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Gumtree UK Customer Service Contact numbers, Email, Chat, Business Number and much more…

There are facilities provided by Gumtree in which you can talk to the Gumtree customer service team via telephone. Customers having queries regarding any service provided by Gumtree can contact on Gumtree customer service number 020 3608 5072 for which the queue can be a little bit longer so it is advisable for you to be patient and the call will be attended as soon as possible.
You  In case you work for a law Enforcement Entity then you can directly get connected to the Gumtree customer service staff by clicking on Gumtree contact details. Customers can also go through all the services and products of Gumtree via iOs and Android application on their smartphones. For downloading the apps for your phone you can visit Gumtree app download link from Apple Store or from Google App.

Gumtree service number

Direct Gumtree UK contact numbers

Helpline Contact Numbers
Gumtree Customer Service Number 020 3608 5072
Local rate
Gumtree for Business 0203 580 0500
Local rate

Gumtree Service opening Hours

Business support Monday to Friday 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Contact Gumtree through Live Chat

Customers who wish to get connected to the dedicated staff via Live chat service provided by the company. All you have to do is click on the Gumtree Live chat link and follow the instructions. The staff will get connected to you shortly.

Gumtree Contact Us Page

Customer have any general queries related to all the products and services can find answers to their queries instantly by clicking on Gumtree contact us link . A list of maximum number of common general queries will be listed on the page and you can select the relevant query that you need to clarify.

If you have any general questions like posting ads from your app, or any other service related to Gumtree mobile app, you can find a list of FAQs which will help you get your answers. All you have to do is click on the following?. Gumtree app for IOS (Apple) users, Gumtree app for Android users.

Gumtree Jobs UK

If you are interested in working with the company and show your best abilities in the job profile, you can click on the Gumtree Jobs UK page . The company will be happy to hire you and provide the best atmosphere for the interested candidates. Do not lose the opportunity and apply for the same as soon as possible.

Gumtree Jobs UK

Gumtree Housing contact details

In case of any queries related to housing service you can simple select the concerned query by visiting the Gumtree housing contact details link . You will find the detailed information and steps for raising a query related to any particular issue or service.

Gumtree Pets for Sale

Customers can trust the site in regards to buying and selling of pets online. Gumtree pets for sale service is highly recommended for all the customers as the company deals in delivering the best pets all over. The staff is available to handle all your queries related to missing, lost and found pets, accessories of best quality for your pet members and sale services. In case you still you have any queries regarding the same, you can feel free to visit the Gumtree pets for sale link . All your questions will be answered on the link mentioned above.

Contact Gumtree Press Office Services

If you have any media queries related to the Gumtre UK, you can feel free to send your queries in written via email. You simply have to write the query and send it to Gumtree Press office email [email protected]. The staff will make sure that the query is resolved as soon as possible.

Gumtree Motors UK

To know more in detail regarding rules for motors, posting free ads, vehicle history check and any other motor related query, you simply have to visit the Gumtree Motors UK link ?and select the type of query you have. A list of commonly asked queries has been listed for which you can get the query resolved instantly.

Gumtree Community Support Team

For any queries related to community services and issues, you can simple connect with the Gumtree community support team by calling on the Customer service number or click on the Gumtree community support team link?.?You will get the necessary list of questions which will be helpful in resolving all your queries. It is important for the company to guide you in the right direction and therefore with this focus, the company offers the best possible services to all the members of the community.

Gumtree Safety Service

Providing the best services to all the customers all across the country along with the essential safety measures is the main focus of the Gumtree Safety service providers. There may be some questions that you would need answers to and therefore, the company has listed most commonly asked questions which will be helpful to all who have queries related to Gumtree safety service provided by the company. All you have to do is, visit the Gumtree contact link and find the list of questions and their answers in it.

Gumtree Business Services

The best team has been appointed in order to provide the necessary information regarding the business facilities to all the customers. You can contact the Gumtree business service team via telephone on Gumtree helpline number 0203 580 0500 for which the lines will be open from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM. The customer care executive will attend your call and resolve your queries as soon as possible. You can also send the queries regarding Gumtree business service to the team at Gumtree business service email address . For sending the email, you are required to open the link and fill in the details that are listed. After filling the details just click on the submit button and your email will be sent to the staff for which the staff will respond as soon as possible.

Contact Gumtree through social media- Facebook, Twitter & other social media

Gumtree is one of the classified sites which offer the customers to put ads on the website for their goods or products and make sure that there are buyers for the same. Gumtree covers almost every corner of the country and is helpful for all to search products like cars, housing material, jobs and flats and pets and much more all at one place. Gumtree website is the most trusted site which delivers the best products and services to all the customers. The main focus of the company is to deliver 100% quality products and assist all the customers with the help they require. Here are the social ways you can contact Gumtree in the U.K.

Gumtree Website
Gumtree Login/ Online Registration
Gumtree Twitter
Gumtree Blog
Gumtree Facebook
Gumtree Pinterest
Gumtree iOs App
Gumtree Android App
Gumtree Google Plus
Gumtree Business website

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  1. I am looking for rent 2 bedrooms flat (DSS excepted ) in Tower Hamlets area. I choose some flat from your gum tree which Ad, Ad ID. Ad ID, Ad ID:. I am very interested to watch these property. Could send me reply when and how I can see those property? I would like to choose one of this property. -Abir

  2. My account Recently I post one ad. I pay homepage gallery. And feature. But you charge my money not put homepage. I can?t even find my ad. ? What is going on Also the I can?t post any job ad

  3. Hi, I am trying to buy a item on Gumtree through PayPal, , but can’t, he give me his email address,

  4. For God sake sending me adds regarding to rent any property.
    I have never asked you to send me any such mails.
    If they do not stop sending rubbish mails I will have to decide to sue.
    No regards
    Engineer Veriah.R

  5. I have been and have trying to put the first of several adds on the For Sale section bu have received a message (nearly there but have you forgotten one thing” or similar. Can they please email me and tell me what I have done wrong. I am in my 90th year and have had several successful dealings with them in the past. Thank you.

  6. Customer service numbers function
    Live chat is on perpetual “ is down for maintenance”
    “Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll be back shortly.”
    If your query is not in their FACs your pretty well

  7. I have ads on gumtree but when potential buyers try to contact me via my ad they are then referred to a page asking them to sign in with google and give a password , why can?t you just let them contact me via my details that you hold ?

  8. Gumtree are impossible, live chat down for maintenance constantly , sentt emails about a payment that?s gone missing and had no replies , spent trying to get through on the phone to helpline with success

  9. I am trying to post my add to sell my car I’m a Private seller
    But they keep refusing to post my add tell me that I have already post the add a number of times to witch I have not what are you refusing to post my add It was in there for number of days and I had over 5000 views
    Then they decided to remove it please explain I am losing the sale of my car over this

  10. Hi , on the 5th of December I made a paypal payment of ?22.50 for Xbox one game red dead redemption, could you please advise me what to do , he has taken my money and not sent the item .

  11. Disappointed they are allowing people to advertise dogs, pets on your website. Those looking for dogs as bait will be eager to access and buy. I want their head office address please to raise this complaint officially and others on Facebook want to do the same.

  12. received e mail ref post had for sale, went to reply through gumtree messenger as advised but came up as not secure so logged back into my account and answered that way

  13. on the 2nd of april i tried to pay |||no luck ,I tried to pay for a motorcycle with the app got a message UNABLE TO CONNECT/COMPLETE ? all i can say is the ad id number I wanted to buy his bike but couldnt and he had 0 offers there seems to problems that they dont care about

  14. I have been scammed with a fake phone which is a cheap phone with the real phone i wanted’s covers on and the software has been hacked and changed

  15. Hello i am getting the following messages to my adverts. Its attached to toy adverts. Not right.

    Hi, My name is Ross, I was wondering if they could maybe help me out? This is going to seem like an unusual request but they may be interested. I’m basically looking to meet once or twice a week for a little bit of female companionship. I’m a genuine and friendly person. I just turned 30 years old, I’m a decent enough looking guy and I’m in pretty good shape, my only real issue is I have a medical condition that prevents me getting out much. My vestibular system is messed up and because of that I get dizzy pretty easily and can have vertigo attacks if I try and walk too far. This means I spend most of my life in the house and as a result of that, I hardly meet anyone new. I would like to find a woman that could spend some time with me for something like a few hours per week. If this sounds of any interest at all please give me a chance and send me a text, (what’s app would be preferred if you have it) and we could have a chat, discuss some details and I could try my best to answer any questions you may have. then we can try to come to some sort of arrangement that would suit us both and provide you with the right amount of compensation for the time we spend together.

  16. please can they tell me why is my account been suspended please as I cannot seem to post an ad on gumtree please check this out for me thanx

  17. Hello
    Really really fed up with keep having to prove i am not a robot.
    I cant be the only one.
    If i dont want certian programs on my computer, that is my buisness
    it dosnt affect other sites I visit.
    comments would be appreciated.

  18. R/
    I buy watch from Queens Land and pay money by west pac cash $ and the Item did not send and give wrong tracking number, kindly get my money back as soon as possible.

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