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Easyjet UK Customer Service Contact Numbers

Helpline UK contact numbers
Customer support
Travel assistance
Flying with infant assistance
Group travels
Complaint support
0330 365 5000
Austria customer service 0820 320 950
Croatia customer service 0601 901 99
Denmark customer service 0458 988 1032
France customer service 0820 420 315
Germany customer service 0180 606 0606
Greece customer service 0211 198 0013
Israel customer service N/R
Italy customer service 0199 201 840
Portugal customer service 0707 500 176
Spain customer service N/R
Netherlands customer service N/R
Customer service for rest of the countries 0330 365 5454
Special assistance UK 0800 998 1130
France special assistance 0805 080 394
Germany special assistance 0800 723 7965
Italy special assistance 0800 582 666
Netherland special assistance 0800 020 2754
Spain special assistance N/R
Switzerland special assistance 0800 006 677
Rest of the world special assistance 0158 227 7147
Travel insurance team 0208 603 9692

Easyjet?Opening Hours

Customer support

Special assistance UK

Rest of the world special assistance

Travel assistance

Flying with infants

Group infants

Complaint support

between 8 AM- 8 PM
France special assistance

Germany special assistance

Italy special assistance

Netherland special assistance

Spain special assistance

Switzerland special assistance

between 9 AM- 5:30 PM
Travel Insurance support between 8 AM-6 PM from Monday to Friday

Easyjet customer support

  • The customer support can be contacted through post or over phone. You may need assistance regarding deals, travel, bookings. All these can be asked by sending a letter through post at following Easyjet customer care address:

Easyjet Airline Company Limited, Customer Service, Hangar 89, London Luton Airport,?Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9PF, United Kingdom

  • You should take care that you have mentioned your contact details in the letter as it will be required by them to respond you back with solution to your query. The customer service team is always ready to provide you necessary assistance. You can also contact them through phone by making call between 8 AM- 8 PM on any day. Your call will be recorded for security reasons. The Easyjet UK customer service number where call can be made is 0330 365 5000.
  • The Austrian customers can call on Easyjet Austria customer service number 0820 320 950 for their queries.
  • The customer care service prevailing in Croatia can be contacted for your queries at Easyjet Croatia contact number 0601 90199.
  • The customers living in Denmark can contact customer service team for their queries at Easyjet Denmark contact number 458 988 1032.
  • The customers seeking help from France customer care department of Easyjet can contact Easyjet France contact number 0820 420 315.
  • The Germany people need not worry if they are facing issues with the services of Easyjet. They can call Germany customer service team at Easyjet Germany contact number 0180 606 0606.
  • There is Greece customer care department for Greece residents that will provide necessary assistance. Easyjet Greece contact number is 0211 198 0013.
  • The Israeli customers can avail the assistance by calling on Easyjet Israel customer service number.
  • The Italy customer service representative will serve you through Easyjet Italy helpline number 0199 201 840.
  • Your queries in Portugal can be handled by calling on Easyjet Portugal contact number 0707 500 176.
  • Spain customer service executive will provide assistance to your problems through Easyjet Spain customer service number.
  • The Switzerland customers can resolve their issues by contacting Easyjet Switzerland customer care department.
  • Netherlands customer care department is available at Easyjet Netherlands contact number.
  • For other countries the Easyjet services can be availed by calling at +44 330 365 5454.

It is to be noted that call charges for UK customers are different from other country customers. The standard rates are applicable for numbers starting with 02 plus allowances on landline and mobile are applicable. For the numbers starting with 0800, no call charges applicable. But there is possibility that some mobile network operators may charge money for the call to 0800 numbers. The call made from landline to number starting from 0843, the charges applicable are between 1p to 13p or even more than that. You can check the call charges applicable to other countries by visiting this page.

Another way of contacting Easyjet team is through email. You have to mention your issue and personal information. The information need to be filled at this page.

Easyjet customer service special assistance

The customers who need special assistance while travelling can avail it by calling on Easyjet customer service special assistance numbers. These numbers can be contacted according to country to which customer belongs. Following are the country wise special helpline numbers.

  • UK people can call for special assistance from 8 AM- 8 PM at 0800 998 1130.
  • The special assistance team of France is available at 0805 080 394 between 9 AM- 5:30 PM. You can call them between these timings for your queries.
  • The Germany team can be called upon for special assistance between 9 AM-5:30 PM at 0800 723 7965.
  • The Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland assistance team is available at 0800 582 666, 0800 020 2754, and 0800 006 677 respectively between 9 AM-5:30 PM. You can connect with their customer service between the prescribed timings and can enjoy special helpline services.
  • For all other countries in the world, the Easyjet special assistance department is available at +44 158 227 7147. The call timings are between 8 AM- 8 PM during UK timings.

You will not be charged any cost for making call on above mentioned numbers if you are calling from landline.

Easyjet customer service special assistance

Easyjet Travel assistance

Easyjet customer team will make you aware about latest travel information by following easy process. You just have to visit this page and get the information you want. They keep this page always updated with latest travel information. You can also collect information over phone by making call at Easyjet travel assistance number 0330 365 5000. The call can be made between 8 AM- 8 PM any day. The call made to the service team can be recorded for training and security purposes. Another way to contact travel assistance helpline is through email. For sending an email, visit this page and fill the required information.

Easyjet flying with Infants

There are certain rules that you need to know if you are travelling with children under the age of 5. Similarly certain rules are connected with infants under the age of 2. You can check all these specifications in detail by visiting this page.? However, if you want to know about UK air passenger?s duty changes, you can visit this page. An easy way to contact customer service is through phone. You need to make call on Easyjet flying with infants number 0330 365 5000 between 8 AM-8 PM on any day. If you wish to contact in written form, you can send an email explaining in detail your query and personal contact details. You need to fill the information at this page. After filling the information, confirm it and send it to Easyjet team.

Easyjet Group travels

Easyjet offers various Easyjet group booking scheme that will make your travel easy and affordable. The process has been made simpler for group bookings and many beneficial deals are offered along with it. You need to visit this page if you want to collect detailed information related to group booking schemes. The customers can also use phone facility to know about this scheme or any queries related to that. The call can be made between 8 AM- 8 PM from Monday to Sunday at 0330 365 5000. If you wish to write email for resolving your query, you can do so by filling all information asked at this page. Your all queries regarding group bookings will be resolved without any hassle.

Easyjet Travel Insurance number

It offers travel insurance to all passengers as it has partnership with Allianz Global Finance. This way you can easily travel to different places without any hassle. You can check out the detailed scheme by visiting this page. It is to be noted that you can even get yourself registered to avail extra benefits of travel insurance scheme of Easyjet.? You need to go to this link to follow the sign up process. The registration will be done through this page. You can even get assistance directly from Alliance insurance team by calling them at 0208 603 9692 between 8 AM-6 PM from Monday to Friday. Otherwise you can send them an email at [email protected] . The customers who wish to get assistance in written form can write a letter mentioning in detail their query and personal contact detail and send it to following address:

Allianz Global Assistance, Travel Insurance Claims department, PO Box 1900, Croydon
CR90 9BA. United Kingdom


Easyjet complaints telephone number

You may have bad experience with the services of Easyjet but you need not worry as you can send a complaint to Easyjet customer complaint team. You can call them between 8 AM-8 PM from Monday to Friday and explain them in detail the loss you have beard. If you speak language other than English, you can call without any worries as they can deal with Italian, French, Spanish and German languages. The Easyjet complaint telephone number is 0330 365 5000. The email can also be sent for filing complaint.? You need to fill up information given at this complaint link.

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