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Yodel UK contact numbers: Customer Service, Tracking Number and Complaints, Parcel Collect and Transport

Contact Yodel customer service and support number 0344 755 0117

The users can have any questions about the parcel delivery status, delivery, any damage incurred or if to return it. All these and many more are already been answered for your convenience. You can visit the Yodel help page and quickly get your doubts cleared. Still, if you wish to speak with Yodel customer service human to discuss any of your concerns, you can call the Yodel customer service number UK 0344 755 0117 here and the Yodel customer service advisor would be happy to assist further. The Yodel phone opening times are from Mon- Fri 8AM- 7PM and Sat 9AM- 1PM. For any of your questions or requests about the Yodel terms and policies, you can send them via the Yodel email address [email protected] . If you have any questions about your services or about the invoices, you can call your account manager directly.


?Yodel Contact Numbers


Important Contact Numbers

Customer Services 0800 157 7777
Web Collect Contact/ Transport Portal Contact- for External Clients 0800 019 0022
Transport Portal Contact- for Internal Employees 0800 157 7777
Transport Tower Contact 0800 954 7341

Yodel Live Help

The Yodel customer service advisors are also accessible through the Yodel live help chat sessions where you can discuss any of your doubts about the parcel delivery, returns policy or any other. The chat can be initiated through theYodel live help?page. The advisors are available from Mon- Fri 8AM- 10PM and Sat 8AM- 5PM.

yodel webchat

Yodel Customer Service Address

Any of the correspondence related to your parcels can also be sent to the service advisors by mail at the below mentioned Yodel customer service address along with all your contact details and they make sure to reply back as early as possible

Second Floor, Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 4AE

Center map

Yodel Quote Request

The users have always been offered competitive prices on both domestic and international delivery with the various delivery options. You can have the best possible Yodel quote online for your parcels through the Yodel quote request?page by mentioning all the parcel details like its dimensions, destination country etc.

Yodel Parcel Tracking

The best and the easy way to track your parcel status are through the online portal. Using your tracking number, you can check the status via this Yodel parcel tracking page. The parcel number is between 8 and 20 digits in length and if you do not have the number, you can contact the sender of the parcel, who can assist further. The users can also discuss the status with the advisors through the Yodel live chat sessions via this page and get the update. You have one more option through the Yodel mobile apps, which can be easily downloaded via the page and get the delivery updates periodically. You have been explained online all the terms related to tracking by visiting the page under the ?tracking? tab.

Yodel Calling Card

If in case, you have missed the delivery, then the drivers are authorized to leave the Yodel calling cards with instructions.

Green card- if it is a green card, then you can call the driver directly and rearrange the collection. They can be called any time until 9pm.

Orange card- if it is an orange card, then you need to arrange for a re-delivery via the page.

?Yodel Web Collect Request

Through the Yodel web collect, you can easily book third party collections online. You can sign in the online account to make the request through the Yodel web collect request?page. If you are facing any problems while logging in the account, you can call the advisors at the free Yodel customer service 0800- 0800 019 0022

Yodel Web collect free number

Yodel Express Delivery Times

For all the small and medium-sized parcels, Yodel express is the perfect one or two-day delivery option. The deliveries are made 6 days a week from 7AM- 9PM and if you are looking for additional information, you can send the request for the same via this Yodel express delivery times?page and the Yodel sales staff will revert back with all the details.

Yodel Xpect Contact

Yodel Xpect offers a two hour delivery window and are best for small, medium and large parcels. You can submit any of your requests via the contact form and the Yodel business sales staff will revert back with all the details.

Yodel Xpert Requests

Yodel xpert provides the delivery services for high value goods and BFPO services with next day or two day delivery options. You can contact the Yodel sales staff via the Yodel xpert requests?form and they would then call back with all the required information.

Yodel Republic of Ireland Contact

The Yodel Republic of Ireland (ROI) services are best for the businesses to send parcels to the Republic of Ireland up to 25 kg. The best quotes for the parcel are accessible online by submitting the required details via the page.

Yodel Offshore Contact

Yodel offers two or three day service in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man apart from Republic of Ireland. In Channel Islands, if the delivery has been missed, the parcel will be delivered to the Post Office. If you wish to have all other related information, you can submit the request via this Yodel offshore contact?page and the advisors will revert back at your convenient time.

Yodel Transport Portal Contact

The Yodel transport portal enables the users to raise and update any IT requests, whether by the internal employees or the external customers. You can sign in to the online account via this page to manage all the requests. However, if you are facing any issues, you can call the service staff at the Yodel transport portal contact number 0800 157 7777?here. This is the contact number for the internal employees. The external clients can call the Yodel phone number free 0800 019 0022. You can also contact the Yodel transport and control tower to help you in using the self service portal by calling the free Yodel phone number 0800- 0800 954 7341 here

Yodel Transport Portal Contact

Yodel World Contact

The Yodel world offers the users all the competitive options for the international parcel delivery services. The parcels are delivered within 3-5 working days safely and securely (however, some destinations may take longer time). For the overseas parcel, the packaging has to be perfectly done, for which you may follow the guidelines as mentioned via this page. And the users can look for the best quotes online through the page.

Yodel Direct Helpline

yodel direct services

This offers the users fully online services right from booking the service online and then tracking the status of the parcel as per your convenience. The Yodel direct help centre answers all your questions in regard to delivery, collection, accounts through their help page. You can check for the best competitive quotes online easily using the page.

Yodel Multiple Parcel Requests

When the users add more parcels to the order, it lowers the average price of delivery. You can check for the multiple parcel rates online by visiting the page and to get the best quotes for the same, you can submit the details via this Yodel quotes page.

Yodel Fake Email Contact

If you have received any information via the email and your suspect it to be a fraud, then you can send the same to the Yodel contact email [email protected] and the advisors will investigate it further. For some related details on safe online shopping, you can check the guidelines via this webpage.

Yodel Press Office Contact

The Yodel press office department can be contacted by the journalists for all the media related questions by email via the Yodel contact email [email protected] and the staff will then revert back to all the required information.

Yodel Business Sales Contact

You can discuss all your business requirements with the Yodel customer service advisors by submitting the details via the Yodel business sales form and then they will contact back further. For more details about the services or any promotional activities, you can submit the details for a call back to be made by the advisors via this page.

Yodel Careers

You can search and then apply for the various job opportunities using the online portal via the Yodel careers page.

Yodel Returns Contact Number

If you wish to make a return or exchange of your parcel, generally the instructions are mentioned in the enclosed documents. If it is not, then you need to contact the sender for arranging the collection. The collection can be done between 8AM-6PM. If you have any questions for the same, you can discuss it with the Yodel customer services at the Yodel returns contact number 0344 755 0117 here. The returned parcel can also be tracked using the Yodel track page.

Yodel Customer Reviews

The customers can check the feedback or opinions of various other clients using the online portal through the Yodel customer reviews page.

My Yodel Feedback

Yodel aims to collect all the experiences and opinions of the customers regarding their delivery experience through the online have your say system. The customers are required to mention all the details via the dashboard page.

Yodel Customer Complaints

In the case, if you are not satisfied with the Yodel services, you can surely get in touch with the Yodel customer services in writing and the staff will take all efforts to rectify the issue instantly. You are required to submit the Yodel customer complaints email form via the page including all the details along with the tracking number. You can also speak to them at the Yodel customer complaints phone number 0800 157 7777?here or contact them via the Yodel live chat sessions. The Yodel opening hours are from Mon- Fri 9AM- 5PM and Sat 9AM- 1PM. if you prefer to post, the letter can also be sent at the following Yodel contact address and the Yodel customer relations staff will make sure to solve the issue at the earliest.

Second Floor, Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 4AE

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Yodel is a successful and independent parcel carrier across the United Kingdom largely for retailers and businesses. Wide options for delivery are being offered as per the users? business needs. A large network has been operated including the van drivers, local courier agents and collects plus points. The customer support advisors are easily approachable for any concerns in various ways- over the telephone, or by using the online email form or via the live chat sessions or through the social portals like twitter and mobile apps.

16 thoughts on “Yodel UK contact numbers: Customer Service, Tracking Number and Complaints, Parcel Collect and Transport

  1. Parcel not delivered to my address in Irish Republic . Post code . Package from Miscota Spain marked Undelivered address by Yodel on tracking report.
    What do I do now please ?

  2. Hi,

    I rearranged delivery for my package to my place of work for tomorrow . The online form would not allow me to put my school address:

  3. What a company to do business with. Will do at all costs placing orders with company that use Yodel to deliver there goods.

  4. This company. Employ the animals on monkey life more intelligent than there. Live chat had the pleasure of speaking to someone who was as as they come clearly got job on grounds of being able to just about write there name and string a sentence together. Can’t count excuses for non delivery of item. Can’t understand how this company stays in business.

  5. YODEL is delivery company.
    They lost my parcel. They delete the tracking number and any information from the website to cover the problem. I didn’t receive refund.

    1. refund should come from retailer inform them of non delivery as technically they are the courier customer and not the parcel recipient
      statutory rights should apply for non receipt of parcel

  6. Absolute hard, twice in three days my parcels have not been delivered but have been signed for someone else and literally dont know how that company is still going with the amount of complaints they get, terrible service

  7. Well I bought something from eBay and the parcel has been delivered and left outside of my step door and I?m surprise the company still going with plenty then claim to useless drivers sign on behalf of someone else

  8. Item not delivered so I ring Yodel customer services to ask about it,it has been delivered they said .But I had no card left to say where it had been left.

  9. waited over a week for delivery kept deing told tomorrow then find out through tracking was deliverd Friday but did not get it or card to tell me ware it was left now cannot get answer from yodel

  10. They were supposed to deliver my hub today off talk tall they even txt to say they were coming but its now 7pm & nobody has been nore has my tracking been updated accordinly
    Im fuming ive stayed in all day starving as no food in & still they havent arrived ?????im sorry but that is the worst company ive ever come accross & thats putting it mildly

  11. Bought an item on eBay – seller said it was too big for letterbox, yet Yodel say it was delivered through letterbox – no parcel to be found anywhere!… No calling card! Driver is a liar?

  12. Was tracking delivery from Office shoes and at home waiting. Then told driver was unable to gain access. No attempt made here- think this was a lie as near end of shift. Tried to rearrange delivery to drop off center but not allowed on website so had to arrange to pick up at depot. Why do I have to do this at my expense when I have paid for delivery? Have also tried for web chat but no response.
    This has happened before with yodel, so bad..

  13. I rearranged a redelivery for 4 sept) and was at home from 1710. There was no delivery and no card ;left. Tracking had said the my parcel was with the driver at 17:17. It then said that the parcel had been returned to sender at 1735.
    I cannot raise a human and only get to an unhelpful computer device. I would like to speak to someone as I do not which sender the parcel is coming from.

  14. what is driver playing at ? Monday 9th having followed the tracker 17.46 driver could not access property [im sorry its a house with no gates and a door bell].watching tracker he did not move for several hours on an estate round the today it was updated 11.47 missed delivery ,system says card was delivered [I am still looking for the card] on top of this I was in.i suggest as the driver needs to get a signature for the package he is avoiding delivery.this does customer service no good at all.if it does arrive I doubt whether I will us again.i certainly will be passing on my bad experience to all friends and neighbours.its shockingthat a company of size cannot make sure the staff are working correctly.have also been on to Asda [the supplier] to inform them of the poor service.i am so looking forward to meeting driver when he does finally turn up

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