3 ? Cancel Plusnet Account

Cancel Plusnet account

If you want to cancel your Plusnet account you just have to login and sign in to your account. Enter your Plusnet username and password, then locate the close account link inside your account, click on it and then you are done. If you can’t make the cancellation by yourself, read the next paragraph and find the Plusnet support number to make the closing by the phone.

Step 4 ? Contact Plusnet Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

When you want to cancel your Plusnet services or your entire Plusnet account you just need to follow some steps and you are done. However, if you can’t handle this by yourself you can contact the Plusnet phone number 0800 432 0200 and a member of the customer service support team will assist you with the cancellation of your Plusnet service!

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  1. I have been plusnet customers over two years. I reasonably good service. unfortunately I am moving from my current job therefore I don’t need internet at moment .

  2. I want to leave them. Bad service. They have put my service issues have been rectified, but haven?t. Over 2 mths I want out of my contract. They say no!

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