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How to Cancel Swiftcover

Swiftcover was a British company based on internet offering insurance for its customers and was acquired in 2007 by AXA insurance company. As an existing Swiftcover customer, you can manage your existing Car insurance, Home insurance, Van insurance or Breakdown cover or you can cancel these Swiftcover insurance cover policies on their online website. When you want to cancel your insurance policy and you don’t have a clue how to do it, then you may want to search over the internet to find more about how to make the cancellation properly. This article will provide you with the specific information for a Swiftcover cancellation and if you want to have a positive experience to save time and money, then you should follow the steps presented below.

  • Visit the main Swiftcover Insurance website
  • Check if there are some cancellation fees for each type of Swiftcover policy
  • See if there are cancellation fees involved
  • Contact Swiftcover Customer Service 0371 984 3333

The information presented in this article will act as a multi-step guide created for customers like yourself for a better understanding of a Swiftcover insurance policy cancellation. Take each step and find out useful information presented in animated images and screenshots taken from Swiftcover’s main website, things that will guide you through the final cancellation steps. If you need to find out more about this company, please don’t hesitate to visit the Swiftcover contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter Swiftcover Insurance Main Website

Swiftcover Homepage
The best source of information to find out more about the cancellation of a Swiftcover cover, instead of this article, is, of course, the main Swiftcover website where you can check the Frequently asked questions and Help pages; you will be able to find out how to cancel each type of insurance policy or the entire account that you have with them. You can cancel your Swiftcover Car Insurance, your Swiftcover Home Insurance and Van insurance or you can cancel the Swiftcover Breakdown Cover. Follow the steps presented in the article below if you want to have a smooth Swiftcover cancellation. However, if you find too difficult to make the cancellation online, at the end of this guide you will be able to cancel your Swiftcover insurance policy by the telephone.

  • Enter
  • Prepare a payment method for Swiftcover cancellation fees
  • Make sure you know what type of Swiftcover insurance you want to cancel

Step 2 – Review Swiftcover Insurance Cancellation Policy

Swiftcover Insurance Cancellation Policy
If you visit the Frequently Asked Questions and you have enquiries about how to cancel different type of Swiftcover insurance policies, then you can use this page to get your answers. If you can’t find an answer in a specific category, then you should type “cancel” for example in each category; let’s say you want to cancel Swiftcover Car Insurance, then in the car insurance category, type “cancel” and you will get back only answers to this questions as you will be able to see below.

How to Cancel Swiftcover Car Insurance Policy

Swiftcover Car Insurance Cancellation
If you decide that you no longer to stay with Swift covered and you want to cancel your car insurance policy, you will understand that there are different steps you need to take. In case you want to cancel your Swiftcover Car Insurance Policy after receiving the renewal invitation, you just have to Login into your Swiftcover account to find out how to make the cancellation and to decline the renewal. If you want to make the cancellation before receiving the renewal offer invitation, then you will have to call the Swiftcover customer service phone number at the end of this guide.

If a claim has been made on your policy, then you should know that no refunds will be paid to you. According to a Road Traffic Act from 1988, when you cancel a policy you need to destroy all copies of the Certificate of Motor Insurance relating to your specific policy, in this case, your Swiftcover car insurance policy; you have 7 days to do that after the cancellation has been made.

How to Cancel Swiftcover Home Insurance

Swiftcover Home Insurance
If you want to cancel your Swiftcover Home Insurance you have two choices, you can ask a cancellation of your Swiftcover Home Insurance after you have been sent a renewal invitation and before the receiving of the renewal from Swiftcover. When you want to cancel your Swiftcover Home Insurance before they have sent you the renewal invitation you have to log in to your Swift account and decline the renewal offer. If you want to make the cancellation before receiving the renewal invitation you will need to contact the Swiftcover customer service department at the end of this guide.

Swiftcover Refund After Home Insurance Cancellation

Swiftcover Home Insurance refund after cancellation
After you have made a Home Insurance cancellation you will be able to get a refund on your policy as long as there is no claim on your policy. If you make a claim and then you want to cancel your policy, you will have to pay the full premium for that year and you will get no refund. If you make the cancellation inside the 14 days cooling off period, you will be able to cancel your cover back to your start date or alternatively, you can be covered for up to 14 days and if you cancel in this period, Swiftcover will return you the payment after the cancellation date.

Step 3 – Cancel Swiftcover Insurance Online

Swiftcover Login
As you could see from the animated images and screenshots taken from the Swiftcover website, it is not a very difficult task to make a cancellation of a car insurance policy or a home insurance cover. To make the cancellation online you just have to enter your login credentials, your email address and password and then click Login. Once you are on your Swiftcover control panel, you will be able to cancel each type of insurance or the entire account.

Step 4 ? Contact Swiftcover Insurance Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

If you have decided to make a cancellation of a Swiftcover car insurance policy, of a van insurance cover or a breakdown cover, you will find out that following the steps presented in this guide is not a difficult task and you can do the cancellation very easy. If you can’t make the cancellation by yourself, you can get in touch with the Swiftcover Customer Phone Number 0371 984 3333 and a member of the support team will be happy to assist you with your cancellation!

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