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How to Cancel myHermes Guide

How to Cancel myHermes

myHermes is a delivery company based in Germany that operates in many European countries, including the United Kingdom, where every year there are more than 200 million parcels delivered every year. The company was in the second place as the best mail home delivery provider in the United Kingdom in 2014. Sometimes, you may find useful to cancel your parcel with myHermes. To do that you need to understand some things. There are two different situations, the first is if you paid the parcel and the second is if you did not pay for the parcel already.

There are a few steps needed to be taken to cancel a myHermes parcel.

  • Visit the main myHermes website
  • Find your parcel number
  • Check any fees for cancellation
  • Contact myHermes Customer Service 0330 333 6556


This is a visual multi-step guide that will help you to cancel?myHermes shipment. You will understand with each step, the proper instruction to cancel myHermes parcel. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to visit myHermes contact numbers page.

Step 1 ? Enter MyHermes Main Website

Enter MyHermes website

Visiting the main website will be your first source to be informed about how to cancel or change a shipment with myHermes. You will be able to do that by the phone at the end of this guide, but you should try to do everything online first to save some time. myHermes provide a very useful website where you can find very fast and easily all information that you need in order to get a positive user experience. myHermes customer service is available online and also by the phone.

  • Enter the main myHermes website using this link.
  • Make sure you have an active shipment.
  • Prepare a payment method in case you need to pay some cancellation fees.

Step 2 ? Enter your My Account Section

MyHermes Myaccount

  • This is the section where you will find every information about your account.
  • Check your unpaid parcels, your delivered or your active parcels.
  • Enter your login details and go to your account to see your parcels.

Once you are logged into your MyHermes account you will be able to see your unpaid parcels, then you can see the active shipments, the delivered parcels and the setting for your account. You can also import parcels from Ebay, Amazon, from CSV files, Shopify, Linnworks, Volo and Zenstores. In the setting section, you will be able to modify the Personal details such as the name, telephone and address.

Step 3 – Review myHermes Cancellation Options

myHermes Cancelling Shipment

If you search in the FAQ section of myHermes website, you will be able to find out that cancelling a shipment is very easy. If you want to make a change to a parcel that was already ordered and paid, you need to know that you can not make any changes to it. If you haven’t paid for it, you will be able to delete this parcel from your shipments, inside your online account and then you can start again by entering the details you needed to change.

You may delete that parcel you want to cancel from your shipments page, prior to making the payment, before 10 pm on the day of your ordering. Go to My Parcels and cancel the one you want. Your credit card or Paypal account will be refunded from three to five days. Remember that once a shipment has been cancelled, it can’t be reinstated.

You will be able also to reschedule your parcel collection. Normally, the courier will try to collect your parcel for three times on consecutive days. Usually, the courier will leave a contact number and you will be able to get in contact with him so you may reschedule the collection again. Rescheduling your parcel will not cost you anything more.

Step 4 ? Locate Active Parcels and Cancel myHermes

MyHermes Cancellation
– From your account section check your active, delivered or unpaid parcels.
– Select an active parcel and click cancel.

Step 5 ? Contact myHermes Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

You will be able to easily cancel a myHermes parcel. In case you need to know how to cancel a myHermes shipment, then you need to contact myHermes phone number 0330 333 6556. A helpful agent of the customer service team of myHermes will be there to help you with the most relevant information!

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