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How to Cancel SSE UK

SSE is a British company located in Scotland, United Kingdom providing energy to private customers and businesses in UK and Ireland. With a revenue of ?28,781.3 million in 2016 and more than 21,000 employees, SSE provides different types of services: power generation and distribution, telecommunications, natural gas production, transportation and distribution and metering. If you are a SSE UK customer and you want to cancel your SSE account, your broadband, airtricity, electricity, boiler cover or direct debit, then reading this article will help you to better understand how to do it faster and easier to save time and money in the same time. To do that online you just need to follow some steps that are explained below, but if you can’t do that by yourself, you will find the SSE UK customer service number at the end of this guide.

  • First enter the SSE UK home page
  • Check to see if there are any fees for cancellation
  • Contact the SSE UK Customer Service 0345 071 9710


You will find the information provided in this article written as a step-by-step guide created for customers like you in order to better understand how to properly cancel your SSE account. With each step you’ll take you will be able to see screenshots taken from the SSE UK website and animated photos that will give you the possibility to see exactly how to do the cancellation of a SSE service. If you need to know more about this company, please don’t hesitate to visit the SSE UK Contact Numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter the Main SSE UK Website

SSE UK HomepageWhen you open the SSE UK website in your browser you will find the best source of information on how to cancel your SSE UK contract for different type of services.

  • Enter the main SSE UK Website
  • Make sure you want to know what type of SSE Service you want to cancel
  • Prepare a payment method in case you need to pay cancellation fees

Step 2 ? Review SSE UK Cancellation Conditions

SSE Cancel Broadband
When you visit the SSE UK website you will notice that there are different type of service you can cancel: you can cancel your services when you are moving home, services like gas and electric, phone, broadband or boiler cover.

How to Cancel SSE UK Broadband and Phone when Moving Home

Cancel SSE Broadband Phone
When you are moving your home you will see that transferring your broadband and phone to a new home can be a big hassle. It is very important to notify SSE UK with at least 14 working days before moving to your new home to move your broadband and phone to a new address; this way you will not have interruption to your phone or broadband service. You will have to provide them your move date, the new address and a contact number.

In case that at your new house there is no BT line, SSE will take care of things and their engineers will take care of a new connection properly at your new property. When you are moving your telephone number you just to inform them to keep your phone number the same, but you must keep in mind that there will be a small fee to transfer the number to the new address.

How to Cancel SSE UK Gas and Electric when Moving Home

Cancel SSE Gas Electric

If you are moving home and you need keep your energy supplier at your new house, you can keep your provider with you. However, if SSE is not available at your new address you ask the move to the new supplier. You can call the SSE Homemove team and they will be happy to assist you with the move and to guide you through the necessary steps as smooth as possible, even if you are already moved at your new home.

When you call the SSE customer service team for moving gas and electricity, you need to have at hand your new address, your move date, bank details and meter reading for your new and old home. There is no need to contact the supplier at the new address, SSE will do that for you. You will have to take closing meter readings at your old house when you leave and opening meter reading when you move home at your new address. To do that, please get in touch with the SSE UK customer service phone number at the end of this guide.

How to Cancel SSE Payments and Direct Debits

Cancel SSE payments direct debits
If you choose to move to a new address and you want to keep SSE UK as the energy provider, they will send you the final bill to your new address and you can ask that your balance to be transferred to the new address. Your Direct Debit plan will be moved also to your new address and your new billing address will be updated, saving you the time and the hassle. In case you decide to leave SSE when you move to a new address, it is best to keep your Direct Debit open so they can collect the final balance or if you have any refund to receive, you will receive it that way.

Step 3 – Cancel SSE UK Account

SSE Cancel Account
When you want to cancel your entire SSE UK online account you have to go their homepage and search the Login button; enter your login credentials like the username, usually your email address and your password and click the Login button. Then find the Direct Debits payments and cancel them if they are still active and then if you want to close your SSE UK account find the close account button and click on it and you are done.

Step 4 ? Contact SSE UK Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

It is not a difficult task to cancel a SSE UK contract when you move your home address, you can keep their services to the new address or you can cancel them for good. However, if you find the online cancellation difficult, then you can get in touch with the SSE UK Customer Service Phone Number 0345 071 9710 where a member of the cancellation support team will be there to answer all your questions and guide you through the entire process!

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