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How to Cancel Universal Credit UK

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How to Cancel Universal Credit UK
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Universal Credit is a form of help from the government of the United Kingdom for people in need, a social security benefit that was introduced in 2013 and it has replaced other form of benefits like the Child Tax Credit, the Housing Benefit, Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance and Working Tax Credit. The Universal Credit is not available to you if you already receive any of these benefits. If you happen to be a Universal Credit customer and you need to cancel it due to changes in circumstances, if you want to cancel an appointment for getting the Universal Credit or for any other reasons, then reading this article will help you to understand how to properly do that faster and better than you would do it without any help. To make the cancellation as smooth as possible, please follow the steps presented below in this article.

  • Visit the Universal Credit section of the website
  • Read the Help pages and the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact the Universal Credit UK Customer Service free number 0800 328 5644

Universal Credit gov

This piece of information about the Universal Credit UK may act exactly like a multi-step guide created for customers like yourself in order to help you to cancel easily your Universal Credit benefit. You will be able to understand with each step you’ll take further reading this article how to cancel Universal Credit faster in order to save time and money. If you need to find more about this government benefit, please visit the Universal Credit UK contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 – Enter Main Universal Credit UK Website

Universal Credit UK Homepage

When you enter the main section of the Universal Credit UK website you will find the best source of information on how to cancel this type of benefit; follow the steps below:

  • Enter first the main Universal Credit UK website
  • Know exactly what type of benefit you need to cancel
  • Prepare a credit card in case you need to pay cancellation fees

How to Apply for Universal Credit UK Online

apply for universal credit
If you want to apply for Universal Credit you need to do that online, as a couple or as a single person. After filing an application you have to contact the local Jobcentre Plus to make an appointment and you should know that you can’t get Universal Credit if you will not attend the appointment. To apply for Universal Credit you will need your bank details, your email address, your National Insurance Number, information on your housing, details about your income or details of investments and savings. To apply online you will need your driving licence, a credit or a debit card, and your passport.

Step 2 – Read the Cancellation Conditions for Universal Credit UK

Universal Credit Cancellation Conditions

In case you want to cancel your Universal Credit UK benefit due to changes in circumstances you have to report the changes, otherwise, your claim might be stopped if the change is not being reported. The change in circumstances may include finding a job, moving with a partner, having a child, caring for a child, the move to a new address when you change your bank details or your rent is going up or down. Also, you have to report a change of circumstances if your health condition changes if you become ill to work or any other changes to your earnings.

How to Cancel Universal Credit UK

Universal Credit UK Sign InIf you want to cancel Universal Credit UK when there are changes in circumstances, you have to get in touch with Universal Credit customer service department by signing in to your Universal Credit account in case you have already an account or to call the Universal Credit helpline at the end of this guide. When you Sign in to your Universal Credit UK account you will be able to see your statements, to report changes in circumstances, to see your to do list, to see when will be your next payment, to add a note to your journal or to see your Claimant Commitment. To login, you will need your username and password that you have set up when you have applied to your Universal Credit.

Why to Report Changes in Circumstances to Universal Credit Helpline

Universal Credit Changes in Circumstances

It is very important to report changes in circumstances to Universal Credit Helpline if you get a job or if your hours of work have increased. The same situation will apply if you have been paid too much and you will have to repay the money if you gave the wrong information, if you were overpaid by mistake or if you did not report a change right away. You should keep in mind that you could pay a penalty or even taken to court if you give wrong information or you do not report changes in circumstance straight away.

How to Cancel Universal Credit Appointment

If you need to cancel an appointment to get a Universal Credit benefit you will have to get in touch with Universal Credit helpline by the phone, you can find the Universal Credit UK customer service number at the end of this guide. You can reschedule your appointment for getting the Universal Credit benefit or you can cancel it for good.

Step 3 – Enter Universal Credit Account and Cancel your Benefit

Sign In Universal Credit AccountWhen you want to cancel your Universal Credit UK benefit online you have to Sign in to your online account and locate the change in circumstances link. When you report a change in circumstances you will be able to cancel your Universal Credit benefit and so you will not pay any penalties due to changes in your situation.

Step 4 – Contact The Universal Credit UK Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

As you could see from the Universal Credit UK article it is not a very difficult task to cancel this benefit. You can cancel a Universal Credit UK appointment or you can cancel your entire benefit when there are changes in circumstances and so you will not have to pay penalties. However, if you are not able to do this by yourself online, then you may contact the Universal Credit free number 0800 328 5644 and you will be advised by a member of the customer service that will assist you with your cancellation!

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