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How to Cancel UPS

Cancel UPS UK

UPS is an American shipping company operating all over the world. With a revenue of more than 60 billion US dollars in 2016, United Parcel Service has more than 430,000 employees in the entire world. If you happen to be a UPS customer and you want to cancel a product or a service, this could be a shipping or maybe you just want to change the dates of your delivery. If that’s the case, this article may help to understand how to do the cancellation of a UPS order faster and better. There are several steps you need to take when you want to cancel a UPS shipment and you can see these steps below.

  • Visit the main UPS website
  • Find your UPS parcel number
  • Check the cancellation fees on the help pages on UPS UK website
  • Contact UPS Customer Service contact number 0345 787 7877

UPS quick start

This article is like a step-by-step guide created for customers like you when you want to cancel a UPS order and with each step, you’ll take, you will understand how to properly cancel your parcel. If you have any questions about this shipping company, please don’t hesitate to visit the UPS contact numbers page.

Step 1 ? Enter UPS UK Main Website

UPS Main Website

When you visit the main UPS UK website you will find the best source of information on how to cancel your UPS parcel or shipment. If you can’t do that online, you will be able to make the UPS cancellation online at the end of this guide, but first, you should try to do it online to save time and money in the same time. When you browse the UPS online you will find a very professional website and you will have a positive user experience.

  • Enter the main UPS UK website
  • Find your active UPS order
  • Prepare a credit card or another payment method for cancellation fees

Step 2 – Enter your UPS account section

UPS UK Login

You will find in this section your UPS account where you can read all the information about your active parcels and past shipments. You can view your unpaid orders, your delivered or cancelled parcels. Enter your UPS login credentials and go to your account where you can see all this information. Once entered into your UPS UK account you will be able to enter your tracking number and see where your shipment is at. You can change your name and address, you can modify your telephone and you can estimate shipping costs with an online calculator.

Step 3 ? Review UPS UK Cancellation Conditions

UPS Cancellation Conditions

If you browse the Help pages of the UPS UK website you will be able to see how to cancel a UPS shipping; there are different types of shipping you can cancel. There is possible to cancel a UPS online order, UPS CampusShip cancellation, UPS WorldShip cancellation and cancel your UPS shipping After You Receive Your Bill.

How to Cancel UPS Internet Shipping

Cancel UPS shippingIf you want to cancel a shipping label created on the internet on the website, you can do that within 90 days by going to the Shipping History into your UPS account. When you are inside your account you just have to go to Shipping link located at the top of the page and then by selecting View History, and then select Void Shipment. The next step is to select the checkbox next to the respective package that you want to cancel and then Select Void Shipment. If you have created a package using a credit or a debit card you may not be eligible for voiding through this tool “Void a Shipment tool”. The cancellation of a UPS Internet Shipping label is possible if no more than 90 days have passed.

How to Cancel a UPS CampusShip

If you want to cancel a UPS CampusShip you need to do that within 90 days of creating your label and you can make the cancellation from your UPS UK account in the CampusShip Shipping History section. To cancel a UPS CampusShip order you have to select Shipping tab and then select the View History or Void Shipment link. The next step is to check the box next to the package you want to cancel and then click on Void Shipment. If more than 90 days have passed since the creation of your label, then please contact UPS to request a cancellation of a UPS CampusShip.

Cancel a UPS WorldShip

If you want to cancel a UPS WorldShip label you have to log in to your UPS UK account and select Void button, then select the package that you want to void, then select another time the Void button. In case that more than 90 days have passed since the creation of your label, then you need to contact UPS UK for a cancellation. If more than 180 days have passed since the creation of your order, then you void cannot be processed.

How to Recall a UPS Package

UPS Delivery Intercept
In the unhappy event that you made a mistake with your package and you sent it to an incorrect address or you have any other reason because you may need to stop the package from its delivery, then you can this option from UPS called UPS Delivery Intercept. This feature allows to stop the package before arriving at the wrong address with the automated shipping and tracking system from UPS and so you will have the possibility to hold the package, to redirect it or to return it to the sender.

Step 4 ? Locate UPS Active Parcels and Cancel Account

Enter the main UPS UK website and then locate the login link, enter your username and password and locate your active orders or check your past shipments. Click on an active parcel and cancel it or just modify the details for the sender or the receiver. If you want to cancel your entire UPS UK account, please locate the close button and click on it.

Step 5 ? Contact UPS UK Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

As you could see from this article it is not a difficult taks to cancel a UPS order through their online website. You can track your parcels, you can modify the receiver’s name or the sender’s name and you can close your entire UPS account. However, if you can’t do that by yourself online on the UPS website, then please contact the UPS contact number 0345 787 7877 where a helpful UPS advisor will be able to assist you with your cancellation!

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