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How to Cancel Nationwide

Cancel Nationwide Account

Nationwide is a British financial institution with it’s headquarters in Swindon, United Kingdom. With around 18,000 employees, Nationwide is offering to its clients products and services like banking, savings, mortgages, insurance, investments, loans, credit cards and currents accounts. If you are a Nationwide customer and you need to cancel any of their services or products, reading this article will help you understand how to easily make a cancellation, no matter that we are speaking about cancelling a credit card, a Nationwide insurance or the entire account you have with them. To do that you need to follow some steps that are presented below:

  • Visit the Nationwide website
  • Log in to your Nationwide online account if you have one
  • Check if there are any cancellation fees
  • Contact Nationwide Customer Service 0345 300 0000


This Nationwide article is like a step-by-step guide created for customers like you in order to understand better the process of cancelling a Nationwide product or service to save time and money. If you can’t make the cancellation online, at the end of this guide you will be able to contact the Nationwide customer service number. If you want to find more details about this financial company, please visit the Nationwide contact numbers page on our website.

Step 1 ? Enter the Main Nationwide Website

Nationwide Main Website

Visiting the main Nationwide website will give you the possibility of discovering the best source of information you can get for cancelling your Nationwide account or product.

  • Enter the main Nationwide website
  • Decide what type of product you need to cancel
  • Prepare a payment method needed in case of some cancellation fees

Step 2 ? Review Nationwide Cancellation Conditions

Nationwide Cancelling Conditions

When you want to learn better how to cancel a Nationwide account, service or product, you should visit the help pages on the Nationwide website and search for the term “Cancel” as you can see in the animated picture above or just search on Google for “Cancel Nationwide”. You can search for the exact service or product you need to cancel, but if you can not do that by yourself, follow the guide as follows and you will be able to see screenshots taken from the Nationwide website with explanation for each type of cancellation.

Step 3 ? Cancel Nationwide Services and Products

Cancel Nationwide Insurance
On the cancellation search page of Nationwide help page, you can find everything about cancelling different Nationwide services and products. You can learn how to cancel Nationwide account, insurance or credit card.

Cancel Nationwide Insurance Policy

Cancel Nationwide insurance

There are several types of Nationwide insurance policies: there is Nationwide Home Insurance, Nationwide Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Nationwide Income Protection and Over 55’s Life Cover. As you can see from the picture above, each type of insurance is administered by different insurance companies and for each company there is a different way of cancellation. Home Insurance is administered by U K Insurance Limited, Nationwide car insurance is administered by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited, life insurance and mortgage life insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection and Over 55’s Life Cover is provided by Legal & General. For each one there is different phone number, but you can call the Nationwide customer service number at the end of this guide if you can’t do that by yourself.

How to Cancel Nationwide Direct Debit

Cancel Nationwide Direct Debit
You can easily cancel Nationwide Direct Debit online following some simple steps. Once your Direct Debit with Nationwide has been cancelled, no further payments will be made to the beneficiary and a reactivation can be made only as a new payment. The cancellation has to be made by 4pm, the day before the payment is due. To cancel a Nationwide Direct Debit online you have to Log in to the Nationwide Internet Banking, then Find “Manage payees”, choose account and select “Go”, then select “Direct Debits”, find and select payee and Confirm cancellation of your Nationwide Direct Debit.

How to Cancel Nationwide Savings Account

Cancel Nationwide Savings Account
In order to cancel your Nationwide Savings Account because it no longer meets your needs or for any other reasons, you need to complete a form, print it and send it to the Nationwide customer service department. Once the printed form has been received, your savings account will be closed within 3 working days. To close your Nationwide Savings Account you just have to log in to your Internet Bank and select View Accounts. Then Choose your account, select other account services, select Close account, print the form and send it by post to Nationwide.

Cancel Nationwide Account Online

Cancel Nationwide account
If you want to cancel and close your current Nationwide Account because it doesn’t meet your needs anymore, you can do that online very easily. Over the phone you can’t close an account, another situation when you can’t close it is when you are overdrawn. If there are any charges on your account, the account will be closed after you pay the charges. If you want to close your account and it is linked to an online savings account, that account needs to be closed first. To cancel your Nationwide account online you need first to Log in to the Internet Bank, then select View accounts, select the account you want to close, choose Other account services, and in the Account services select Close account and then follow the instructions on the screen. If you can’t do that by yourself, read the paragraph below and contact the customer service number.

Step 4 ? Contact Nationwide Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

To cancel Nationwide account online is not so complicated as it may appear to be in the first place. You can even cancel a Nationwide credit card or insurance or even a Nationwide Direct Debit payment. But if you can?t cancel these services by yourself and it is too complicated for you to do it online, there is the possibility to make the cancellation by the telephone, but not for all services, for example you can’t cancel your Nationwide account by the telephone. To cancel your Nationwide services, simply get in touch with the Nationwide phone number 0345 300 0000 where a member of the customer service team will answer all your queries you may have regarding a Nationwide cancellation!

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