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How to Cancel DVLA Guide

cancel dvla

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency also know as DVLA is a UK government organisation responsible for maintaining the driver’s database in the United Kingdome. This agency is issuing driving licenses, collect road tax and sells personalised registrations. It is based in Swansea, Wales and is an executive agency of the Department of Transport. In 2004 DVLA introduced the EVL also known as the Electronic Vehicle Licensing wich allows the customer to pay vehicle excise duty online.

If you are a DVLA customer and you want to cancel one of their services and products, you better read this article in order to understand how to do that easier. You can learn from this article how to cancel DVLA road tax, how to cancel DVLA direct debit, theory test or DVLA application. Follow the steps provided below to have a positive experience when cancelling your DVLA services:

  • Visit the website
  • Read all the information presented in the help and faq pages
  • Contact the DVLA Customer Service 0300 790 6802


You will find that information presented in this article can act as a multi-step guide created in order to help you understand better the cancellation process in order to save you time and money. If you need to find more about this government organisation, don’t hesitate to visit the DVLA contact numbers page.

Step 1 – Enter the main DVLA Website

DVLA main website

The best source of information you can find about how to cancel DVLA services is to enter their main website

  • First, visit the main DVLA website
  • Prepare a payment method in case you need to pay cancellation fees
  • Know exactly what kind of DVLA service or product you need to cancel

Step 2 – Read the DVLA Cancellation Policies

DVLA cancellation policies

Cancel DVLA Vehicle Tax

You can cancel your DVLA vehicle tax by telling DVLA you no longer have the vehicle in possession or it’s not on the road anymore. To cancel your DVLA vehicle tax you need to inform them if your car has been:

  • transferred or sold to someone else
  • written off by the insurance company
  • stolen
  • exported out of the UK
  • taken off the road
  • scrapped at a vehicle scrapyard
  • registered as an exempt from vehicle tax

After you have informed DVLA about that, your vehicle tax will be cancelled and if you pay by Direct Debit, this will be cancelled automatically.

DVLA Vehicle Tax Refund

DVLA refund vehicle taxWhen you cancel your vehicle tax by telling DVLA, you will get a refund for the remaining full month’s tax. The refund will be received by you by cheque. This refund is calculated from the date DVLA receives your information and it will be sent to the name and address of the vehicle log book. If the refund does not arrive in 6 weeks, contact DVLA. You will not receive a refund for credit card fees or for the 5% and 10% surcharge on some direct payments or a single 6-month payment.

Step 3 – Cancel DVLA

Cancel DVLA

DVLA Sold Your Car

dvla sold your car
When you no longer own a vehicle you have to tell DVLA. You have to inform DVLA also when you buy a vehicle. In order to do that visit the Sold Bought Vehicle page on the government website and click the Start now button.

You will have to provide some details about you:

  • if you are a motor trader
  • what you have done to your vehicle(sold it, put it into someone else’s name, scrapped it, bought it)
  • then provide the 11 digit reference number from the latest vehicle log book
  • give the green new keeper’s details to the buyer
  • tell the DVLA you have sold the vehicle using this service
  • destroy the rest of the log book

DVLA Register Vehicle Off Road

DVLA Register vehicle off road
When you take your vehicle off road you need to inform the DVLA. An example of a vehicle on the off road situation could be when you keep it in a garage. In that situation you have to inform DVLA, this situation is called Statutory Off Road Notification. You can get a refund for the remaining full months of tax. You will not be able to use your vehicle on the road again until you tax it again.

DVLA Stolen Vehicle

dvla stolen vehicle
In the unwanted situation that your vehicle is stolen, you need to tell the police and the insurance company that your vehicle has been stolen. When you contact the local police station you need to have ready the following:

  • registration number
  • make and model
  • colour

You will receive a crime reference number and you will use this reference number when you call the insurance company. The police will inform DVLA about the theft and when the vehicle is found. The next step is to inform the insurance company. If the insurance company pays you a claim for a stolen car, you will have to inform DVLA it has been sold to the insurance company. You will have to send to DVLA a letter including:

  • the details of the insurance company
  • your registration number
  • the date of the claim
  • the make, model and the colour of the vehicle
  • your signature

DVLA Change of Tax Class

DVLA Change of Tax Class
You have to change your vehicle’s tax class in case of changes to your vehicles that include the following:

  • the fuel type
  • the engine size
  • the number of seats
  • the weight
  • the use of the vehicle

If you are a disabled person or an organisation providing transport for disable people you won’t have to pay vehicle tax or you will pay a lower rate.

Change DVLA Driving Test Appointment

change DVLA driving test appointment

The change of driving test appointment is possible when you want to find an earlier driving test, to move your driving test to another later date or when you want to change the test centre. The service of changing the driving test is available from 6 AM to 11.40 PM. To change DVLA driving test appointment you will need the following:

– your UK driving licence number
– your driving test reference number/theory test pass certificate number

You can change your appointment for 6 times, no more than that. To make changes after 6 times, you will have to cancel your test.
change DVLA driving test
To change your appointment driving test locate the Start Button and the DVLA change driving test page and click on it.

Cancel DVLA Driving Test Appointment

Cancel DVLA Driving test appointment
If you want to cancel your DVLA driving test you need to go to the cancel DVLA driving test page of the government’s website and locate the Start now button and click on it. Before doing that make sure you have at hand the following:
start cancelling driving test
– your UK driving licence number
– the driving test reference/theory test pass certificate number

To receive a refund for the cancelled driving test you need to wait 3 working days.

Step 4 – Contact the DVLA Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

As you could see from this article is not very complicated to cancel the DVLA services. You can easily inform DVLA about selling or transferring your vehicle, you can register your vehicle as SORN (Statutory off Road Notification), you can learn how to inform DVLA if your vehicle has been stolen or how can you change your vehicle’s tax class. However, if you can’t handle these notifications to DVLA by yourself or you find the navigation on the DVLA website too complicated, you can always contact the DVLA phone number 0300 790 6802 where a member of the customer service team will be there to help you with any queries you may have regarding the DVLA cancellation!

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