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How to Cancel Ryanair

Ryanair is an Irish airline founded in 1984 in Dublin, Ireland operating flights across Europe, UK, Africa and the Middle East, flying more than 400 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. With a revenue of ?6.536 billion in 2016 and more than 200 destinations, Ryanair has more than 11,000 employees all around the world. If you are a Ryanair customer and you want to cancel your reservation, your flight or your account, this piece of information will guide you through the necessary steps for you to take in order to make the cancellation easier, faster and properly. To cancel your Ryanair services or products, follow the steps presented below:

  • Visit the Ryanair website
  • Check your Ryanair reservation or flight ticket needed when you make the cancellation
  • Read on their website if there are cancellation fees
  • Call Ryanair cancellation number 0330 100 7838


The information presented in this article can act as a Ryanair step-by-step guide created in order to help you cancel Ryanair reservation easier. With each paragraph you’ll read, you will understand the necessary steps you need to take to have a positive experience when you cancel Ryanair flight. To find more about this company, please visit the Ryanair contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter Main Ryanair Website

Ryanair Homepage

When you want to cancel Ryanair flight or reservation, the best source of information you can find is on their website. Sometimes, a cancellation online may seem difficult for some users not used to the online environment, but don’t worry; if the online cancellation is too much for you, at the end of this guide you will find the Ryanair cancellation number where you can speak to an adviser who will guide you through the entire process of cancelling your reservation.

  • Enter the main Ryanair website
  • Have at hand your reservation or your ticket
  • Be ready to make a payment in case you have to pay cancellation fees

Step 2 – Review Ryanair Cancellation Policy

Ryanair cancellation terms
If you visit the Help Centre from Ryanair’s website you will be able to read their Cancellation terms; when you do that you will understand that Ryanair flights can not be cancelled. There is no need to notify Ryanair if you are not able to make it to the flight; if you have outbound and return flight, you can still use the return if you can’t make it to the outbound.
Ryanair Cancellation conditions

You can change the flight dates, time, routes and flight names up to 2.5 hours before the departure flight in your account, via My Bookings; if you have already made the check in, then you should contact the customer service number at then end of this guide. You need to know that if you don’t make it to the Ryanair flight, you can not receive a refund; this is possible only if you apply in writing with one month before the flight for a refund of the Government Tax paid.

How to Change Ryanair Flight

Change Ryanair flight details
You can change a Ryanair flight details from your booking account in My booking section; you will be able to change the flight date and the route up to 2.5 hours before the departure, you can also change the name on your reservation up to 2 hours before the flight is scheduled to depart.

There are a few situations where you can’t make changes online to your Ryanair flight: when you want to change a domestic flight to an international flight; when you want to change the airport; where a Spanish resident subsidy has been applied or a large family has been applied. When these situation will occure, you will have to call the Ryanair customer service at the end of this guide.

How to Modify Errors on Ryanair Booking

If you have made errors on your Ryanair booking you have 24 hours grace period from the original time of booking when you can make changes without paying any fees. You can apply minor corrections to names or flights: if you want to make changes to names you have to log in to your Ryanair account and retrieve your booking, select Manage booking and then if you are correcting minor errors on a name, you will be able to do that free of charge.

If you change the full name a change fee will incur. If you want to make minor changes to your flights, you have to contact the Ryanair customer service number in the 24 hour grace period and you can change the flight date, route or time. If you make changes after the 24 hour grace period you will need to pay fees for any modification made.

Ryanair Flight Time Changed

Sometimes flight time may have to be changed due to unexpected circumstances and then the customer service team will contact via email or by phone all the customers; when a flight is changed significantly and there is no alternative available, Ryanair will offer a refund for all monies paid, but in the same time Ryanair is not liable for any other expenses directly or indirect related to the affected booking.

Step 3 – How to Cancel Ryanair Flight

Ryanair CancellationThe only possibility for you to cancel your Ryanair is in the event of a death or a serious illness, of course if it’s the case of a death, this is only possible for a relative; in case you have a serious illness, you can ask yourself for a cancellation. You can apply for a refund in the event of a death or of a serious illness of a customer; if this is the case, Ryanair will refund the money at their discretion to the relatives; if it’s the case for a serious illness, Ryanair can change flight dates. If you want to apply for a refund, please contact the Ryanair customer service department by the phone at the end of this guide.

Step 4 ? Contact Ryanair Customer Service Contact Number

It is not very complicated to cancel a Ryanair booking or to make changes to your flight like the name, route or date. You have to know that a cancellation can be made only if it’s the case of a death or a serious illness, otherwise no refund will be provided, only if it’s the fault of the airline. If you can’t make the changes online as explained in this Ryanair cancellation multi-step guide, simply contact the Ryanair phone number 0330 100 7838 and a member of the support team will guide you through the entire process of cancellation.

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  1. how much will it cost to cancel a one way flight they have charged me ?48 expedia for the same booking is only ?17

  2. Through ill health I am unable to travel this sunday the 28 april can I change my flight for later on in the year. If this is not possible can I claim for tax and baggage. Is there any guide ?

  3. Hi I need to changed my flight for week before but I will be the only one that?s flying back … out of 3 of us I was wondering how much it will be please and if it?s just worth to buy another ticket for week before ..

  4. hi
    I can not fly this year on 31st July as I have been offered a new job and will have to work on this day. so I am cancelling my flight to Valencia I paid £ I dont expect to get the money back this is a message to let know I am no longer going to Spain this year or next year as I have just got over a very bad operation and it will be some years before I have a holiday so no point in changing flight dates for the future .
    This whole thing booking a flight had been a nightmare I was being persuaded to buy a flight ticket with an old friend who tripped me into it for all the wrong reason that person is no longer in my life, any way I have learned my mistake in trusting people and lost £

  5. Hi , I’m sumon ..I’m from paris .. I reserved one ticket on the date of 7 /10.. I pay it in my card .. is the problem I need to pay now because end of this month I closed my bank account ,which one I used to buy my ticket.. now what you suggest and what can i do ..?

  6. my grandmother has been given days to live so i cannot travel as we are very close. would i be able to get a refund

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