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How to Cancel Pontins

Pontins Cancel

Pontins is the name of a Holiday and Leisure company, Britannia Jinky Jersey Ltd which was founded in 1946 and operating six-holiday parks in the United Kingdom. Pontins is offering self-catering and half-boarding holidays with entertaining provided at their holiday parks. If you are a Pontins customer and you want to cancel your holiday reservation or your Pontins holiday. Reading this article will help you to make an idea of what you should do first when you intend to cancel your holiday at one of the Pontins parks. Then when you will go through the entire article, you will understand step by step what to do in order to have a positive experience when you make a cancellation of a Pontins booking. Follow the steps provided below with animated images and screenshots taken from their website.

  • First, visit the Pontins website
  • Log into your Pontis online account
  • Check the Faq and Help pages for info on cancellation fees
  • Contact Pontins Customer Service 0800 298 0117

Pontins website

This piece of information is created for customers like you as a multi-step guide in order to help you understand better how to cancel or change a Pontins holiday. With each step you’ll take browsing the Pontins article, you will see screenshots and animated images taken from their website and you will have in mind a clear image of what to do when you want to make a cancellation. If you want to find more about this company and the services they provide, please visit the Pontins Contact Numbers Page on our website.

Step 1 ? Enter Pontins Main Website

Pontins Homepage
Visiting the main Pontins website will give you the best image and the best source of information beside this article about how to cancel a Pontins holiday; you will also find on the help and frequently asked questions pages explanations on what steps you need to take in order to cancel a service, but if it’s too difficult for you to find this information, then reading this article will help to understand how to do it. You will be able to make the cancellation by the phone at the end of this guide, but before of doing so, you just have to try and make the Pontins cancellation online to save you time and money.

  • Enter the main Pontins website
  • Prepare a credit or a debit card to pay for cancellation fees
  • Make sure you know exactly what you want to cancel

Step 2 ? Pontins Cancellation Conditions and Fees

Pontins Cancellation Conditions

When you visit the Pontins Terms and Conditions page you will be able to see different situations when you can cancel or amend your holiday; these situations may include unexpected situations from your part or even Pontins can cancel your holiday if the balance is not paid.

How to Amend a Pontins Booking

Pontins Amend Booking
When you decide to amend your Pontins Holiday you should contact the customer service department right away, you will find the contact number at the end of this guide. You should know that every amendment will cost you ?10 and you will receive a revised Booking Confirmation if the necessary arrangements will meet your requirements.

How to Cancel a Pontins Booking

cancel pontins booking
When you decide to cancel your Pontins Holiday you have to call the chosen location or the travel agent where you have made your reservation, but if you don’t know these numbers or how to get in touch with these locations, just get in touch with Pontins customer service number at the end of this guide. When you make the cancellation in writing with 56 days or more before the arrival date, then you will don’t have to pay any cancellation fees, you will just lose the non-refundable booking fee.
Pontins Luxury Bungalows
If you make the cancellation with 55 days or less before the date of your holiday starts, then you will have to pay to Pontins the whole cost of the holiday. In case you don’t cancel your holiday and you don’t arrive by 4PM on the second day of your holiday, then Pontins will assume that your holiday is cancelled and the money will be forfeited.

Pontins Holidays Refunds After Cancellation

If you read the Terms and Conditions page you will be able to find out about the different situations when you can get a refund. If for example there will be other guests on the room rather than the guests listed on the booking, then Pontins may end the agreement and the persons found in the accommodation will be asked to leave the park and there will be no refunds available. In some cases, you may be asked to provide a deposit of ?500 in cash at arrival which will be refunded to you on the departure if no damage has been found. Sometimes different situations may occur and the rooms may become not available due to some errors, in this case, you will receive a full refund of your money.

Step 3 – Enter Pontins Website and Cancel Holiday

Pontins Cancel
If you have made a reservation on the Pontins website you should know that making a booking requires a few steps, entering the reservation dates, the number of rooms and persons. Then after getting the final price, you had to call the Pontins sale number to make the final reservation. The same procedure will take place when you want to make a Pontins cancellation, you need to call the customer service team and ask for it and request a refund if that’s the case. If you need to find the Pontins phone number, please read the next paragraph.

Step 4 – Contact Pontins Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

To make a reservation to a Pontins holiday park is not a very difficult task, and so cancelling a Pontins holiday is not also a complicated mission, you just have to prepare a payment method if you need to pay cancellation fees, to have at hand your reservation number and call the Pontins customer service number 0800 298 0117 and ask to speak to a member of the cancellation team providing in the same time all the necessary details and the reason for cancellation!

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