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How to Cancel Currys Guide

currys cancellation

How to Cancel Currys

Currys is a British retailer selling household appliances and home electronics in the UK and Ireland. Currys has 295 superstores and also 73 street stores. This British company was founded in 1884 in Leicester and it has more than 10,000 employees. The headquarters are in London and their motto is “We start with you”. If you are a Currys customer and you want to cancel an order or return a product, you should read this article in order to save time and money. To do that, follow the steps below and read all the necessary information.

  • First, visit the main Currys website
  • Log into your Currys account
  • Check their conditions and cancellations fees
  • Contact Currys Customer Service 0344 561 1234


The information presented in this article will act as a multi-step guide created to help you easily understand how to cancel your Currys order. With every step you will take you will learn important things in order to properly cancel Currys and save time and money at the same time. If you are interested in finding more about this company, please visit the Currys contact numbers page.

Step 1 – Enter the Main Currys Website

currys homepage

When you enter the main Currys site you will find the best source of information necessary to understand how to cancel your Currys order. On the return and cancellation page, you will be able to see all the information you need. You can understand how to cancel an order, where to return a product or if you will be able to refund the delivery charges.

  • Enter the main Currys site by following this link
  • Understand exactly which Currys order you want to cancel
  • Prepare a payment method in order to pay cancellation fees

Step 2 – Review Currys Cancellation Conditions

currys cancel terms

To cancel your Currys order you need to visit the return and cancellation page where you will see in under what circumstance an order can be cancelled. So when you visit this page you will see the first option offered for a cancellation is the Currys customer service phone number 0344 561 1234 where a member of the team will help you to refund your money or exchange the product you have purchased.?If you want to return a product there are three ways to do it: in-store, over the phone and by email. When you want to do it in the store you will have to return the product to a Currys or to a PC World store. If you purchased a large appliance you can arrange a collection by calling the customer service number. If you want to do it by the phone, you just call the Currys helpline to arrange the product collection and refund. The same thing can be done by email, you just have to ask for a product collection and a refund by writing to [email protected]

Step 3 – Login and Cancel Currys Order Online

currys cancellation

If you have an active order this means you already have a Curry online account and you already purchased a product from their website. To log in to your Curry account click the Sign In link in the top right of the Curry homepage. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see any active orders. As you can see from the animated image above, in this example there is no active order, but normally you will see your orders in the middle of the page in the “Your orders” section. Click any order you want to cancel and you are done. If the product is already dispatched, you have to wait until arrival and you can return it back then.

Step 4 – Contact Currys Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

It is a very easy task to cancel your?Currys order as you can see in this article. You just need to log into your account, locate your order and click cancel. If the products are already dispatched, you need to wait to arrive at your place and then you may return the products and ask for a refund. If you can’t manage the cancellation online, there is another possibility to easily do it. Simply call the Currys phone number?0344 561 1234?and a member of the customer support team will answer all your questions and guide through the whole cancellation process!

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