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How to Cancel Admiral Insurance

Cancel Admiral Insurance

Admiral Insurance Cancellation Guidebook

Admiral Insurance is an insurance company that mainly sells insurance policies for cars. They operate under the trading name of EUI Limited. However, because of the popularity the company has garnered over the years, they have expanded their services into providing home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, and life insurance etc. And all these insurance policies are just as good as their car insurance policies. The insurance provider designed their insurance policies with higher premiums in mind. By higher premiums, it means people in the urban areas. Nevertheless, Admiral Insurance is on their way of offering their services to people in the rural areas.

It is easy to get an insurance policy from Admiral Insurance. It is also easy to cancel your contract with Admiral Insurance. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Admiral Insurance official website
  • Head onto the ‘Existing Customers’ section
  • Dial the cancellation phone number
  • Call the Admiral Insurance customer service contact number?0333 220 2000

Below will be a visual step-by-step guide for how to cancel your Admiral Insurance policy. While Admiral Insurance is always reluctant to see customers go, they will also be accommodating and help you in all ways possible. If you are looking to learn more about Admiral Insurance’s other services, then you ought to visit our Admiral Insurance Contact Numbers page.

Step 1: Log on to the Admiral Insurance main website

The best way to seek information about Admiral Insurance is when you visit their official website. On their website, they simplify all the information so that it is easy for you to understand, which includes how to cancel your insurance policy.

  • Click on this link to visit the Admiral Insurance official website
  • Remember to keep your account and contact details handy
  • Make sure that you have paid off your insurance policy

Step 2: Existing Customers

Existing Customers > Contact Us

On the homepage, you will see a series of tabs at the top of the page.

  • Click on the ‘Existing Customers’ tab
  • Select ‘Contact Us’

Step 3: Admiral Insurance Cancellation Phone Number

Renew an insurance policy > Your policy renewal > Choose a solution
  • Scroll down and select ‘Renew an insurance policy’
  • Automatically, the page will display a phone number that allows you to either renew or cancel your insurance policy
  • Bear in mind that there are different numbers for different policies, such as travel insurance and van insurance

Step 4 (Optional): Inform them during the ‘cooling off’ period

To cancel your contract with Admiral Insurance, you have the option to do so for free during the cooling off period. The cooling off period is the 14 days, of which you will be granted upon the commencement of the contract. After you have signed the contract, you can reconsider your decision and decide if you want to stay with Admiral Insurance. If you decide to leave Admiral Insurance within these 14 days, let them know and they will cancel the contract for you. In such cases, they will give you a full refund. However, if you miss the 14 day period and choose to cancel after that, they may charge you for a minimal cancellation fee.

Step 5: Contact the Admiral Insurance customer service helpline

It is rare to see Admiral Insurance customers choose to leave them. This is an insurance provide that provides top of the line insurance services for all the people in the UK. Their protection policies can be considered the best. However, if you choose to leave, they won’t stop you. In the event that you are confused about how cancelling with them work, you ought to call the Admiral Insurance customer service helpline on?0333 220 2000.

Do help yourself to our Admiral Insurance Contact Numbers page to see what other services they have to offer. You are probably choosing to leave Admiral Insurance because you do not know much about what they offer. This is why you ought to head on over to their official website or simply our Admiral Insurance Contact Numbers page. Not only do we provide a list of Admiral Insurance phone numbers, we also explain all the intricacies and important details about Admiral Insurance. This insurance provider is like none other. You are their top priority and they are always pursuing for the best way to satisfy your requirements and needs.

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  1. Please to cancel that above policy for insurance as this policy is no longer needed. Tried to cancel by phone but was asked to send an email to cancel thank you

  2. I had no issues cancelling by phone (subject to ?25 charge deducted as expected) and got a phone reference number just in case too.

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