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How To Cancel Thames Water

Thames Water Login

Thames Water company originally started way back in 1600 with the development of the New River. It was between 1910 and 1916 when water chlorination was introduced. As a result, the standard of drinking water has advanced. Furthermore, the supply and treatment of water have also improved.

In 1995, the leaders for Thames Water developer services grew out and became popular in the international market. They became the world’s third-largest water company. International customers were able to take advantage of the company’s expertise. Thames Water quality in the UK has also shown some improvement.

Today, the Thames Water business corporation is considered as one of the biggest water and wastewater services company in U.K. Each day, this company can supply about 2,600 million litres of tap water to their 9 million consumers all over London and the Thames Valley. Also, they can eliminate and provide treatment to over 4 billion litres of sewage for their 15 million consumers.

If you are planning to transfer to a new location or you want to know how to cancel Thames Water then here are five simple steps that can help you.

  • Visit Thames Water website to cancel Thames Water bill
  • View information about closing your account
  • Know about the charges that you are going to pay
  • Contact Thames Water free number?0800 980 8800
  • Contact Thames Water Email (Update- Current service email should be through, Live Chat, or By Mail

Thames Water website

Here, we will provide you a complete guideline on how to cancel your account. This is a step by step instruction so consumers can easily understand the important things that they should do. In each step, we provide you with a screenshot of the Thames Water website in order to help you in accomplishing your task of cancelling Thames Water my account. If you want some information about?how to pay Thames Water bill,?how to check Thames Water bill online, or?how to reduce Thames Water bill, then you can always visit Thames Water contact number page on our website.

Step One – Visit Thames Water Website

By visiting Thames Water website, you will easily discover the most important things that you need to know about how to cancel Thames Water account, how to read Thames Water meter, how to calculate?Thames Water bill, or how to cancel my Thames Water account.

Simply follow these steps:

Thames Water Login

  • Be sure you know what particular Thames Water service you desire to cancel.
  • Be ready with your debit card or credit card to be used for paying the cancellation fees if there are any.

Thames Water Moving Home

Step Two – View Information About Closing Your Account

If you are planning to move to a different location, then you must inform Thames Water. A customer who wants to cancel his/her account is either Thames Water moving out to a different area that is within Thames Water area or perhaps it can be outside our water supply. The best way to know if your new address is within Thames Water supply area is to check it with our supply area postcode search. Simply enter your new postcode in the box.

Thames Water Supply Area

Thames Water information Needed For Cancellation

Thames Water will require some information from you if you are planning to cancel your account. Whether you want to set up, update or close your account, you must provide your new address, date of your transfer, Thames Water meter reading?of your present address, contact details, and most importantly your 10-digit Thames Water account number which can be seen at the top portion of your bill.

Whether you are a Thames Water new customer who wants to move into our region or perhaps an existing customer who wants to move within our region or out of our region, you must complete this Thames Water online form. Make sure to provide the information needed on the fields which are marked as required. Once you have completed this form, be sure to submit it.

First, you must choose whether you are a new customer or an existing customer of Thames Water.

Thames Water Moving Home - Step One

If you are a new customer then you must enter your new postcode so that we can check if it is within our region. As a new customer, be sure to find out how to pay Thames Water bill online or?how to change Thames Water direct debit.

Thames Water Moving Home - Step One - Check postcode

If you are an existing customer, then choose if you want to close your account or you want to move to a new property that is within the supply of Thames Water.

Thames Water Moving Home - Step One - Close My Account

If you want to cancel your account then you must provide your complete name including your title, first name, and last name. Your contact details comprise your telephone number and email address.?Most importantly, you must enter Thames Water your account number.

Thames Water Moving Home - Step One - Contact Details

However, if you are moving to a location that is within the supply of Thames Water, then you only need to provide your postcode so that it will be checked.

Thames Water Moving Home - Step One - Check postcode - existing

Before Cancellation of Account

If you have a Thames Water water meter on your property, then be sure to provide us with the water meter reading on the day that you’ve actually moved out from your property. You can provide the meter reading on the Thames Water moving house form that you’ve filled up online.

Step Three – Know About The Charges That You Are Going To Pay

You will receive your final Thames Water bill statement within six working days starting from the day that you’ve moved out. It is very important that you must provide your new address so that you can receive your final bill. Then, you can go to Thames Water pay bill.

Step Four – Thames Water Contact Number

I hope this article has helped you in figuring out how to cancel your account. However, if you still need some help, then you should use Thames Water free number 0800 980 8800 or Thames Water uk contact number +44 179 348 6555 to?connect with our team so they can assist you with your needs especially if you want to report a leak Thames Water. You can also ask them on how to cancel Thames Water direct debit.

Step Five – Contact Thames Water By Email, Live Chat, or By Mail

How to contact Thames Water by email? Use Thames Water live chat If you are busy and you have Thames Water complaints but?don’t have time to contact us by phone or you can always send us a Thames Water email anytime. However, if you want to send a letter to Thames Water head office, then be sure to include your Thames Water account number and send it to?Thames Water address below:

Thames Water

PO Box 286


SN38 2RA

Contact Thames Water email address?[email protected] to learn more about the quick cancellation process.

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