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Ruskin College Oxford Contact Informatoin

Ruskin College provides an opportunity to the underprivileged adults who were not able to receive their primary education an equal chance to learn and grow irrespective of their community, caste or religion. As the motto of the college says ?Learning to make a difference? so, if you also want to make a difference in your life and want to acquire education and the right amount of knowledge then this college Welcomes you with an open arm. You can learn more about the college by visiting their official website For any queries, you are free to call on Ruskin College contact number 0186 575 9600 which is available at your service. You can also enquire about anything regarding the admission and course via Ruskin College email address [email protected]. So, make a difference in your life and make it worth living, come and be the part of the Ruskin family.

Ruskin College Uk Contact

Ruskin College UK Contact Numbers


UK Contact Number

Ruskin College UK Number 0186 575 9600
Ruskin College Fax Number 0186 575 9649
Ruskin College Governance 0186 575 9791
Health and Safety Manager at Ruskin College 0186 575 9615

Ruskin College Address

If you want to visit Ruskin College and get a lively experience of the campus and hostel of the college then you can follow the Ruskin College Address which is stated below:

Ruskin College Oxford, Ruskin Hall, Dunstan Road, Old Headington, Oxford, OX3 9BZ

You can get more details of the address along with the Map of the location on their website here.
Ruskin College can easily be reached by car and also by public transport.

Ruskin College Contact Number

To reach out to the college for any of your doubts and queries regarding admission, fee structure, Curriculum, Course etc all you need to do is to dial the Ruskin College Contact number 0186 575 9600. It is the contact number through which you can ask you any question to the Reception committee.
If in case the College Contact number line is busy or you are not able to reach out to them then you can also use their Fax number which is 0186 575 9649. As per your convenience, you can reach out to them for help.
You can find any other details to the contact number of Ruskin college page

Ruskin College Email Address

If you want your doubt to be resolved by sitting on your comfortable sofa or bed, you can enjoy the email service provided by the college. All it requires you to do is to drop an email on Ruskin College Email Address [email protected]. On this address, you can ask information related to administration, general, courses, admissions etc. Your queries will be solved by email only, so with the power of the internet in your hand, you can seek any information at your comfort.

Ruskin College Login

In order to receive regular news updates from the college and know about the recent happenings in the college, you just have to visit their website. There at the bottom of the page, you will see ?Newsletter Signup? where you are asked to enter your full name and email address and then click on ?Submit?. Your email address along with your name will be registered in College?s Database you will receive regular updates from the College via Emails.
For Ruskin College Login visit their page and enter the asked details like name and address.

Ruskin College Application Form

To become a part of the huge family of the college you can get Ruskin College Application Form here. Visit the website and know the procedure on How to apply for Ruskin College. Also, you should keep in mind that before applying to the college you must have the documents mentioned on the page. Please, make sure to completely fill all the asked details, otherwise, your application will not process. Apart from candidates applying for a short term course, the others have to submit a personal statement regarding why they want to apply for the course and what are their career goals. You can get the entire information like prospects which can be downloaded at the link provided, can also apply for the course here. To download an application form you can click on Download an Application Form and you will be directed to a new window where you will get your required application form.
In case, a student finds it difficult to get particular information or finds difficulty in filling the application form then the student helpline telephone number of Ruskin College 0186 575 600 is always there to assist the students.
The students can also drop an email on [email protected] asking their doubts or stating the problems they are facing during filling the application form.

Ruskin College Student support

The college understands the problem of every individual and, therefore, try to provide a solution to any problems faced by the students. Because the college knows that the road to achieving something is not always smooth and straight it might have hindrances such as finance, social or personal difficulties which not only make it difficult for the student to join the College but also stops him to his right to education.
Therefore, the college has brought up a student support program under the name of Ruskin College Student Support via page. By clicking, here you will be directed to a new window where a student will get all the help which is required.
To help the students’ various development sessions are done and also life skills sessions are made available to the students. If a student is interested to join any of the sessions conducted by the Student Support Program then appointments can be booked through the main reception number which is 0186 575 9600. Telephone and email appointments are also available at the Student Support Program Page.

Ruskin College: About Us

If you are seeking information like how the student life is at the campus, to know about the facilities provided to students, Teachers of your course, transport facility etc then you can find the complete guide to Ruskin College at this website.
Instead, of searching for different websites and asking to people about the college you can simply click on the link provided and get any information you want. The entire guide to Ruskin College is just a click away from you.

Ruskin College Governance

The Governing Executive of the college has several Standing Committees that meet regularly, such as the Audit Committee, Finance Committee and Search Committee. Other documents related to the key governance of the college including the Annual report and Accounts can be found on the website.
If you want to know the complete information to Ruskin College Governance, Click here
For further information regarding the governance of the college, please contact the Clerk to the Governors Helen Jeffries on 0186 575 9791.

Ruskin College Governance

Ruskin College Finance

To know about the fees and funding of Ruskin College click on Ruskin College Finance Page. On this page, the entire fee structure is provided along with the tenure of every course. A student can easily know about the expense required to pursue a particular course via their website.
The Finance Committee has also been established at Ruskin College to take a strategic overview of the finances of the College, it is also employed to receive and comment on the College’s financial forecasts and revenue and capital budgets. The College’s investments policy is also overseen by the Finance Committee and many such tasks are controlled by them.
You can read or know more about the tasks and work of the Finance Committee of Ruskin College here.

Ruskin College Principal

With years of teaching experience and leadership qualities, the Principal of Ruskin College has been teaching history to thousands of students. He has been contributing to the field by making history accessible and meaningful to all.
To reach out to him you can directly access Ruskin College Principal website or you can also contact him on his phone number 0186 575 9600

Ruskin College Staff

The college has a huge staff that handles various responsibilities and committees in the college. From teaching staff to administrative staff, you can find the entire Ruskin College Staff on page and know their contact numbers and email address. Here, are the names and email address of the people from different staff of the College.

Ruskin College Donations

If you want to do some charity work and feels like contributing to a good cause then you can visit the Ruskin college Donations page.
Any amount of donation will do for the college. No matter how much you donate, you will make a good impact on thousands of lives. So, step ahead and be a part of making a difference. You can even have your say in your contribution. It means your contribution will be spent in your suggested way. You can do this by calling on Ruskin College Donations number 0186 575 9600. Alternatively, you can communicate through email at [email protected].

Ruskin College Alumni blog

If you were drawn to the study at Ruskin College or by its values and offer, you can join to stay connected to the family, know how. With the unique Fellowship of past students and associate members, supports the aims and objectives of our college we have created a Ruskin College Alumni blog here. Whichever course you?ve attended, long or short, residential or non-residential, the offer of membership is open to you. By being a part of Ruskin college Alumni blog you can stay connected to your classmates, tutors and keep up to date with all of the latest news.
You can also join the Alumni blog by following the Email address [email protected]

Ruskin College Complaints Procedure

Ruskin College is committed to providing the best services to its students in all fields. If in any case, the college fails to meet your expectations then you can know Ruskin College Complaints Procedure here. You can read about the entire procedure that needs to be followed to complain to Ruskin College about any issue. This procedure covers the suitable action that needs to be taken if anything goes wrong.

Contact Ruskin College through social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter and other apps

Ruskin College an independent educational institute in Oxford which is known for imparting educational opportunities to adults who are excluded and disadvantaged from getting the privilege to education. It is originally known as Ruskin Hall, Oxford, It is named after the essayist and social critic John Ruskin. Ruskin College is affiliated to the University of Oxford. This college is a boon for providing equal educational opportunities for adults who do not have any prior qualifications. To reach out to the college through various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc, you can find all the suitable links to Ruskin College provided here:

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