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How to Cancel Equifax

cancel Equifax

Equifax is an American company which provides insights and knowledge helping people to make informed decisions. Equifax analysed data from more than 820 million consumers and more than 91 million business worldwide. With the headquarters in the US, Atlanta, Georgia, Equifax has branches all over the world, in 24 countries in North America, Central, South America, Europe and Asia. Equifax UK provides detailed consumer and business data in the United Kingdom and also help organisations protecting themselves against fraud and to comply with the regulation.

If you are already an Equifax customer and you want to cancel their services, you may want to read this article to better understand how to cancel Equifax account details, direct debit or plan. Follow the steps presented below and you will save time and money when cancelling Equifax.

  • Visit the main Equifax website
  • Search for the Cancel Equifax online number
  • Review Equifax cancellation terms and conditions
  • Contact the cancellation number
  • Call the Equifax customer service telephone number 0333 321 4043


You will find below a step-by-step guide created for you in order to cancel your Equifax membership below. You will find also screenshots included in the article from the website to show you clearly the main steps in order to cancel your Equifax. If you want to find more about this company, please don’t hesitate to visit the Equifax Contact Numbers page on our website to find out more.

Step 1 – Visit the Main Equifax UK Official Website

Equifax Uk official website

By visiting the Equifax official website, you will get all the information you need about the services they provide and you will be able how the cancellation process works. It is very easy to navigate on their website and you will surely find what you are looking for right away, but if you don’t, you can follow the steps in the article.

  • Visit the Equifax official website
  • Have all Equifax account details
  • Know exactly what service you want to cancel
  • Prepare a payment method in case you have to pay cancellation fees

Step 2 – Review Equifax Cancellation Policy

Equifax Cancellation Policy

If you visit the customer help pages from the Equifax website you will find a lot of answers to your cancellation questions. If you enter “Cancel” and hit search you will receive back a lot of result about cancelling Equifax services.

Step 3 – How to Cancel Equifax Subscription

Cancel Equifax Subscription
To cancel, amend or even upgrade your Equifax subscription you will need to contact the customer service telephone number 0333 321 4043 from 8AM-8PM, daily. To make changes to your Equifax service, the customer team will ask you a security question to verify your account. In case you cancel your Equifax service, you will not receive anymore the weekly alerts and also the customer service team will not be able to answer specific questions about your account in the near future.

Equifax Customer Complaints

Equifax support

If you are not happy with the services provided by Equifax you can contact the customer service team to make a complaint. If you believe that there is inaccurate information about your Credit Report, you can simply tell the support team and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. To contact the customer service team you may ring them or use the Equifax complaint online form. To do that you need to enter your login credentials such as your email address and account password and then you will be able to address your query.

You will receive an answer to your complaint in approximately five business days, but sometimes it may take longer. However, you will receive an answer within the response time with explanations about why you can’t receive an answer right away, who is looking into your complaint and when you will receive the full answer.

Equifax Credit Marketing Services

stop receiving marketing communications from Equifax
In case you want to stop receiving marketing services go to the Equifax?Member Centre and select My Account and then go to the Marketing section and edit it. You will be able to select the type of marketing communications you will receive from Equifax in the future. If you unsubscribe from receiving marketing communications you will still be able to receive credit alerts or changes to the terms and conditions.

Equifax Credit Report and Score

Equifax credit report and score
When you opt in to receive Equifax credit report and score you will receive:
– unlimited online access to your credit score
– unlimited access to your credit file
– weekly alerts about your credit file
– access to WebDetect
– access to the Equifax customer care team

Equifax Credit Report UK

If you purchase Equifax Credit Report you will receive:
– unlimited access to your credit file
– weekly alerts for your Credit File
– access to WebDetect
– access to the dedicated customer care team

Equifax Identity Watch Pro

If you purchase Equifax Identity Watch Pro you will get the following:
– unlimited online access to credit file and credit score
– daily alerts about your credit file
– access to WebDetect
– access to Social Scan
– access to the dedicated customer care team.

Equifax Right to Cancel and Refund

Equifax cancel and refunds

In case you no longer want to receive the products purchased from Equifax, you can cancel your subscription at any time. For monthly subscription products you need to call the customer service team with at least 24 hours prior to the next renewal date and if you miss that deadline, the Equifax product will be cancelled at the end of the next renewal date and you will be charged for the 30 day period. You can also cancel any products if Equifax fails to comply with their terms and conditions and you have to keep in mind that once a subscription is cancelled, you will not be able to access your credit reports.

Step 4 ? Contact Equifax Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

As you could read the article, it is not complicated to cancel your Equifax subscription by yourself. It only takes a few steps and clicks of a button and you are ready to go. However, if you find difficult to cancel by yourself the Equifax subscription service, then you should contact the Equifax phone number 0333 321 4043 where a member of the dedicated support team will be there to answer all your queries and questions you may have regarding the cancellation of the Equifax account!

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