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How To Cancel Qantas

Qantas Login Cancel

Qantas is an Australian airline company founded in 1920 being the third oldest airline company in the world. With a revenue of $15.8 billion in 2015, Qantas has more than 28,000 employees all around the world and flying to 85 destinations. If you are a Qantas customer and you want to cancel a Qantas flight, a frequent flyer membership, a cash card or a classic award flight, then you may want to read this article which will help you to understand how to make the cancellation faster and to help you save time and money in the same time. Follow the steps presented in the article below and you will be just fine when you want to cancel a Qantas product or service; if you can’t do that by yourself, then use the customer service phone number at the end of this guide.

  • Visit the Qantas website
  • Have at hand your Qantas reservation number for the cancellation
  • Read about the Qantas cancellation fees on the Help pages
  • Contact Qantas cancellation free number 0800 964 432

Qantas start planning

This article is a piece of information written as a multi-step guide in order to help Qantas customers like you to help them understand better how to cancel a flight reservation or any other service or product provided by this company. You can understand by taking each step of this article how to have a positive experience when you cancel a Qantas flight reservation or a Qantas flyer membership. If you want to learn more about this airline company, please visit the Qantas contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 ? Enter Main Qantas Website

Qantas homepage
If you decide to cancel a Qantas airline flight you should know that the best source of information rather than this article is their main website. So the first step in understanding how to cancel a reservation for this airline is to enter their homepage and locate the help and frequently asked questions pages where you could learn more about the cancellation process. If you find difficult to understand how to cancel a Qantas reservation on their online website or how to do it, then at the end of this guide you will find the Qantas cancellation number where you will be able to speak to an adviser which will help you on the process of cancelling your flight.

Step 2 ? Review Qantas Cancellation Policy

Review Qantas Cancellation Policy
When you visit the Qantas help centre you will be able to read how to cancel flights all around the world, including the United Kingdom. When you get on the Qantas Cancel Flights page you can read if your booking can be cancelled and to do so you have to check the fare conditions. You can also understand where exactly you can cancel your flight online, how long does it take to cancel it and you can read the frequently asked questions on how to cancel a flight right now.

How to Cancel a Qantas Flight

cancel Qantas flight
In the unhappy event of an unexpected problem or a change of plans, you will be able to cancel a Qantas flight, but this will depend on what kind of fare type you have with your flight. If you made the booking through a Qantas contact centre from UK or online at then you will be able to cancel your flight online. To verify if you can cancel your booking online or even to check fare conditions, you need to your Qantas account and find Manage Booking where you can cancel your flight.

At the time of cancellation of your Qantas flight, you will receive the value of your payment minus the cancellation fees which will depend on the fare conditions; you can receive a credit voucher instead of a refund and you can use it on your next Qantas flights. After the cancellation, you will receive by email the details on how to redeem your credit voucher online and if you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer, you will be able to see your voucher in your bookings.

How to Cancel Qantas Frequent Flyer

Qantas Frequent Flyer
If you become a new member of Qantas Frequent Flyer program and you wish to cancel your membership within two weeks then you need to notify Qantas Loyalty that you no longer want to be a member. Qantas will then cancel your membership and they will refund you the joining fees and any other paid fees, in any other cases the fees are not refundable and the Membership is not transferable.

How to Cancel Qantas Auto Rewards

Cancel Qantas Auto Rewards
When you want to unsubscribe from your Qantas Auto Rewards you have to visit the Auto rewards link and review first their terms and conditions, then you have to click the Unsubscribe button, enter your login details by entering your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number, your last name and your Pin and then log in. After making these steps, you will be taken to an unsubscribe page and you will receive also a confirmation by email.

Step 3 – Enter Qantas Account and Cancel Flight

Qantas Login Cancel

When you want to cancel a Qantas flight online, a Qantas Frequent Flyer membership or the entire account that you have with this airline, you have to Login first to your account. To do that you will have to enter your Membership number, your Last name and your PIN number. Then click the Log in button and enter your account. You will be able to see where all your active bookings and details about your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership.

If you want to cancel a Qantas booking online, you need to locate that reservation first, read the terms and conditions of a cancellation, and then click cancel if you want to proceed. In case you want to cancel your entire account with Qantas, you have to locate the close account link; if you can’t do that, please read the next paragraph and you will be able to find the Qantas Customer Service Number where you will be able to do that by the phone.

Step 4 ? Contact Qantas Customer Service Contact Number

As you could easily see from this article it is not a very complicated task to cancel a Qantas booking, or a Qantas Frequent Flyer account or even your entire account. You just to follow some steps, click some buttons and links and you are done. There are some special situations when you will be able to receive refunds after a cancellation, but this will depend on the fare type you have bought in the first place. However, if you are unable to make a cancellation of a Qantas flight or any other Qantas service or product, then you can contact the Qantas free number 0800 964 432 and a member of the support team will guide through the entire process of cancellation!

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  1. Could you please let me know wether our flight from Perth to Auckland (QF648 and QF151 on 2nd Dec 2019) can be cancelled at this time with no additional fees ?
    This possibility has arisen since our travel plans within Australia might change.

  2. Hi I have spent 9 hours on the phone now,,, trying to get through and been cut off 3 times and gave after 2 hours on the rest.
    Please I need to cancel and refund my ticket as per the agreement on my fare conditions that I paid my hard earned money for. Can some please contact me asap.

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