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How To Cancel Sky Guide

Cancel Sky

How to Cancel Sky

SKY is a company that offers telecommunications services such as broadband internet, television, mobile telephone services and fixed line to the people and business in the United Kingdom. The company?Sky, is the largest pay-tv broadcaster, having more than 11 million clients in 2015. If you are a Sky customer and you need somehow to cancel your subscription to any of their services, you will be able to find in this article a step by step guide on how to do that.

First of all, you need to know exactly what service you need to cancel if you have more than one, because it may be different to cancel it for each service they provide.

There are a few steps to take to cancel Sky subscription plan to any of their services.

  • First, you need to visit the Sky website
  • Find the service you need to cancel
  • You need to check the fees that you have to pay if you cancel any of the Sky services
  • Contact Sky Customer Service 0330 041 2591


This is a visual step by step guide on how to cancel any of the Sky services. You will find with each step, instruction on how to cancel Sky services. If you have any queries, you should contact the Sky contact numbers page.

Step 1 – Enter the Sky Main Website

Cancel Sky

You will be able to find the best information on how to cancel any of the Sky services. You can do that online, or if you want, you may contact the customer service team that will help you to cancel any services that you are subscribed to, by the phone.

  • First, enter the Sky website by following the following link.
  • Make sure you know exactly what service you want to cancel.
  • Be prepared to have the payment method ready in case you need to pay for some cancellation fees.

Sky Mobile

If you wish to Cancel Sky Mobile you need to take the following steps:

Have ready the Porting Authorisation Code(PAC) if you want to cancel a Sky Mobile subscription. Your PAC will be available only 30 days, so you have to use it during this period of time. If you don’t have a PAC, request one here.
Don’t forget to transfer your contacts from your phone of from your SIM. In case you want to cancel the contract before the minimum term, you will have some early fees to pay.

Sky TV

If you want to cancel a Sky TV?package, you have to call Sky or just speak to a member of the customer service by Live Chat. You can cancel your Sky plan at any time once the contract has ended, with a 31 days notice.

Sky Broadband

If you wish to cancel Sky Broadband you need to call the customer service and talk to a representative. Normally a Sky Broadband contract has a minimum of 12-months contract, so if you want to cancel it before, you will have to pay also some cancellation fees. If you want to stop Sky broadband completely, rather than switching, you will need to send a Sky 14 calendar days notice.

Step 2 – Read and Understand?Sky Cancellation Conditions

Sky Cancellation

When you send an email or write a letter, please don’t forget to include your name and address, telephone number and postcode. To receive an answer from Sky, you will need to wait at least 5 days. Then you should receive a call to confirm your details in order to cancel your service. You will learn that there is a period of time named cancellation period that depends on the service you wish to cancel. To cancel Sky TV, for example, there is a minimum of 31 days notice required and 14 days for Sky Talk and Broadband.

Step 3 – Review Sky Cancellation Fees

Sky Cancellation Fees

For Sky customers, the payments are taken one month in advance. They will be still charged for the full month ahead, even if the service was cancelled. But once the service has ended, any credit left with Sky?will be returned to the customer’s bank after 45 days. If they wish to cancel the Sky service, they need to know that when they signed, they agreed to a contract that usually takes from 12 months to 18 months.

If they want to cancel before the ending of this period, they need to understand that they will have to pay an early termination fee. When they want to cancel a Sky subscription in these conditions, they will be contacted by the cancellation support team. They will let you know the charges. The charges will depend on the period that they have been already billed for. Also, for the products they are subscribed to and how much time is left to run from the minimum term of their contract.

Step 4 – Enter the Sky Help Section

Cancel a Sky Service

Log into your MySky account and click Help & Support section and then choose?the Cancel your Sky section. You will be prompted with some late offers to keep you with Sky services. If you can’t find anything interesting, go to the bottom of the page where you see?Contact us about Sky Broadband and Talk. Then you will see on the left, Sky Tv, Sky Broadband, Sky Mobile and Sky Talk. Click on the service you want to cancel, for example, click Sky Tv, then Cancel Sky Tv and then Choose an option. You can call Sky experts, initiate a live chat with a Sky expert, or send a message. For each service, you want to cancel, follow the same steps.

Step 5 – Contact Sky Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

You will be able to easily cancel any of your Sky products or by changing one of the Sky services. If you need to know how to cancel Sky services, then you will have to contact Sky phone number 0330 041 2591. An agent of the customer service team will be there to help you!

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  1. They longer provide me with a bloody service but are demanding a ?25.00 outstanding charge. I cannot pay this as I can?t speak to anyone. I have phoned 6 different numbers but it?s just service. I do not want to set up a payment plan with. I?m finished. I?ll pay the ?25 but how the hell do I pay it. ?????
    Why can?t just speak to people I have wasted a whole afternoon trying to speak to someone. It?s bloody frustrating .

  2. Hi I want cancel my broadband so stop my broad band I like to open my sky so make my new pskige sky n phone only nasir


  4. I have recently moved and would like to terminate my Sky package and contract. Please advise how I can do this asap as I do not want to continue and realise I have to give notice of 31 days, but have struggled to find anyone to help me do this as I live abroad at the moment and not very technically savvy!! Please can they contact me asap.

  5. I would like to cancel all my services with Sky with immediate effect
    Please how do i do it and getting a confirm via e-mail

    Thanks a lot

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