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How to Cancel Uber UK


Uber ServicesUber is a cab-service provider which offers a convenient and safe travel to people around the world. You can easily create an Uber app Sign in and make an Uber booking. Uber has provided 5 billion+ trips till date. Uber UK use the latest technology to offer their users a hassle-free Uber booking in advance UK and a flexible Uber cancellation policy.Uber UK book a ride

Step One: Visit the main website of Uber

Step two:? Learn how cancel Uber account

Step three: Uber account cancellation charge

Step four: Contact Uber customer service

Step five: Contact Uber via email [email protected]

Step One: Visit the main website of Uber

If you want to know Uber taxi booking the UK and about the Uber company as a whole, you can visit the Uber website UK or access the Uber website app to get your hands on how to delete from Uber. Also, you can access the Uber company information to know Uber company benefits. You can also check out Uber UK contact number and Uber customer support email. Follow the below mentioned steps to access Uber official website UK.

  • Open your web browser to access Uber website in English
  • Enter the URL of Uber website for creating Uber website contact

Step two:? Learn how to cancel Uber account

If you want to carry out an Uber account delete by visiting the website, open a web browser and visit this page and do a? Uber website login. This will take you to Uber help cancel account.Uber Uk sign in page

Follow these steps for Uber taxi delete account after you do this:

  • Enter your uber email address UK and Uber contact number of your mobile number linked to it
  • Click on ?Next?
  • Enter your password for Uber account cancel.
  • Click on ?Next? again
  • Choose ?Yes? for Uber taxi cancel account so that Uber cancellation can take place
  • If you wish to share the reason for pressing Uber cancel button, you can state it here
  • Select ?Submit?

If you want to delete the account by visiting the app, follow these steps:

  • Touch the app icon of Uber and hold it until it starts to jingle if you have an iPhone. Select the ?Delete? icon that looks like an X. Now click on final ?Delete.?
  • You can also long press the app and then drag it through ?Uninstall? to remove the app from your Android phone.

Step three: Uber account cancellation chargeUber UK rider help

Uber does not charge anything for Uber taxi account deletion as it has no Uber cancel charge uber so you won?t get UK cancellation refund. The Uber company incurs a cancellation charge only on its rides. Whenever you will cancel your Uber account, it will be permanently deleted after 30 days of its cancellation. In addition to this, upon cancelling your Uber account, you will no longer have access to promotions, credit, and rewards that are present in your account as these will be permanently removed.

An important point to note is that Uber may retain all your information even after you cancel or delete your account as permitted and required by law. If you change your mind and want to restore your account within the course of 30 days of its deactivation, you can do that. You can simply sign into the app and access your account again and it will be reactivated.

Step four: Contact Uber customer service


Though there are no contact numbers for lodging an Uber customer support complaint, you can access the?Help section. If you have any questions, you can explore the articles in the same page to get your issues resolved.

You can then indirectly contact Uber customer service email by filling out a contact form in the article that fits the issue that you are facing. Afterwards, you get an email in reply to your query by Uber customer service UK as there are no Uber customer services phone number UK.

One important tip to note here is that whenever you get a reply from Uber customer support indirectly after you fill out the contact form; make sure you reply directly to the emailed trip receipt if you have made a ride through Uber. This way the customer support team will reply to you in the quickest way possible without wasting much time.

As there is the absence of dedicated phone numbers for Uber taxi UK contact number, you can also find customer support by using twitter support by following @UberUKsupport and lodging your complaints online for their quicker resolutions. ?Click here to access their Twitter page.

Step five: Contact Uber via email


You can contact Uber by sending them a note at [email protected]. Uber has a team that works 24 hours a day and they are ready to answer your questions anytime. Be it early in the day or late at night, you don?t have to worry as the Uber customer support number UK is there to help you.

So, you can now see that Uber does not have a dedicated hotline or Uber support cancel account, but it is underway to provide its customers with a hassle-free experience. To know how to cancel Uber, you can always go to Uber help or Uber email id to resolve your queries, for instance, Uber cancellation fee refund, Uber cancellation fee dispute, you can also cancel an Uber account by visiting their website or by using the app.

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